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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Little Blue Dress Makeup :P

Wassup people!! :D

I'm on spring break now!!!! WAHAHAHAHA!!! sooooo happy!!!! After one week of rotation at a community pharmacy where I had to stand 8 hours a day... I'm finally free XD I now have legs of steel... not quite literally, but close enough XD I was all like I'm gonna playyyy during spring break but it turns out I have SO much school work to catch up with it's not even funny T_T oh well blogging first for now la la la XD

Today I just have this look to share with you ^_^ how I would wear my makeup if I was wearing this royal blue dress (: just something subtle but with a pop of color. Nothing too special really XD

The lighting really SUCKS. I know. I'm sorry. I'm thinking about reinventing my room and move my desk closer to the window (so I can get better lighting) but that will mean I have to move my bed O_O or should I just get lamps and stuff? well it's not like I make a lot of videos anyway *shrugs* and I'm sorry about my hair... it was EVERYWHERE. I need to find a better way to keep them out of my freaking face it annoyed me so much when I was editing. LOL.

Products used:
1. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr eye shadow #35 Tough as Taupe
2. Urban Decay NAKED "sin"
3. Urban Decay NAKED "sidecar"
4. Urban Decay NAKED "hustle"
5. K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner (to tightline only)
6. MAC Liquidlast Liner in "point black"
7. MAC "constrast" eye shadow (dark navy blue)
8. Rock & Republic "electric" eye shadow (bright royal blue)
9. Urban Decay NAKED "virgin"
10. KissMe heroine make "long & curl" mascara
11. Maybelline Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
12. Jill Stuart Smooth Silk liquid foundation in #103 (the lighter one)
13. Giorgio Armani lasting silk UV foundation in 6.5 (the darker one)
14. Anastasia Brow Powder Duo "medium ash/brown"
15. D.U.P Eyelashes by Aiku Maikawa in #911
16. Benefit Hoola bronzing powder
17. MAC "Love Joy" Mineralize Blush
18. Giorgio Armani Rouge d'Armani lasting satin lip color in pink 515
19. Eyelashes Fixer EX lash glue (not shown in vid)
20. Aveda mineral loose powder (not shown in vid)

Holy crap that's a LOT of products I used on my face XD LMAO being girl is so much fun XD

As usual, some camwhore pics to rape your eyes XD

See what I mean about the terrible lighting? This is what the look is supposed to look like.


My hair really didn't want to cooperate

Yes, I like the right side of my face better LMAO mostly because the way my bangs sit lol

*taken with beauty function*
*taken with beauty function* still want to lose 5 pounds... sighhh @ my belly XD oh whatevs.
*taken with beauty function*
*taken with beauty function*


*taken with beauty function*

Hope you guys liked this look ^_~

On the other note, here are other gurus that I had recently started following ^_^ pixiwoo do you guys watch them??? I heard about them from Raeview and I checked them out before but somehow they didn't resonate with me before, but now I'm completely obsessed XD

This is one of my favorite looks... sooooo beautiful. If I become a bride one day I want to wear my makeup like this XD

Another look that I really want to try out myself. But I don't have cranberry eye shadow :( I've seen at least 3 makeup tutorials from  different gurus using this very eye shadow (actually I can totally name them XD)  and it makes me really want to get it... ahhhh. I just have to make do with something else. T^T

kk that's all I have for now! Gonna go catch up with some blog reading and do some school work. Later :D

<3 Frances

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to get a smooth foundation application when your skin is flaky/peeling

Hi guys!

Today I have a "tutorial" for you. I feel like this is a subject that hasn't really been discussed on the Youtube community?! (well besides exfoliating well) Or at least not from the gurus I follow. So anyway I do know some girls who struggle with applying foundation when their skin is peeling/flaking. Here's how I apply my foundation when my skin is peeling/flaking ^_^

What you need:
1. exfoliator (recommended, or your fingers will do the job too I explained it in the vid XD)
2. tweezer (preferably a really sharp and precise one)
3. a moisturizer that has a stickier texture
4. powder foundation or BB compact and your powder brush

Hope some of you found this video helpful! I've used this method for years and it never fails me. By the way sometimes if I'm not thorough enough with getting the flaky/"stuck-up" dead skin off, I will still get the flaky skin look. When that happens, just use your moisturizer to remove the foundation, tweeze that dead skin off, then repeat the process again. You don't have to use a makeup remover to take your foundation off. Flaky skin sometimes takes a bit more time and care to work with so just give yourself plenty of time when you get ready.

That's all! I know I've been horrible with my blog and haven't been keeping up with your blogs but I'm almost on spring break... hopefully will do a lot of catching up then.

Take care guys ^_^

<3 Frances