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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sunkissed Blush ;)

Hello hello!

So today's post is about blush ;)
Inspired by Lena Fujji <3
This blush application makes her look like she's been under the sun for a while, it gives you that healthy, sun-kissed, slightly flushed look :)

I found this look throughout the mag :)


Here's the map :)
Basically you just apply the blush normally, but sweep it across your nose bridge :)

I tried it, and personally I found it adorable *^__^*
For this application, make sure you don't over do it!!!!! Or else you're gonna look fevered LOL!
Lena must be wearing tons of blush for the color to show up in the photography... but you don't want to do that in real life :P
Buff the blush out well, also, apply a bronze/golden blush over your cheeks helps tone the redness down, also illuminating your cheeks so it looks more sun-kissed, rather than just flushed.

Here are the blushes I used to accomplish the look:

NARS Multiple Orgasm and Stila Convertible in Marigold.
By the way do you guys know that only women can have multiple orgasms but guys can't? XD Read this in my psychology book and just thought it's interesting.... hahahahahahahahahahaha.

My camera didn't pick up on the colors really well cuz I buffed it out... Can you guys see it??

And because this is the song playing on my i-Tunes while writing this... :) gonna share it.

"Another You" by Cascada

That's it! Happy sun-kissed blush ;D

<3 Frances


  1. wow! lena looks amazing as the usual!

    i can slightly see the colour :)

  2. heehee yeah Lena's my favorite ^^

  3. Omg, haha, you really look like Bubzbeauty in the last photo :)


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