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Thursday, September 29, 2016

[Review] O-Lens Jenith 3 Color Brown Color Lenses, IT Costmetics CC Cream thoughts, and some chit chat

Hi there!

It's been about 3 months since I last posted. How are you all? :D

I just wanted to say... for those who commented during my absence... thank you for taking the time! For some reason I didn't get any notifications that I had comments posted on my blog... so I haven't checked since I last posted O_O

By the way... I had an empties post in the works... but my computer crashed. Using a borrowed computer now... but yeah... all the pictures I saved on that computer... don't know if they can be salvaged T_T don't even have my Photoshop now... but good thing the Windows Photo Viewer has a crop function XD

So today... I'm here to repay my debt. LOL. Three months ago I received an invitation from Pinkicon.com to review some color lenses for them. They gave me three options to choose from, and one of them included O-Lens, so of course I said yes XD (I've already tried O-Lens out prior to Pinkicon reaching out to me). Sorry Pinkicon that it took me so long to post this review up. So this post ain't sponsored, but they did very kindly provide me with a free pair of lenses :D

By the way, I was super surprised that I even received an invitation to review the lenses. As far as I'm concerned, this blog is dead XD plus my views for my other color lenses are only like a couple hundreds... we're not even talking about thousands of views. Why the heck did they think it was worth it to send me a free pair of lenses? XD lol!!

Anyway! Back to the review. I already wrote a glowing review on O-Lens on my Instagram and my last post, and since I chose the lenses from the exact same line (Jenith), I really have no new thoughts to share. I like them, period XD You can refer to my last post for my detailed thoughts.

This time, I wanted to try brown. Don't ask me why cuz my natural eye color is brown haha. But I guess I wanted to see what a lighter brown eye color looks like =D










I feel like this brown leans a bit yellow/orange on me? Reminds me of a tiger lol










Now onto the information I was asked to include in the review (I basically just copy & paste LOL)
O-lens Jenith 3 Color Brown (6 months):
Cirle lens origin: Korea
We offer FREE worldwide shipping for all cirle lenses.
Our site for overseas customer is: www.en.pinkicon.com
We also have monthly promotion for selected cirle lenses.

Once again thank you Pinkicon ^_^

Now onto other chit chat, here's a new base makeup I'm trying:
It's the IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream.

I know I did mention that I'm gonna stop using liquid base makeup on my face altogether, and I did, but I kind of got sucked into trying it out cuz first of all, I've always heard great things about it (MakeupbyTiffanyD raved about it for years... I generally really like her recommendations despite her being a white chick :D I normally try to go for recommendations from Asians just for the sake of more similar skin tone/texture, but a lot of Tiffany's base makeup recommendations work for me), and after seeing Bubbi mentioned it last month, I decided to give it try. I'll explain a bit more later in the post.


The shade I got is in "fair".

To be honest, I don't think fair or light are that far off... but I can't really remember exactly why I didn't go for light???? I think maybe it's because light leans even more pink than fair????????? I'm not sure I honestly don't remember. But do keep in mind that fair does lean more pink as well, so if you're NC20, this is not gonna be a perfect match, because the pink tones are gonna make your face look brighter in contrast to the rest of your body. I don't usually use a lot anyway so I found that once it blends and sets, I don't think it looks that off. However, I will say, if you're not into the whole Korean celebrity where the face looks much brighter than the rest of the body, you're not gonna like this shade on your NC20 skin. If you need to use a lot for coverage, then the color difference is definitely gonna be super pronounced.

Edit: I tried the shade light-- way way better match. NC20 should go for light =)
Edit 2: Actually, under sunlight sometimes Light can look a bit dark??? Aghhh I don't know anymore. I feel like my face might be darker than the rest of my body =_= now I wish I have both fair and light so I can mix theme. lol


I actually had no idea this CC cream has snail essence in it (or as they call it, snail SECRETION filtrate hahahaha). It's the second main ingredient in it. lol!






I know this CC cream is advertised to be full coverage... erm... I'm not sure how to describe it, cuz when I work it into my skin, it kind of turns transparent/blend into my skin while maintaining coverage? Maybe because I use so little and it's so blendable I didn't find the coverage overwhelming lol I feel like it's just any other normal medium coverage. Texture wise, the closest thing I can think about is the SK-II Auractivator CC cream, but that one has minimal coverage. In fact, when I swatched the two next to each other, the finishes are almost identical. Next to SK-II though, IT Cosmetics has more yellow tone than SK-II, even though both lean on the pink side compared to other yellow toned base makeup.

For some reason this CC cram makes my nose bridge extra highlighted? XD I usually have to use a separate highlighter to achieve this effect.

the finish is very glowy




I definitely agree it's "Your skin but better" XD

I tried taking pictures from a farther distance to capture the smooth finish of this CC cream, as well as the glowy-ness


See how bright, smooth and glowy this CC cream makes my skin look?
Also note my face looks brighter and pinker compared to the rest of my body.
These last two pics are prob closest to what it looks like in person


My thoughts on this CC cream?

