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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cute Blog Award

Hi guys!

Today I have a tag for you =D I was tagged by Mandy from Lavenderlilac Dream, so thank you Mandy for tagging me ^____^ Sorry it took me so freaking long to get to this, AHHH!!!! LOL. I still have another tag that I have to work on... but that one is much harder XD I will get there... eventually O_o!!

Let's go =D

For this award you:
1. Link back to the person who nominated you.
2. Answer the award questions.
3. Tell something about yourself you haven't told anyone on your blog yet.
4. Award as many blogs that you think are worthy of this award.
5. Make sure you let those you gave the award to know that you awarded them.

Award Questions:

1. What is are your go to makeup product(s)?

When I saw this question I went O_O!! and had to go back and change it XD cuz I do have quite a number of products that I do go to at a daily basis orz.

At the moment, my go-to base makeup:
Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation-- it's my go-to foundation cuz I've been testing it out XD been trying to go for very light makeup.  And I switch it up with SKIN79 BB cream :) love it cuz it just gives your skin that healthy look even on the days I feel =_= lol!

my go-to loose powder:
Aveda mineral loose powder. Although these days I don't even really set my face lol.

Go-to eyeliner:
MAC Liquidlast. I usually go for the brown one =) used that so much the printing already came off completely lol

Currently go-to mascara is by KissMe. 
Although that's because I used up my Majolica Majorca mascaras so I'm trying this out XD and I'm a one-mascara at a time girl. So far so good though :)

Anastasia brow powder has also become my routine

Last but not least, my Benefit Hoola powder
Especially ever since I gained weight I contoured the crap out of my face XD so a bronzer is a must in my makeup routine now. 

Yeah I know I have a ton of go-to products XD

2. What was your favorite fashion trend of 2011?
I'm not a trendy person at all XD My favorite type of clothing would just be hoodie and sweat pants ahahahaha (which I'm in 90% of the time O_O)  But there were two that really stood out to me. The first one will be the color mustard ^_^ I adore all mustard clothings ^_^ jackets, cardigans, blouses, and scarves ^_^ I also love mustard nail color as well! 

Hehe my mustard jacket XD finally found a good one. The color is a bit darker in person. Although I do have to go for yellower/brighter mustard because darker mustards tend to wash me out T^T

The other trend that caught my eye was the pastel nail colors ^_^
Bought a bunch when I was into it XD Although this year I'm eying the nail polishes with jelly finish... they're so cute >w< Really want to check out some Laura Mercier nail polishes from the Spring Collection. 

3. What is your favorite dessert?
I don't have a favorite cuz it really changes from time to time. I do love chocolate though :P At the moment my favorite dessert will be these mini ice cream bars from Trader Joe's 

Mango lovers should totally try this out >w< and each bar is only about 60 Calories, so I'm glad for the smaller proportion :D  (in case you're curious a mini Haagen Dazs ice cream is about 240 Calories O_O)

4. Favorite color?
I don't have a favorite either it changes from time to time XD right now a little obsessed with royal blue :D 

Bought this royal blue dress from Express the sale on it was amazing. Isn't it so gorgeous? >w< No idea when the heck I am going to wear it though XD 

5. What is your middle name?
Hmmmm I'm not gonna reveal my middle name :T It's not a secret or anything but it is the Internet and this can easily be a security question... so... yeah... sorry >_< I'm very careful when it comes to sharing my personal information on the web :P

6. What was the last song you listened to?
It's Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift ^_^

LOVE this song! Had it on repeat for days XD it's one of the tracks from the OST for The Hunger Games. I'm a huge fan of the books and I cannot wait for the movie to come out ^________^

Something about myself:
 LOL ahhhhh I always go uh-oh when I see questions like this XD Just because I don't find myself to be a very interesting person -_- LOL. Hmmm I guess one thing would be I CANNOT go bed without showering.. . Like I mean I don't even want to sit on my bed if I'm not clean. I'm not a neat freak or anything but for some reason I just can't stand the idea of going to bed without washing myself XD Even if I want to take a nap, I'd rather sleep on the floor XD I'd just wrap myself in this blanket that's not for my bed and nap on the floor ROFLOLOLOL. A friend of mine is actually exactly like me, so I know I'm not the only weirdo out there XD Anyone out there who's like this too??? *hopeful*

Now onto the blogs I want to give this award to :)
Hmmm I feel like I'm always giving my awards to the same ppl... but at the same time I haven't really discovered many new blogs... OR they already have done the tag XD So for now I'm just gonna give this award to those four ladies here ^_^

1. Tiara from http://mootiara.blogspot.com/
2. Aki from http://xiaoqingqiang.blogspot.com/
3. pricillia lumantoro from http://nudebeige.blogspot.com/
4. Regina from http://like-thislikethat.blogspot.com/

That's all I have ^_^ Thanks for reading!

Now must go back to studying.... T_T...

<3 Frances


  1. omg! ur banner is soo cute and you are so pretty *-* nice reviews


    lan beauthi,blogspot.com

  2. ahh thanks girl ^_^ lol nah I'm not that pretty... it's all angles and makeup XD


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