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Friday, January 25, 2013


Hey guys!

Haven't been on the blogsphere for a while... how's everyone? I'm already 2 weeks into the second semester and will be having my first exam next Friday -_-" sigh. Sorry for the lack of posts =/ Just haven't felt like blogging. Don't feel like doing reviews and I'm on no-buy so no hauls to share either XD Actually been doing pretty good on the no-buy. At least I haven't caved and bought anything this month =P well except for a perfume, which is not on my beauty ban list XD

Although last month I did buy a new eyelash curler, by Kevyn Aucoin =)
Bought this after seeing Lisa Eldrige talking about it several times in her videos. She mentioned that Shu Uemura and Kevyn Aucoin are her favorites. I have the Shu Uemura one, but the padding is so worn and I can't use it (AND Shu pulled out of the US... so where to buy the refills?! Can't seem to find the refills on Shu's website). My Shiseido eyelash curler is still functional but for some reason I just felt like replacing it -_-" and I have to say... after using Kevyn Aucoin... why did I ever switch to Shiseido?!?!?!???????? Kevyn Aucoin is essentially the same as Shu (slightly different, but almost the same in terms of shape and curve), and I like it so much better than Shiseido!! The handle of Kevyn Aucoin curler feels so smooth and buttery :P I like! Smoother than Shu in fact... but I'm not sure if it's simply because my Shu curler is pretty old (five years?) or if it's actually in fact smoother.

My only purchase in January... Dot by Marc Jacobs =D
Decided to buy it before all my Wrapp gift cards expire XD  On Sephora it's described as:

Red Berries, Dragonfruit, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Coconut Water, Orange Blossom, Vanilla, Driftwood, Musk.

Chic. Energetic. Upbeat.

So far loving it and wearing it everyday ^_^ (resolution going strong YERR!!!) I'm really not good with scents, but I love how it's not all floral and fruity... I love that it has a musk component to it ^_^ as far as the style... hmmm I actually wouldn't describe it as energetic and upbeat... to me it's sweet (duh! but sweet I mean as in personality not as in smell lol) and playful. I guess that can kind of be synonymous with energetic/upbeat, haha!

Now a bit more on my fitness/weight loss project...

Since I've already past my goal, I'm just continuing on dieting and working out to maintain my weight.
Still dieting because hey! The minute I start eating whatever I want and stuff myself, I know I will gain weight instantly. I'm not blessed with fast metabolism nor the body type that seems like no matter what you eat you stay thin. I gain weight easily. So controlling my diet will be a life-long thing.

As far as exercise goes... I'm trying to work out at the very least 3 times a week= taking group exercise classes at the university gym which are free. When the gym doesn't have any classes that interest me, I just  pick some videos from Blogilates to work out to. I discovered Cassey's channel very recently because of Jenn from ClothesEncounters when she talked about how she lost 10 pounds :P

Cassey's really good! At first I was like... the average of her videos are only about 10 minutes?! But man she really can have you sweat and burn in that time frame XD So I just try to do 3 of them to get a 30-minute workout :)

And of course for those who watch Bubzbeauty all know about her "Pump It Up!" workout XD

There are 8 parts to this video, you can find the rest in the suggestion bar.
Not exactly the one she said she's doing but oh well it's something =P I actually tried looking up that particular workout DVD but apparently it's from the UK and kind of pricey. So I'm just gonna stick to these for now. Haven't tried it yet, might do it tomorrow =P

These were taken on 1/25/2013
I have a belly ring that I never show off. HAHA. LOL at my face I think I was sniffling.


Really hoping to get some abs in. But it will be a gradual process; not trying to achieve abs in a short period of time because I want my results to be able to stick.

Still have fat arms. Haha this is a horrible angle but whatevs this is what my arms look like. I call them my chicken leg arms XD

But OMG I have a tiny bit of muscle peeking out through all that fat!!!!! (can you even tell? Picture's kind of washed out) LOL I was so shocked that my biceps actually show up a bit... my arms are so fat that when I used to flex my arms, there was absolutely NOTHING.

Last thing I want to share... Did you guys know that Sephora now carries Dolce & Gabbana?!
Don't know how long they've been carrying D&G but I know it's definitely not till recently and I'm SO excited!!! (although... no buy... haha -_- the products I want to try the most of course are the liquid/powder foundations).

Although there is this one particular eye shadow quad that I actually really want

After seeing swatches on MissBitter, a Taiwanese blogger who I follow, I'm immediately sold!!!!!
See the swatches here please ^_^

The color on the lower left is exactly what I've been looking for FOR THE LONGEST TIME.

