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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spice up your eyeliner looks! PART I

Hey everyone!

There are many ways you can play with your eyeliner; you can use different colors, add glitter, etc. But the easiest way to spice up your looks would be altering your eyeliner shape :) your eyes are the main focus of your face, it does 100% communication ;) Did you find yourself doing your eyeliner the same way every day? If you did, check this out :D

I sum up with a few ways how you can do your eyeliner :)

1. Regular eye

A plain eyeliner look. It's basically drawing around/framing your eyes XD

Now, because of the nature of my fold, I don't start my eyeliner at the very inner corner (although I do tightline). I start around where my pupil is/where the space between the fold is wider. The reason I don't line all the way in is because the dark colors in the small lid space tend to weigh my lids down, closing my eyes down, and you actually cannot achieve a bigger eye effect. I keep the eyeliner very thin until I hit where the second line is indicated. This is when I start to thicken the line up. The line gets thicker and thick as you work toward the outer corner. Drag the top liner all the way down to the outer lower corner of your eye. For lower liner I don't draw it all the way in either cuz that'll close my eyes up as well. Thicken the outer corner on lower liner if you want a more puppy-eye effect. The red dots part is just where you can apply white shimmery eyeshadow to open your eyes even more. I usually leave my waterline alone cuz filling in my waterline actually makes my eyes look smaller.


Excuse my hair/tired face... did this after 8 hours on campus O__O

2. Cat-eye

(Picture from ViVi... don't know who the model is though)

I saw this and I was like oh my gosh this is the prettiest cat-eye ever :D

Same principles apply to this eye... to lazy to type it all out again XD Now for this look I don't extend the eyeliner from the top liner, instead, I extend the lower eyeliner to draw a flick. Then I join the lower liner to the upper liner, filling in the space in between for a triangular shape.

ps. I'm using the Buxom eyeliner gel. See what I mean about the glitter? it's pretty uneven.
The model's lower liner goes all the way in... you can do that if you wish :)

 3. Bright middle eye

I saw this and I went ooohhhh =D

See how they both don't have any dark liner in the middle part? This eyeliner look gives you a brighter look :)

I'm gonna explain this in steps lol.

1. Line your upper eye (using the same principles for the regular liner look)
2. Rim your waterline and waterline only on the bottom inner corner and outer corner, leaving the middle part alone. The width should be the size of your pupil. (Refer to red parts)
2. Take some dark brown eye (I mixed brown with black) and add them under the waterline where you lined. blend them a little. Touch up on your black liner on your waterline if you need (see blue parts).
3. Add some dark brown eye shadow to smudge out the outer upper liner as well (see blue parts).
4. Add some white shimmery eye shadow to the middle (see yellow part).
5. You can add cat-eye if you wish of course :)



This makes your eyes appear brighter *^_^*
Errr.. I was lying on my stuffed animal cuz I was super tired... sorry sorry hahaha.

That's it for the first part... PART II will come up soon :) hope you guys found this helpful :)

Have a beautiful day!!!

<3 Frances


  1. haha yeah the french is hard! xD
    for me, it's english, hard. LoL

    thank for your comment, me too i love my watch <3<3<3<3<3 xDDDDDD

  2. Ohhh i love your tutorials i think i wanna try the middle bright eyes too =)

  3. aah, gonna try the second (:
    ilove it o:

  4. Ohhh i love your tutorials i think i wanna try the middle bright eyes too =)

  5. nice post :) i never really noticed how routine my eyeliner was til now xD my fav was the bright middle eyes :D

    1. haha just replicating what I saw from the magazines XD thanks <3 actually despite all these variations... my eyeliner routine is still pretty much the same XD


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