I can see immediately why a lot of ppl rave about this. The texture is wonderful and the finish is just gorgeous. If you like that Korean celebrity type of bright glowy look, then you will probably really like this one. I do think it's "your skin but better". Overall though I'm just okay with this CC cream... as in I like it but I'm not in love. It has no oil control... which is fine cuz it doesn't really break down or become patchy at the end of the day, but it definitely doesn't look as smooth on my oily nose. Also, I notice it tends to settle a bit on the sides of my oily nose. Nothing too bad but noticeable to me. I thought about returning it but I can't find my receipt XD To be fair I think it's a good product... but I'm really very picky. The one step application is very appealing to me since it already has SPF50 in it... but I also noticed no skincare benefits... oh, and it smells like lemon. Kinf of like the toned down version of lemon scented Lysol wipes??? LOL I don't dig. So overall I'm lukewarm about this product.

So aside from being sucked into it from watching YouTube, I wanted a skincare/makeup in one product cuz my skin had been terrible over the last few months. Work stress, emotional stress, and admittedly I haven't had remotely close to healthy/clean eating habits, and I haven't been exercising-- all of this showed up on my skin lol. Been having so much acne breakouts and you guys know I used to never get any, unless it's around that time of the month. Anyway, been breaking out left and right... surprisingly mostly on my forehead. Exfoliating helps, Luna oil helps, but the last bout of breakouts left pretty dark scars... so I wanted to see if this CC cream would lighten it.

I actually just ended up returning to an old faithful-- SKIN 79 Gold Label BB cream. This baby helped me a lot whenever I needed to fade some scars!

You can still see some scars on my forehead. Obviously I had the CC cream on so it concealed a good amount of it, but I've been using the SKIN79 BB cream as concealer (haven't been using it all over my face) and it's already lightened up considerably =D

I did notice the formula has been changed since I last used it (I checked my old review haha)-- they upgraded the SPF to 30. Used to be 25.

Now onto the lip product I wore here
Maybelline ColorBlur in #35 Plum Please

Gosh I got this so long ago I don't even know if it's still on the market. But it's cool it's not mind blowing so you didn't miss out if it's not sold anymore lol

It looks like a nice deep matte red but it translates quite pink on me XD hard to tell here cuz I used very little

Bought it cuz I liked precise crayon applicator, and the idea of not having to use my fingers to smear around the product to create the gradient lip. The left side is just a rubber end.

The concept is good, and it does work! But the product is SO pigmented you really don't need much. I often end up applying too much and have to use my fingers to wipe some product anyway. Oy lol 

This is what it looks like with a thin layer

It's not even close to red lol but I guess it is called "plum". haha. I blame it on in-store lighting


It's still a nice color regardless =)

The reason why I'm not crazy about it is bcuz it does make my lips shrivel. Not the most drying formula... it's more like my lips start to dry up and shrivel slowly over time... lol

Oh by the way, I'm wearing Invisalign now. LOL
Been wanting them since college =D My teeth aren't super out of place, but I lost my retainers after wearing braces and my teeth shifted, so I have some big gaps. No one can really see those gaps, but it drives me absolutely NUTS every time I eat meat. Have to inconspicuously try to suck between my teeth to get the meat out LOL. Anyway as soon as I started making money, got my furniture out of the way, this was the next big expense I allowed myself since I pretty much wanted it for 8+ years. Yayy! I have 20 trays total and I'm on trays 7 (1 year treatment). Crossing my fingers the results will be satisfactory =)

Haha can you see the attachments?

Uhhh sorry if my yellow teeth blinded anyone. LOL

Hmmm the last random bits... I guess these days I'm putting my money more toward skincare, and good quality clothes???

By the way, where do you guys shop?? I used to shop at Forever 21 all the time but now the quality makes me cringe. I still can't bring myself to spend a ton on clothes... but I kind of want to slowly build up my wardrobe to have more substantial pieces.

Found this cute dress at H&M. The material is clingy but in the right, flattering way =) you know some clothes are clingy and show your curves, while the others show your belly button and your love handle? Haha. This dress definitely belongs to the former. I'm size 4. 

Thought this pink jacket is smart casual, but it's close to $50??? Don't think the quality matches up with the price so I didn't get it. Kind of a shame. My size was XS.

Stopped by Brandy Melville the other day
Saw so many off shoulder pieces over this summer and they looked so cute! But on me uhhhh I don't know. Maybe just this material isn't the most flattering. Some Brandy clothes have that signature flimsy/relaxed fabric. Thought it looked good in person but when I took a pic I was like ehhh... so wrinkly :/

XD only residents of California can pull off this kind of design XD I don't even know if I would wear this out in the winter. I did buy it just to have something different. But mostly I think I will just freeze my belly off lol. Kind of dumb cuz the material is REALLY warm.... too warm for fall, but the cut... too little shelter for winter XD

Just a basic turtle neck... I was very happy with the fit. I was really surprised that some of those more form-fitting clothes actually fit me, cuz I don't normally find Brandy clothes particularly flattering on me.

When I grabbed this off the shelf I was thinking it would probably make me look massive and swollen. Surprisingly it didn't!! Probably not the mostly flattering on me cuz I'm short and it is super long and doesn't have too much shape to it, but I just love how SOFT the material is... and the white makes it look sooo cozy :D :D :D

And it has POCKETS

Yeah I'm not gonna wear it with sandals or flipflops. Haha. Hopefully I won't forget to dry clean this... I have a bad habit of not taking good care of my clothes and just throw them all into the washer O_o

Alrighty... hope you guys enjoyed this somewhat random post. A month ago I was like I can't believe summer is already ending. This month I'm like I can't believe it's almost October. Time flew by so fast for me this year.

Hope you guys are doing well out there... and... whatever you do, choose to be happy =)

<3 Frances