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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Black Friday 2018 Beauty Haul!

I no buy when there's no discount... anyone else? XD

Hope you enjoyed these long chatty hauls....?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

Time for me to disappear again... LOL.

Have a great day guys :)

Products mentioned:
1. Rael pantiliners/pads/tampons/period pants
2. Aveda Mineral Loose Powder
3. Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo
4. Aveda Pure Abundance shampoo
5. SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
6. SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 
7.  Clinique Repairwear Anti Gravity eyecream
8. Neogen Sunscreen
9. Huda Beauty demi-matte cream lipstick in Shero
10. NARS Audacious lipstick in Jane
11. T3 Featherweight Compact folding hair dryer
12. Jo Malone Dark Amber & Ginger Lily perfume
13. Bobbi Brown Luxe Liquid lipstick in Italian Rose, Strike a Rose, Your Majesty
14. Clinique Smart Treatment Oil
15. Clinique Smart Custom Repair Serum
16. Sand & Sky Porefining Face Mask
17. MAC Matte Lipstick in Taupe 
18. MAC Liquidlast liner in Cocoa Bar
19. Pony Effect MEMEBOX Coverstay Cushion Foundation in Nude Beige
20. MEMEBOX PONY Easy Painting Brush Liner in 02. Natural Brown
21. MEMEBOX - PONY Blossom Velvet Lip Tint #04 Petite Bouquet
22. MEMEBOX - PONY EFFECT Prime Protect Sun Base
23. MEMEBOX - PONY EFFECT Smooth Dough Puff 
24. COSRX - Acne Pimple Master Patch
25. Etude House - Lash Perm Curl Fix Mascara
26. COSRX - AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner
27. Pyunkang Yul Balancing Gel, Moisture Serum, Moisture Ampoule, Moisture Cream, Essence Toner, Oil

<3 Frances

Monday, December 10, 2018

Black Friday 2018 Clothing Haul!

Hi hi! Wow... it's been two years since I posted here. Lol!!!

Caution: extreme chattiness
Please don't watch this video with your regular YouTuber expectations. Cuz I ain't one lol. Plus, when I first decided to record this video, I was making it for my friends LOL. I dabbled a bit in vlogging this year and my friends told me to do a haul video when I was telling them how much I bought xD

Anyway, so this video is extremely under-edited. And don't mind my stammering etc. And excuse all the filler words I used. I too wanted to smack myself -_-;;; It's been a LONGG time since I made a video.

Brands mentioned:
- Nordstrom (not a brand xD but I laze)
- AG jeans
- & Other Stories
- Petite Studio
- Banana Republic
- Rael
- Steve Madden
- Victoria's Secret

Please assume size in XS unless otherwise specified.
I am 5ft by the way.

From Nordstrom:

Open Back Lace Bodysuit by ASTR THE LABEL





Brinkley Over the Knee Stretch Boot by Steve Madden
(my size is 5.5)



The Farrah Ankle Skinny Jean by AG (size 24)




From & Other Stories

If anyone needs a link let me know, and I'll see if I can still find it. You can try putting a filter for $100 and below XD should come up

Salmon sweater




Camel top
Blazer from Petite Studio


Yellow Sundress





Blue sundress




From Victoria's Secret

Bath robe


Petite Studio

Veda blazer - dusty blue in XS (not XXS)











Work tops/sweaters from Banana Republic:





Hope you guys enjoyed it! :)

<3 Frances

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sephora & Korea Haul

Hi hi!

Long time no post again! I noticed the last time I posted was 9/29, and hey today is 11/29! What a coincidence XD So I really want to get this post out today loll (yeah I'm the queen of having good reasons... -_-||)

I hope you guys all had a good Thanksgiving :) I didn't really do anything this year, not even cook XD But it is my ambition one day to cook a turkey/make the stuffing from scratch! Sounds so daunting lol but currently don't have the kitchen/appliances to cook a turkey... one day one day =)

So today I'm gonna share my haul from the Sephora VIB sale. As well as a little haul I did from Korea. I took a little vacation earlier this month and visited Seoul =D it was so tempting to make a huge LONG list of things I wanted to get, but I didn't cuz I already knew I'm making a huge purchase on Sephora. I think I did myself pretty proud... ish. LOL.

Let's do the Sephora haul first shall we =D

I actually stayed pretty true to my wishlist this time. And it was a LONG list. But I'm pretty happy with my list because they're more or less the things I need. Mostly skincare as you can see =)

First I got the Murad cleansers.

