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Thursday, December 30, 2010

How I make my hair grow faster

Hi hi hi hi hi!

Today I got off work early =DDDDD YAY!! cuz it's FINALLY snowing (bye bye my happy snow-free winter T_T) so my boss told me to take off early so I wouldn't be stuck in traffic. How nice of them! Even better, they gave me a day off tomorrow =DDDDDD cuz of the snow+ they said I've been working many hours lol! So I decided to give myself a treat and take a hot hot bath : ) in the meanwhile my bath tub is filling, I thought why not come up here and do a post =D

So this is just gonna be a quick post on how I make my hair grow fast when I want it to XD
This method is advised to be used in summer or when the weather is warm... and you'll see why XD

It's super easy:
Alternate hot and cold water on your head in the shower. This stimulates your scalp and your hair will grow out faster =D
CLARIFICATION: When I said hot water, it's just the usual hot/warm water temperature you shower at! PLEASE DO NOT USE WATER THAT IS TOO HOT FOR YOUR SCALP, THAT WILL DRY OUT YOUR HAIR! the key is alternating between "cold" and "warm" temperatures. The temperature difference is what gonna stimulate hair growth. 

What I do is that at the end of my shower, I'd put my head under the shower head with hot water and count for 10 seconds. Then I'd change it to cold water and count for 10 seconds. That was all I did. And in two weeks I saw my roots grow out 1 cm O_O This is what I did one time after I got my hair colored so the effect was super obvious (don't know what I was thinking at the time =_= so stupid. I stopped after two weeks cuz my hair was growing out too fast; usually it takes about a month for my roots to be obvious like that)

Of course you can alternate between hot and cold water more times if you want.
And... I don't really advise doing this is the winter cuz cold water is freezing!!! My head would prob go numb if I try that haha

Hope some of you find this helpful =D

<3 Frances

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Skincare/Makeup Haul

Hello everyone!

How's everyone doing?? I worked 9 hours today XD and that strangely put me in a good mood? I guess it's the productivity... and... the prospect of making money XDXD haha. I need it baaad though cuz I've been spending too much T_T

So I have another video for you guys today =) sorry for those who don't like watching vids, but I figured instead of taking pic of each product/uploading/editing photos which will take forever, might as well just do this makeup/skincare haul like I did with my clothes, it's just easier... 

And yeah... it's not a "very quick" video...  not even a "quick" video T_T I'm sorry T___________T I ended up talking wayy too much haha XD orz......... but really, sorry it's long, I hate it when gurus upload unedited longgg videos... but my video is in MP4 format and I'm a PC user and Windows Movie Maker will NOT let me edit MP4 files ='( if any one knows any way around it please do let me know! I would totally cut down the length of my vids.

PS. I love the thumbnail Youtube picked for me! I look so pissed XD LOLOL
PPS: Can you guys see the annotations?! Somehow they're not showing up =(((

If you guys have anything you'd like me to try out/review first, just let me know =D

Talk to you all soon <3

<3 Frances

Monday, December 27, 2010

Clothing Haul #1 December 2010

Hello hello =D

I've got a video for you guys =D Cuz I think sometimes the clothes fit/look differently than if you see them in pictures :) Hope you guys enjoy! And there's a reason I'm wearing tank top in the vid XD goes with everything+speedy change of clothes muahaha!

PS: This is haul #1 cuz this is before Christmas... I got more stuff after Christmas AHHHHH!!!!!!! *runs away with guilt*

<3 Frances

Sunday, December 26, 2010

SKIN79 BB Cream Miniature Set Review

Hello hello!

I'm back XD (whew!)

Today is a wayy overdue post XD The SKIN79 BB cream set review!You all remember I got a miniature set a little while back right?

