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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Amazingly natural drawn double folds O_O

hahahah I'm back cuz I HAD to share this with you guys O_O

Videos by Katy from Katy Beauty

I could NOT believe the double folds were drawn in!!!! seriously... it looks so natural! O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O_O

She does have a video dedicated to teaching this technique!

Although I do have double-folded eyelids... I wonder if I could use this technique to make my folds appear wider? XD

Anyway, recommended for monolidded beauties out there who want a less extreme way to create the illusion of double folds ^__^

<3 Frances


  1. Hey Frances,

    To tell you honestly, I’ve also not been reading blogs recently too but I’m currently updating my post and I happen to see that you’ve updated on the dashboard. Thanx for sharing the drawing of crease video. I would love to try that out. I think it would fit best for single eyelid girls with fleshy lids. Mine is small crease so I’m not sure if it’ll turn out as if I’ve got triple crease. LOL. I’ll let you know if I ever try that look and you must let me know too.

    On your post below, I wanna ask you if you managed to source for Mezaik and if so, to let me know the details. Postage from Taiwan to SG is cheaper for this case! Anyway, glad to hear that you’re being fed well. I would LOVE to visit Taiwan. Always look at their snacks stalls in variety shows makes me drool.

  2. Okay... that's quite impressive.. *_*
    I went all ''huh`?'' when she randomly went "Shiny shiny shiny! LOL xD

  3. Hey that's pretty good! I also like that song she used for the video

  4. Wow, so cool, it really does look natural :)

  5. I watch her too! That's pretty amazing bc they look real!

  6. hi mmissy! i miss you! how is your handsome bunny!!

  7. I look like I have monolids but I have double lid as well.. I don't know..my eyes is confusing! Thanks for sharing!! ^-^

  8. oh wow. thanks for the video!! so pretty

  9. oh wow. thanks for the video!! so pretty


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