Got the Time-Release Acne cleanser recommended by TiffanyD. Acne's been a real struggle for the later half of this year XD So I've been dabbling in some acne-fighting products. Bought the Essential C cleanser cuz I actually did run out of my cleansers and I want a normal one that doesn't have any anti-acne ingredients. However, I unexpectedly acquired another cleanser while I was in Korea so I returned the time-release one. The reason why I decided to return it is because I feel like I'm scared to use a salicylic acid face wash all over my face on a daily basis (from past experiences I know my skin can't tolerate daily exfoliation). I pretty much only use it on my forehead where I get breakouts. Plus, I got incredible results from the Sunday Riley product (which I'll talk about later), so I decided not to keep it. To be fair, I liked the time-release cleanser. It doesn't really lather up, has a cooling sensation while you massage it over your face, and felt very gentle. I only used it for a couple of days alternating with the vitamin C cleanser, so I can't say if it does a lot on keeping acne at bay/reducing current acne. The vitamin C cleanser I do like! It has an invigorating citrus scent, which is super nice for tired mornings, and as a pick-me-up at night =) it does lather up a little bit more than the time-release one, but still not that much compared to other cleansers. It's gentle and my skin doesn't feel stripped after using it.

Ho ho ho now to the products I considered to my best investment of the year so far XD the Sunday Riley Good Genes Lactic Acid treatment!! *puts halo above the bottle*  Guyssss... this thing, is AMAZING for acne!!

Originally I wanted to purchase the Sunday Riley UFO Ultra Clarifying Face Oil since I really like the Luna oil.

But I rationalized that my current Luna oil is probably gonna last me till the end of next year XD so I don't need to buy another oil. I do remember TiffanyD recommending the Good Genes, saying how it helped transformed her skin, so I wanted to give it a try. Now, I actually have gotten a sample of the Good Genes to try out earlier this year. But at that time I didn't have any acne, so of course I didn't feel like it did my skin any good, and it BURNED. This time around however... it visibly reduced the size of my pimple in a matter of 2 days. Not to mention the discoloration of the pimple is considerably lightened up. I did use another Nexcare product the day before I started using the Good Genes (which I will also talk about later) so I know for a fact that product helped a lot. But I also know the Good Genes did a lot of the work too... the Nexcare somehow helped to drain the pus and reduce the size of the pimple, but the pimple was still red and angry/inflamed-looking. The Good Genes helped the pimple from recurring (reduce the pus production I guess??? lol) and at the same time helped the skin regenerate and heal. I definitely recommend for acne skin if you have the budget! One thing I will say though, is that it still stings my skin every time I use it lol. I think it's just because it's super potent. I don't DARE to use this on anywhere other than my pimples. Maybe down the road I'll use it for anti-aging purposes... but for now it's a god-send for my acne =DDD  As for the Luna oil... I already talked about it before. Still loving it =) it does have retinol, but because the oil formulation and who knows what other goodness they added in it, doesn't ever make my skin peel. Awesome duo. "Power Couple Duo: Total Transformation Kit"... what an apt name!!

Next is also a Sunday Riley product... this I did get a sample to try out months ago and since then been waiting for the VIB sale so I can get my hands on it =P The Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream does what the name says... I did notice my skin looked a lot brighter after using this. So excited to have this! Haven't opened this yet because I'm almost finishing up my current moisturizers, but I'm hoping once I do start using this it will help even more to lighten up my acne scars! It's a nice watery-gel cream that's moisturizing and brightening... I think that's all I can say about it so far =)

LOL so I kind of repurchased this by accident... I wanted to get the Estee Edit Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony...

but I was in a hurry when I was placing my order and forgot to change it... and I was still in Korea when the sale ended so I couldn't exchange it lol. Oh well. I think it's a good eye cream for a good amount for the price. I use this in the morning to depuff and reduce the dark circles =)

My Shiseido products packaging are highly reflective so I just gave up on photographing them XD so here they are in their boxes.

I wanted to get this Shiseido Bio Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream because I stayed over at a friend's without planning it so she let me use her skincare. I remember my skin was still healing from a round of breakouts, and I woke up the next day amazed to find that my skin had healed a lot after using this. Excited to have this ^_^

It will prob still be a couple more months until I run out of my current nighttime eye cream (also a Shiseido one), but figured I would take advantage of the sale. Since I was impressed with the Bio-Performance moisturizer, wanted to try the eye cream from the same line. Man... my budget for eye cream just keeps going up... lol. Perks of aging -_-

I used up my Lancome powder foundation and already hit pan on my Too Faced one. Didn't want to go crazy high end this time lol so I went for bareMinerals. I've tried the matte one before but never tried the original.

Never owned anything from Cover Fx and when I swatched the powder in store it felt super fine, so I wanted to give it a try =D

Yeah... I prob don't need two of them. One can prob last me for more than a year. I wanted to keep one in my travel bag and one in my regular vanity... but... technically I just have to remember to toss the foundation into my travel bag when I need to use it -_- Ughhhhhhhh. Think I'll just keep both though if the performances are good.

