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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Biotherm Celluli Laser Slim Code Review+ other randomness

Hey all you gorgeous girls out there ^_^

Today I've got a body-firming product review for you =D

So this is only the sample size product I got when I made a purchase at the Biotherm counter when I was in Taiwan.

The instructions says "massage morning and evening, from ankles to waist."  Well since I only have 40ml of products to work with, I only apply it on my thighs and hips XD  I just started to apply it on my flabby upper arms as well we'll see if it does anything to my arms.
Here's what the product looks like. It has a citrus scent???????? Not really sure how to describe the product. As you can see this product contains some shimmers (not sure why) so yeah I do look somewhat shimmery after using it. It's not too noticeable though. Although this product does have a slightly sticky texture... it doesn't feel sticky on my body, but it does feel unpleasantly sticky on my hands after application so I have to go wash my hands every time I use this.

So as I mentioned before, I have been working out to Jillian Michaels' "30 day shred" workout DVD, and I'm kind of using this product in conjunction with the workout routine.

Do you guys remember the 2B Alternative Skirt Ready product that Bubbi once mentioned in her favorites video like from... wayyyy back? I can understand now what she meant when she described how her legs felt after using that product.

I have been using using this product for 13 days now along with my workout routine (I've used this before but without exercise) and I can really tell the difference in my thighs. My thighs and hips feel a lot firmer and feel a lot smoother, kind of like how Bubbi described how her bumps/cellulite disappeared. I apply a pretty generous amount over my thighs and hips after I workout/shower. I've heard these kind of products will be more effective if you apply it before you workout, because it will work more effectively against the cellulite as you're working out. But for me showering off the products after you work out is just too much waste XD I'd rather it stay on my skin and work through the rest of the day/night after. But anyway, I just want to point out, from my experience this product only works if you do work out. I have applied this product on its own before (during my winter break when I was busy just sitting on my ass and fattening myself up) and noticed no difference. You might ask maybe it was all that exercise and toning that attribute to the firming? I can positively tell you nope that's not it. Because I used to work out and dance regularly in my undergrad years and I could still always feel the cellulite in my thighs and hips (on top of my stretch marks ahahaha -__-)

So yeah, bottom line is, if you want this product to work, better start working out yo! Which is good for you anyway =)

Will I repurchase this? Hmm I would say yes but I actually do want to try the Clarins High Definition Body Lift next (Biotherm is only available online anyway so makes it quite inconvenient).
****image credit goes to Google****

It targets cellulite as well. A friend of mine owns both the Biotherm and Clarins. Although she does not work out at all (she does have more of a sedentary lifestyle) and she said neither product does much for her, she does feel that the Clarins work better than Biotherm. I'm going to pick this product up next time I have discount from Sephora.

Since we're on the topic of firming/contouring product, this Clarins product is also high on my wishlist
****image credit goes to Google****

The website describes it as:
"Clarins’ No.1 serum in Asia creates perfect V-shaped contours from every angle—in just 4 weeks! A complex of powerful plant extracts deliver three proven benefits. Baccharin defines facial contours. Horse Chestnut drains to reduce puffiness. Blue Button Flower refines by reducing trapped fat. Apply with Clarins’ exclusive 2-minute Manual Auto-Lifting Method for maximum lift."

Reducing trapped fat? THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I NEED!!!! My double chin got ridiculous after my winter break.

Just to illustrate how ridiculous my double chin has gotten, I'm gonna post two pictures here so you wouldn't think I'm the kind of girl who freaks out and exaggerates.
No I'm not posting full face pictures. Nobody wants to see their own ugly pictures. Hopefully posting this here will help motivate me even more XD

It's absolutely HORRIFIC when I tuck my chin/laugh.

So there you go, nope I don't have an unhealthy obsession for losing weight. I genuinely need to and am working hard on it. Feel so shitty about myself now lol.

Anyway back to the product. Sadly this product is exclusively available on Clarins website... so I prob have to purchase it at full price... sighh... we'll see. I'm gonna wait till I'm done with my 30-day work out routine and see if I want extra help.