But before I go into the review, I want to thank everyone who said congratulations to me regarding my new job =D thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu >___< as to what kind of job it is... I'm now a pharmacy technician =D at a pharmacy retail which dispenses drugs to hospices. I am SO happy that I got this job! Seriously... I feel like I can't be more content. I'm applying for pharmacy schools and having job experiences would really help with my chances. Also I'm really relieved that so far I'm really enjoying my job ^___^ I was sort of worried about committing to pharmacy before cuz I didn't have any experience in that area and I was scared that I might hate the job lol, but now I can somewhat see myself becoming a pharmacist :D (wish me luck ahaha)

Okay enough of that XD now moving on to the review =D 

Super+ Pink Label BB Cream
- The texture was slightly thicker compared to the Prestige BB cream, but it doesn't feel thick at all on my face!
- Not sticky!
- Smells like sunblock
- SPF 25 PA++
- Oil control doesn't stand out, which is a disappointment cuz that's mainly why I wanted to try this. I (just my nose) still get oily like any other foundation. The thing I like about it though is although my nose looks shiny, it doesn't look cakey
- it doesn't dry out my cheeks or other "dry areas"
- At first applies grey, but actually oxidizes over time and is pretty close to my skin tone
- Coverage is just a tad more heavier than the Prestige one. Just a tad! 

Super+ Gold Label BB Cream
- I honestly can't tell the difference between this and the Pink one... so...
- SPF 25 PA++ 
- But if I had to choose between the two, I'd probably go for the gold label cuz it supposedly contains more benefits

PS: they're supposed to be triple function-- UV protection, whitening, and wrinkle improvement. Well I really don't use the BB creams consistent enough to tell if it whitens my skin or improves my wrinkles.... 

Prestige BB Cream (Diamond Collection)
- Texture is slightly thinner than the Super+ line. Coverage is also just a tad lighter
- It has more of a flesh tint to it, so it doesn't apply grey like the Super+ do
- Has a lemon-y scent????????
- SPF 25 PA++

Pearl Luminous BB Cream (Diamond Collection)
- Coverage is very sheer and hard to build up
-Gives a shiny finish which I'm not a fan of. Kind of like applying highlighter all over my face.... if you have applied MAC Mineralize Skin Finish all over your face before you will know what I mean. Except more shiny. And it even has little sparkles in it, which really makes me feel like I just walked out of the Twilight novel
- Not sure if there's SPF?
- Probably will use this as a highlighter instead if I ever use it again lol...

Here are the swatches:

Fresh out of the tubes

Just blended out

After about 3-5 min (oxidized)
Look just how ridiculously shiny the Pearl BB cream is!

It's not that obvious but the colors really did change, especially for the Super+ ones, cuz they initially look grey, but looks flesh-toned after they oxidized.

In conclusion:
What I like about these BB creams is that they really brighten up your skin tone and gives you that really healthy glow, and looks super natural (I'm excluding the Pearl BB cream here). The oil control doesn't stand out in any of them, but if my nose gets oily, it just looks shiny but not cakey. They really slip and slide less than foundation (without a powder on, but I'd still set them with powder anyway). What I don't like is since the BB cream REALLY brightens up your skin tone, my face will actually look paler than the rest of my face. So there's good and bad in terms of the brighter skin tone effect...

In the order of my favorite to the least favorite BB cream of this set: Prestige, Gold Label = Pink Label, Pearl
Just because Prestige sort of blends with my skin a tad better than the Super+ ones. But really, the difference isn't that noticeable, I could go for either three.

And I have a product demonstration video for you all! I'm BARE FACED in the vid you're warned!!!! LOL.
 And excuse the tiredness... I was pretty tired and suffering cramps... lol. And don't you like the thumbnail?! XD too lazy to change it... ahahaha

Did you see my freak show face at the end of the video? LOL! I was gonna make a face but it got cut off in the middle... orz..... freak show face fail....

By the way I created a new channel on Youtube and moved all my blog-related videos there... don't know why I tell you guys this since all my videos are/will be unlisted XD so you prob can't see anything from my channel.

But anyway, in the end... I THINK I like the Skin Food Mushroom BB cream better than these XD (used it a while ago can't really remember so I'm not sure haha) Don't get me wrong I DO like these! Anyway I went ahead and bought the Skin Food one and I'm just waiting for it to ship to me. We'll see in the end which I like the best XD

Hopefully you guys enjoy this review =)

<3 Frances

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone =)


I saw Boba lying comfortably on the floor so I went over to annoy him XD

Boba: Argh! Can’t a bunny lie down in peace at this place?!