LOL I've been debating getting a new pair of Anastasia tweezers for years now and always ended up skipping on them to save money. My old ones still work, but I just figured it's time =P

By the way, I'm really bummed out that YSL glossy stain in #29 seemed to have been discontinued??? Couldn't find it anywhere, not even Nordstrom or the YSL website itself. Was gonna repurchase this color cuz I'm close to finishing it and it's pretty old :( I sad.

Another thing I realized after the sale was over... was that Sephora carries StriVectin hair products. Got a sample of the shampoo when I shopped at Nordstrom (I thought it was a skincare sample LOL didn't know StriVectin makes hair products) and ended up really liking it. Made my hair so fluffy and voluminous :D I would've bought the Ultimate Restorer Starter Trio if I had known Sephora carries it.  I bummed.

Sephora birthday gifts. Happy to have the soy face wash cuz the size is perfect for travel XD tried the rose face mask... it has bits of rose petals in it! It's nice I guess but I'm not blown away. Not really something I look forward to using... more like I just use it cuz I have it lol.

Figured I might as well include my little Ulta haul from a while back

Dermalogica Clear Start Overnight Treatment. LOL you can see acne fighting is the recurring theme here. Got it cuz it was recommended by Claire. It's alright... I think I noticed some difference but not remotely dramatic compared to Sunday Riley. I ended up returning it.

The IT Cosmetic brow pencil... Got it cuz I wanted a brow pencil that comes with a spoolie. This is the travel size one by the way. I think it's alright... it's very slippy. I don't know, I feel like it's too easy to over apply. I definitely prefer my neuve brow pencil over this. Maybe for those who really need help in the brow department would really appreciate it... for me... nah.

I know in my last post I said I'm lukewarm about the IT Cosmetics CC cream... but I decided to keep it cuz I liked the way it photographs (well I also like the way it looks in person LOL maybe just not after 5-6 hours). I went to exchange it for the shade "light" and while waiting in line... saw it also comes in travel size!!!!!! So I decided to exchange it for the travel size LOLOL. This was the only base makeup I brought with me when I went to Korea... and I must say... I liked it so much better when I was wearing it in Korea LOL. Prob cuz it was much colder and drier than California. I was very happy with it. I still wear it maybe once or twice a week nowadays when I want my skin to look nicer =P and maybe bcuz it's been so cold since I got back from Korea, I haven't really noticed it settling on the sides of my nose when I get oily. So I'm pretty happy with this for now =) By the way, "light" is a really good match for NC20. I updated that info in my last post too. If anyone wants to see how "light" actually looks let me know.

Now onto my little Korea haul =D

Honestly... I had a pretty short to-buy list for Korea LOL. Not because I had no temptations, but I already bought A LOT from Sephora... plus whatever I get in Korea I know I can't return lol so I knew I gotta be careful about them. The only real temptation for me was all the cushions to be honest... it's so easy to want to give into hype. Considering most cushions I tried didn't work out for me... NOPE I did NOT give into my temptations at all. MUAHAHA

So here was my shopping list for Korea:

1. Stylenanda → Just wanted to buy some fashion pieces. LOL TOO BAD didn't find anything :( :( :( went to the Myeodong flagship store too. I was so surprised at how little the collection was?????? Plus I think the prices were kind of ridiculous

2. CAREZONE Nordenau Water BB Cream → I saw CAREZONE everywhere but didn't see the BB cream anywhere LOL. Oh well makeup shopping wasn't the main objective of this trip so I didn't go out of my way to look for it. 

3. Saem Pure Natural Snail Sheet Masks → check √

4. Cosrx One Step Pimple Clear pads → didn't see Cosrx anywhere lol

5. Sum37 Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick → I liked the idea of having portable cleansing oil with me (I often worry about traveling with my cleansing oil... leaking problems :( ) by the time I saw Sum37 I was at the airport and had no Korean money and didn't want to use my credit card LOL.

What I ended up getting:

CAREZONE A-CURE salt therapy toner. Tried it at the store and it had this cooling sensation which somewhat reminded me of the Albion skin conditioner. No the two are not similar at all. Lol but at that time it felt so nice and refreshing so I wanted to get it :D I can smell the tea tree oil in it so I'm thinking it must have some antibacterial/anti-acne properties. I do like using it in the morning... refreshing and awakening to me. 

LOL the Gudetama. I just wanted the lipstick and the blush (although I really wanted the cushion too haha but a lot of reviews I read said it's got no oil control). The eye shadow was an unexpected buy. It's so cute and the color looked nice. To be honest I kind of regret buying it. The quality is okay (I'd say you can tell it's drugstore quality lol... prob will perform better with a brush though) and the color isn't the most flattering on me, that's the main issue. Oh well. 



