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Sunday, April 4, 2010

愛上你 by S.H.E.

Hey guys =)

I just want to thank you guys for being so sweet and supportive ^___^ I'm lucky that so far the comments/ppl I've encountered on blogspot are really nice. So thank you guys =)

I have some looks that I'll be working on, along with some other stuff... but I'll be having midterms for the next two weeks =(
Hopefully it wouldn't be toooo long before I get around to work on them lol!

Here's a song for you all =) 愛上你 by S.H.E. (released in their new album, "SHERO").

I've been so in love with this song =) It's so light-hearted, just makes me happy =P

Oh and if you enjoyed my Japanese Gyaru looks.. then you will like this music video =)

遠くても by 西野カナ (Kana Nishino), featuring WISE.

**** Everything in this music video is owned by SME records. Not intended for copyright infringement****
I had to upload this to my album because I couldn't find this anywhere on youtube/or embedding is not allowed.

I really like Kana's voice =) Do you guys know her?
One common thing in most Kana's videos though is that all girls are relentlessly OBSESSED with their phones!... LOL.

Happy studying!!! ... to me at least -___-

<3 Frances

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  1. hey there, thank you so much for the warning okay i will try not to use them unless there are a special occasion. Actually I was planning to use them for my fake eyelashes and stuff =D. It's double as an eyeglid/eyelash glue. Well i love the music video you post up ^^


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