Boba got up and went over to my camera… and flipped the camera over by yanking it by the wrist string  O_O

Boba: that’s right you foo… that’s what you get by tryin to film me while I’m resting…

lololol just wanted to share this home video with you all cuz I thought Boba's hilarious XD 

Merry Christmas everyone =DDD I hope you guys all have a very very lovely and happy holiday

I will be back very soon!

<3 Frances

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello! Yes I'm still alive!

Hello bloggies!!

LOL sorry for the lack of posts/comments lately... been busy ahh!!! How is everyone??? Busy with Christmas shopping? (finally finished mine today lol)

Guess what, I found a job =D

So I'm taking a break from blogging (well I kind of already were before I post this haha)

Hopefully I will be back soon =) then I will spam my blog (what?) with reviews and all that, har har!

I hope everyone is doing great, stay really healthy and happy =)

Happy Holidays!!! =DDD

<3 Frances

Thursday, December 9, 2010

SKIN79 BB Cream miniature set =D

Hello my bloggies!! =D

Heehee I'm SO excited today cuz I finally received my SKIN79 BB cream miniature set!!

If you remember, I shared this video with you all a while back:

To see the product in action, fast foward to 2:05
It was basically demonstrating using two BB creams with different functions on different areas; the gold label which is moisturizing, is to be used on cheeks, and the pink label which emphasizes oil control, is to be used on T-zone.

So I was like OMG it makes the model's skin SUPER amazing!!! But I never tried it cuz it contains aloe and I'm "supposed" to be allergic to aloe. But recently I tried my friend's Skin Food Mushroom BB cream which also contains aloe, and my skin didn't react to it at all! Isn't that weird? Maybe my skin has changed lol. By the way, I love that Skin Food Mushroom BB cream, but I didn't buy it cuz I want to try out SKIN79 before I decide =P

So I got super excited and went to eBay, and I found this =)
It contains:
1. Super+ BB Cream Pink Label
2. Super+ BB Cream Gold Label
3. The Prestige BB Cream
4. Luminous Pearl BB Cream

The back... for all you out there who understands Korean =D
Also comes with a sample
I have no idea what this is or how to use it! My guess it's some sort of exfoliater?! lol

The BB creams

This set is $11.37 with free shipping. Each tube is 5g. Shipping takes about 2 weeks.

I'm super happy that I found this! Cuz it has all the SKIN79 BB cream that I wanted to try =DDDD So I get to try them all out before I decide which one I like the best. I feel like this set can even last me a while since I don't use a lot when I use BB cream. And the price is so good =D

I bought it on eBay from rubyruby76 (I have purchased from this seller before and this seller is awesome!), visit her store at here. To look at this miniature set, click here.

So anyway, just really excited and wanted to share with you all ^__^ will do a review on them once I get a solid feel of them.

Take care everybody =D

<3 Frances

On rare occasions when I'm lazy with my eyes...

I just tightline my upper waterline and curl my lashes till they're almost standing at 90 degree angle and clump on loads of mascara XD


Lol weird? Yeah I'm not used to it either XD I either wear full-face makeup or I don't wear makeup at all XD so rare that I went "halfway" lol! But I was so incredibly lazy with my eyes that day XD

Closer look...
I usually fake a wider/rounder eye with my eyeliner... ohh noooo small eyes XD oh well

EVEN closer look XD
I was wearing the sample mascara I got from Lancome which is not waterproof =( therefore did not hold curls as well. Waterproof all the way peeps! XD

My next post will be on how I treat my skin when it's "acting out"... still working on it :) some people might find it disappointing though cuz I got it from youtube and it's just a variable of that recipe. Also I have pretty rare skin problems, at least I haven't met anyone else who has my condition!

Anyway I know a lot of you who are still in school are really busy. Just want to wish you guys good luck ^___^ and take care don't get sick! (speaking from a person whose throat feels swollen T_T )

By the way, I added my "beauty info" on the right-hand side, hopefully it'll be informative to some of you :D 

Talk to you guys soon =D

<3 Frances

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tsbasa Masukawa inspired eyeliner

Hello hello hellooooooooooooo!!