The blush though... I dig :) the color is really nice, and it's just SO EASY to use. Prob the most fool-proof blush form ever haha.




The lipstick color is nice... but... it gets on my teeth SO easily. Not user friendly at all. 


So cute though lol.


Too Cool For School Art Class by Robin Contour powder. 


Let me just say Too Cool For School is pretty expensive for drugstore in my opinion. I got this as a gift for a friend and couldn't help but want one for myself lol. Hmmm still playing with it... but I prob just haven't found the right way/combination to apply on me... the color looks kind of muddy on me. Maybe grey tones don't suit me as well??? But no one ever said my face looks weird so I guess it's okay?? Haha.

CathyCat Water GraffiTint


Unexpected buy. So... when I was trying out various lip tints at Olive Young... I think I already laid down so many products... by the time I got to this there prob was some other lip tint there as a base, so it applied super smoothly and I was impressed with the way it applied and how it didn't feel dry. However... after I got home and tried applying it on my bare lips.... it's a no go. It only stains the inner part of my lips and wouldn't stick to the outer perimeters. To make it work, I have to use my Revlon Kissable Balm Stain in Romantic to dip the tip into the lip stain, then apply the product over my lips. It actually works out pretty well that way. But... an awful lot of trouble to go through for a lip product... I don't recommend (but I suppose I'm making use of two products at a time XD)
By the way, CAREful with smearing out this product with your fingers. The staining is ridiculous on the skin, less so on the lips. But I found if I get it on my skin/fingers, I'm pretty much stuck with bloody-looking fingers all day.  

The 3M Nexcare products I mentioned earlier. Those are Blemish Clear Covers. Obviously they're not clear XD I got them thinking they're just the same artificial skin kind of thing I got from a doctor's offices years ago when I was in Taiwan... applying artificial skin over breakouts/wounds is supposed to help reduce scarring to a minimum. I got them to put over my acne in the hopes that it would help my skin heal. I didn't know it actually does something to help with acne O_o


Look! After using it, you can see the pus being absorbed into the thing! How cool!
I used it pretty consistently over the last couple of weeks whenever I feel like my acne is "filling up". It really helps reduce the size of the pimple since it just draws everything out. Good stuff. Recommend! Can be found on Amazon. 

The Pure Natural Snail Masks were super nice. I definitely recommend! When we got to Korea... it was so cold and dry (and after all that flying) that my skin started peeling on my chin and around my mouth, and not any of the skincare I brought with me helped. But just after one face mask treatment all the dry patches and flakiness went away =DDDD thumbs up. To be honest I can't really tell the difference between the brightening one and the regular one. I'd prob just stick with the regular one if I want to repurchase. I liked it so much that I went back to buy more to give out to friends :D

Since I liked the snail masks so much... wanted to try out some of the skincare products from the Saem lol. On the right is the unexpected cleanser I spoke about earlier. I think it's pretty heavy duty lol my skin does feel super squeaky clean afterwards... kind of dries out my skin if I don't moisturize immediately after. I'm a little scared to try these products to be honest... cuz the fragrance of the cleanser is SO STRONG. I was quite taken aback. But since I haven't noticed any adverse reaction from the cleanser... I'm crossing my fingers even if those products don't work well, at the very least please don't cause my skin to break out. lol.

 I was really hoping to buy some clothes while I was in Korea... but... didn't happen XD Oh well. I did get a hair band and a pair of earrings. Lol.


Another thing I really wanted to do in Korea was get a haircut. Also didn't happen DAMMIT. To say we didn't have the time was a lie... but I was so jet lagged for the most of the trip that I was just too tired to go out and get it lol. I wanted to try out Juno Hair. Anyone's been?

I bought some accessories to wear to Korea. Already showed them on Instagram but wanted to show close-up pics =D They're from B.P. from Nordstrom

By the way these boobs ain't real. More like... 1/4 of them are my real boobs... like the stuff you can see here on the surface. The rest... courtesy of Victoria's Secret's bombsell bras. LMAO




Hmm last but not least... Bubz's Be... palette :D

Since it's all for good cause... even though I really don't need another eye shadow palette... why not LOL.


Truth be told, the first time I used the shadows, I was disappointed with the texture. It felt kind of papery and dry to me. But then I tried using them with a brush then they were okay LOL. I'm the lazy type who doesn't even normally use brushes anymore for eye shadows... lol. Haven't really played around with it at all, but the first combination I tried out.... which were "happy" and "thoughtful" in the crease... I really like =D for some reason just feel like this combo plus the red lip tint give a very holiday feel lol so I've been this combo a lot lately =P

Alrighty guys... that's all from me today. The next post will probably be an empties post. Gonna go shower then chill with a snail mask :D

Good night everyone! And hope everyone stays warm and healthy and happy!

<3 Frances