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Thursday, April 22, 2010

DC boots :D

Hey there =D

So I'm very excited to share this with you guys...  I got some DC boots last week :D
You might ask why I got these boots... well they're on sale so I'm stocking up for winter >_<

I saw these boots on the mag and was lucky enough to find the exact same pair :D heehee so happy!

bling bling!

I bought mine from Amazon.com, and I did not pay $94 for it lol. I'm a 6.5 so I got a medium =)

Sorry about the pic quality... my mirror is covered in dust XD And in case you're wondering it's the tripod thing that's attached to my cam cuz I was trying to set the cam up to take a full length shot.

Weird pose I know... but I am SO tall that my camera could not fit me into the view... ha, ha, ha... -__-"

Other DC styles that I like :)

Her whole outfit matches the color scheme of these sneakers! :D love it. And her leggings are SICK!
I love these too >_< couldn't find them though... so I went for the white ones otherwise I might have gone for these. I love the way her baggy sweats fit with the boots :D
ps. The model is so hot! >////<

Song of the day... "學著" by 蜜雪薇琪 (Michelle & Vickie)
學著by蜜雪薇琪 (Michelle & Vickie)

It's an old song from their first album... but been listening to it a lot lately?

Vickie actually went to the same school as I did :D National Experimental High School in Taiwan :D YAYY represent!!
Talk you guys soon <3
<3 Frances


  1. hey hey, i love your hair color. What hair dye do you use =D?

  2. Omg i love the shoes if only i can wear them in Singapore haha

  3. @~KawaiiParadise~:
    Actually I didn't think this picture was a good representation of my hair color, cuz it usually looks darker/redder but I guess it depends on the lighting. I used a professional hair dye actually, Claritol in 8N (the permanent color). It's like an ash blonde color cuz I was hoping to turn it into a very light ash brown but it didn't happen XD And I used Loreal 30 Volume developer (got everything at Sally's). But my hair was golden brown to begin with. Let me know if you have other questions ^^

    @ daidai bel: hahah I know that's the only good thing living in a place that snows XD

  4. I LOOOOOOOOOVE those white boots! WOAHH *_*

  5. omg! those boots are soooo nice :)

  6. I know what you mean about stocking up for the winter, lol. I bought some pink boots on sale and my mom thought I was crazy. xD

    It's great that you got the same ones in the mag on sale. ^-^ They look awesome.

  7. aw thank you guys ^^ I think the model made the boots look extra good XD

  8. Wow!!
    You look so "ViVi" with the boots!!:P


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