How's everyone =D

I haven't done an inspired look in a while XD well it's not strictly an inspired look... just inspired eyeliner XD cuz I didn't do the eye shadow according to her pic (looks like she has orange-ish eye shadow on upper lid and bronze on the lower lid? can't really tell XD)

Here's the inspiration =D Tsubasa-san =D
Not her typical signature look, but I love it =D

Pointers to the eyeliner:
1. Extended, natural cat-eye flick on the upper liner. The angle of the flick is so it blends in with your lashes/falsies.
2. Thick outer 1/2 lower liner (with rounder shape)
3. Inner 1/2 lower liner is strictly on water line, keep it thin and subtle
4. Subtle cat-eye point on the inner corner of the eyes

So if you want to do the rest of the face like hers, of course use circle lenses, false upper and bottom lashes. She has baby pink on her cheeks, and bubble gum pink on her lips.

This is not too different from how I usually do my eyeliner, except for the pointy inner corner. Can you see?
The cat-eye point on the inner corner shows up better in this pic I think. I have tried doing this before but I always feel like this technique makes my eyes look dirty or something lol, but I finally got the gist of it =P the key is not over do it, especially with eyes small like mine lol.
lol natural sunlight lighting for a change =P I feel like the pointy inner corner almost make my eyes look bigger than usual?!?!?!?!???

sunlight makes me ghastly XD excuse my brows... I don't usually do them XD
And I'm wearing MAC Gaga lipstick =D 


I like the look but I don't think I'll be doing it often, cuz I have the habit of rubbing my inner corners with my fingers to check if there are boogers XD with the pointy inner corner I can't do that XD

Do you guys ever draw in the inner corners when you do your eyeliner???

Stay healthy everyone! I think I'm getting sick =( and with my face red and itchy and swollen... life can't get any better, haha!

<3 Frances

Friday, December 3, 2010

New Winter Boots!

Hello hello!

How is everybody!! I hope everyone is doing great ^__^
My skin is currently acting out :( not sure what it's reacting to, but my face is so itchy and red >口< and I have some red bumps along my chin =(( oh nooo. Anyway, time to whip out my homemade remedy to pamper my skin and hope it'd go away X__X

Luckily! XD I have several posts pre-typed!! Muahaha!!! So hopefully by the time I run out of posts to share I can pick up my camera again XD

Today I want to share with all of you, my new winter boots =D
Well I wasn't supposed to buy new boots...  remember those DC boots I got on sale over the summer that I hope to wear in the winter?

Well they turned out to be the worst boots ever! \___/
I got them on Amazon, and yes I tried them on while I was at home, but not until I wore them out did I realize... they squeak like a m***** ******!!!! I didn't notice it cuz obviously they don't really make noises when worn on carpets.... but when I walk on a concrete surface, they squeak like I'm drenched in water or something.... it's SO loud that I gave up on these T__T

So yeah I had to get myself some new boots for the snowy winter here.

My old winter boots were from Juicy Couture:

I LOVED them so much!

But after wearing them for two winters they're covered in salt and the soles of my shoes are so worn...
hahaa there were holes in my soles.

So anyway! I ventured to Juicy Couture for boots again XD and I'm pleased to say I did find a perfect fit for me ^_________________^ And I bought it with coupon too XD *happy dance* maybe I will make it a tradition of wearing Juicy boots for winter? lol!

Lol Boba checking out my new boots XD

There's a logo on the back :) I'm kind of sad that this pair is not as "Juicy" as my last pair... but I got so many compliments wearing these out already lol
Detail on the buttons
Boba hiding behind the box lol!

Here's how they look on me :)
The best thing is those boots have thick heels XD Ohhh I look a bit taller! muahahaha!

I'm also lusting after another pair of short boots from Nine West.... ah discipline Frances, discipline! >___<

That's all I have for you all! =D

Getting too tired of non-makeup related stuff yet? =P

<3 Frances

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

VIBs, go check your mail =D

Dear bloggies,

If you are a VIB and haven't checked your mail yet, do it =D

I was so THRILLED when I saw this in my mailbox =DDDD


$20 off $40 purchase gift card >________________<

I freaking. love. you. Sephora <3

Gift card is valid from 12/2-12/13, that gives me enough time to think about what I'm gonna use it for =D I don't know about you guys but I think it's too easy to spend $40 at Sephora XD

I'm not sure if this offer is sent via e-mails as well though.

Did you guys receive it? What are you gonna use it on?? =D

<3 Frances