I think it's the exact same quad as this one shown below; the leopard one is just a special Saks packaging (by the way shipping at Saks is $10 minimum... holy hell).
But it's out of stock =(( Which is okay since I'm on no-buy. Plus there's no way I can bring myself to spend $59 on an eye shadow quad without some kind of discount. So I shall wait patiently =D

Lastly... just because
Was playing with MAC "Russian Red" lipstick =D

Okay I'm off to bed now... haven't been up this late in a while O_o (been super healthy hehe)

Good night everyone and I hope you all have a lovely weekend ^_^

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Milani Liquid Eye Liquid-like Eyeliner Pencil Review

Hello everyone!

So today I thought I'd just throw in this super quick review for the Milani eyeliner pencil.


Can you tell from the photo it kind of bleeds around the edges? Don't expect a clean application from this pencil.

My thoughts:

The pencil is SUPER soft. Like too soft. It almost breaks apart as soon as it touches my skin. In fact, too soft and creamy that I can't even use this for smokey eye because it's just gonna smudge. This pencil is much creamier and softer than MAC Eye Kohl pencils, Urban Decay 24/7 pencil (For your reference, all smudge probably just as bad as Milani on me).  If I really want to try to work with this I'll probably have to use a brush to apply this eyeliner, but for now I think I'll stick with UD for smokey eyes.

With no primer or anything. Smudged within an hour.


So for those who are hoping for a long lasting eye pencil, this is probably not for you (especially if you're Asian).

Lol this is the easiest review I've done in ages! Hope some of you found this helpful!

<3 Frances

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here goes... my "beauty" resolution =P

Hi guys!

I thought it'd be fun (?) to start off the year with a resolutions post???? These are not new year's resolution to be exact... I kind of already started on them last year (why wait till new year lol I just do it whenever) but why not share them anyway since I saw some new year's resolutions posts going on =P

1. Use up ALL my foundations.
I have too many -_- NOT buying a new one until I use them all up. This is my biggest beauty ambition!!!!!! But I can still cheat by trying samples ;p

2. Maintain my weight
Officially at 46 kg (101.2 lb). Done with losing weight XD I haven't seen my chest this flat since middle school (seriously most of my weight loss was probably my boobs). I want to maintain ideally at 47kg if not lower. 48kg at most.

3. Use up ALL my current skincare before I buy new ones
Again... have too much. Full size products AND samples alike. Although I've been quite good; have used up a lot of products so far. Will work on an "empty" post :)

4. Use up at least one lipstick.
This is gonna be hard -_- I probably had  like 5 lipsticks before mid-2012 but once I got into it my lipstick collection exploded. Best bet probably will be the Revlon lip butters, MAC ravishing and Rouge Dior Nude. I shall make it happen!!!!

5. Dress up more (aka get out of hoodies/tank tops/sweatpants)
Errr... don't have a pic for this XD so I'm putting an old pic of me wearing red lippie instead XD I always forget to take pics -_-||| just don't have the habit of taking pics all the time. Maybe I should start doing it but I'm kind of in the moment kind of person.
Actually I did pretty good... until winter hits -____-|||| Don't know how to dress cute for winter

6. Keep working out
Was doing pretty good but kind of slacked off toward the end of the year... T_T
Can anyone recommend a good workout DVD? (I've done Insanity, P90X, 30-Day Shred and a bunch of other Jilian ones. If you have anything else please share ^_^)

7. Wear perfume more often
Cuz... don't have the habit to. And really want to try to use them up so I can buy a new one (been really really wanting Marc Jacobs' "Dot" >_< ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh) but I feel like my taste has changed drastically in the last few months and none of these smell right to me anymore =(

PS: I don't own the Burberry one, I stole the box from my roommate cuz it was so pretty and she was about to throw it out XD

8. STOP shopping at Forever 21
Because!!! 85% of my closet is from Forever 21 -___________- can't step into the store without having at least one item from them. I AM DETERMINED TO BRANCH OUT and challenge my style. Even if it means I have to spend more on clothes??? T__T I guess it's time for the good ol' "no sale no buy" -_-"

Erm... that's all the beauty resolutions I can think of -_-a nothing's new, really. Nothing that I haven't already been doing except probably the perfume one (cuz they don't fit my mood T_T).

By the way... I found this picture when I was sorting through my old pictures a while ago.
This was my makeup collection 4 years ago (late 2009). LOL I remember I was so pleased that I dedicated a basket to my makeup. Lol such a ghetto setup. And now I just have way too much crap XD
Although you can see... I was already using Majolica Majorca mascara/primer at that time ;) still using them =D
Ummmmm.... conclusion. This was such a pointless post. HAHAHA. Errr hope you guys enjoy? O_O

Have a great day guys =D 

<3 Frances