Hmmm onto some other random stuff.... look what my friend brought for me from China =D
Usamimi!!! lololol. Yeah my shirt doesn't go with the usamimi cuz I was just too excited to try this on XD Will I wear this thing out?  Heck no! XD don't have guts to. I'm just gonna use this to put my hair back when I'm at home XD

And took this pic yesterday... after working out O_O Sighhh I will never be skinny. My body just isn't built that way. But really really really want to tone up and slim down. I spent my whole winter break (a full month) gorging myself and had zero physical activity. I gained A LOT of weight (on top of the weight I gained during school) and some friends actually pointed it out to me... I was like thanks a lot XD *laughs with double chin*
I was on day 13 (level 2)  today. Ahhhhhhh hope I will be slimmer than now after 30 days!! T_T 
All sweaty and gross XD can you see my bangs sticking together? XD  I got to say level 2 is a LOT more challenging than level 1. It has me pouring and literally dripping sweat like there's no tomorrow. But that means I'm working hard ^0^

Okay that's all I have for you guys. Oh wait I actually posted a blog sale earlier today. Please check it out if you're interested ^_^

 Okay now that's really all. Happy Chinese New Year ^_^ Night Blogger!

<3 Frances

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dolly Wink Volume Mascara Review

Hello there!

So today I have the Dolly Wink Volume Mascara review for you ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
Lol finally got around to use it!

For you Japanese readers ^_^

My thoughts:
- It's a dry formula (compared to the DW Long mascara which has wet formula)
- Holds curls (unlike DW Long mascara does NOT hold curls)
- I really really like the applicator. It's quite unique cuz it's smaller at the tip, which makes it really easy to get the inner/outer corner lashes! 
- Supposed to be waterproof but it smudges SO easily on my lower eyelid!!
- I find this mascara actually quite clumpy and not easy to build on my short lashes....

Now let pictures do the story-telling ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭
Really like this unique applicator. Completely different from the DW Long mascara which is made of this soft rubber. The tip is awesome for hard-to-reach lashes.

With one coat



You can see a little bit of clumping

Two coats (can't build up more than that since it already starts to clump)



Don't know why but when this mascara clumps there are those little round mascara clumps??? Kind of remind me of the Maybelline Colossal Volume Express mascara.

Overall, I think this mascara is just average. I definitely won't repurchase. Especially not impressed because every single time I wear it it smudges on my lower eyelid (and let me clarify I don't normally ever wear mascara on my lower lashes. Just put some on in these pics. And yep the mascara somehow still travels from upper lashes to my lower eyelid).

That's all I have to say for the Volume mascara! Hope some of you found it helpful ^_^

<3 Frances

Friday, January 13, 2012

Jiyeon "Cry Cry" Music Video Inspired Look (Tutorial)

Hi guys!

I'm back from Boston T_T ^_^

T_T <--- in denial cuz I don't want to start school!

^_^ <--- smiley because happy to be back blogging

So today I have a requested tutorial! Which is the look I did for my Jiyeon's Cry Cry look from this post.

Honestly this look was so simple XD or the way I do it was super easy at least O_o Hehe I always like to say makeup is only as complicated as you want it to be =D I hope my reader who requested this wouldn't go "O__o wtf" after watching the tutorial XD

Ohh yeah I did get a haircut XD have straight bangs again O_o le sigh... 

By the way, I just finished doing day one of Jillian's 30-day DVD workout today O___O
And OMG DID I FEEL THE BURN. So out of shape O_o
Me and my roommates are gonna do this everyday!!! We desperately need to lose weight T_T (by the way my weight is at my personal peak now... and that's saying something)

Oh by the way!! I got Instagram!! (Just got a new phone ho ho ho bye bye my not-so-smart phone XD) Not entirely familiar with the application/what to do with it yet???? But it's on the right side of my blog if you guys want to check it ^_^

Okay that's all I have =D Will be working on best/worst products of 2011, a tag, and a post on a list of lip balms I've used (maybe?) and a review on Dolly Wink Volume mascara, also a second review on Bubbi Brushes (yes I bought more XD). Hmmmm I think that's all I have on my list so far? Been meaning to review YSL touche eclat as well. So look out for these if you're interested =D

Good night world ^_^

<3 Frances

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Korean-Inspired Dramatic Cat Eye

Hi guys ^_^

I pre-recorded this WAHAHAHAHA. Actually in Boston at the moment visiting friends so couldn't have recorded this =P but I just wanted to have something for you guys while I'm traveling. 

It was a very spur of the moment tutorial. So I apologize if the video seems to really lack organization -_- and sorry for the poop lighting =(

Basic stuff lol. Oh well figure I can always start out with the basics =D

Hope you guys like it ^_^

<3 Frances