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Monday, April 26, 2010

Other blog

Hey there!

Just want to let you guys know I just started another blog


This one is dedicated to my love for dance :)

I'm just gonna be posting dance videos here. So if you're interested at all, feel free to go visit :D I just figured I shouldn't link those in my makeup blog for separate interests lol.

Right now I'm going through my fav videos on my youtube playlist XD so I can post them in the order of old --> new

So I hope you guys will go check it out... dance has changed my life... though unfortunately I haven't been dancing much lately. But I will FOR SURE get back into it :)

<3 Frances

MIA.... lol!

Hey guys!!

So I just wanted to let you guys know I'll be MIA for the next 2 weeks... finals next week... means study time -___-

Was gonna post a pic of my new haircut... but when I woke up this morning my left eyes felt very irritated... and now it's just red O__O maybe got an infection or something?! dunno how that happened though cuz I felt totally normal yesterday. Anyway didn't want to scare you guys with my bloodshot eye XD

I'll be graduating next week from college as well :D I'm so excited! After 4 treacherous years... lol!

Good luck with school if you're still a student ^^ Until then, stay well everyone!


<3 Frances

Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick Hair Volume

Hey guys!
Since I was writing about my hair just thought I'd quickly share this quick easy tip with you guys, on how I achieve quick hair volume.

All you need is a big hair clip :) like shown in the picture
Basically I just grab the hair around my crown and LOOSELY clip them all up.
This is usually the first thing I do in the morning (it helps to have my hair up too while washing my face and doing makeup XD) and whenever I'm home (and convenient too... xD I don't like having my hair down cuz it'll be in my face) to make sure my hair is lifted.
Like so. XD very sexy I know.

This pic is taken right after I put my hair down =) I should've posted a before pic. Oh well.
Feel free to put on some hairspray, I usually like to just leave it cuz I don't like wearing stuff in my hair lol!

Hope you guys have a lovely weekend :)

<3 Frances

Getting a new haircut/hair color :D

Heyy guys!!

First off I want to thank you all for the supportive and lovely comments =D It's a relief to see that you guys think my entries are not lame but helpful XD So thanks :) <3
Soo I'm finally getting a haircut!!! I'm soo excited! Made my appointment today :P Getting it on Saturday.
I've received many comments about my hair... more than anything else actually XD but it's been too long guys >< my hair has been bugging me for weeks :P The last time I had a haircut was like 6 months ago?!
I cut my own bangs, so it doesn't look that out of style. But if you look closely, there's not even a smooth transition between my bangs and the hair around it! XD

I think my hair hasn't been this long for a while.
This is my shortest layer now! See why I'm so desperate for a haircut?! XD I want to maybe take 2 inches off cuz I want to keep my length, but I really want loads and loads of layers =) long layers/no layers= flat hair to me.

And I really need to dye my hair too...

The last time I dyed my hair was like more than two months ago... my roots are all growing out
Wow this is the first time I actually see the top of my head O__o? Didn't know it looks like this! LOL wow I feel bald.

The thing that bothers me the most... is this...
Last time I dyed my hair I sort of ran out of hairdye =_= (well I underestimated the length... thus more volume).
So when I flip through my hair it's all black hair underneath.
AHHH!! So annoying!

I usually dye my own hair but this time I'm actually gonna get it done in salon, because my hair is very dark and the color never came out the way I wanted it.

This is the hair color I'm going for =) I'm sick of red brown cuz I've had it for years!
I'm going for ash brown with grey/green undertones.
I love this color ^-^

Colors like these =)

But I also kind of want to go very light cuz I've never had light hair before...
Something like this...
But it's gonna suck when my roots grow out! Well it's gonna suck whenever my roots grow out anyway XD
Still debating but Imma ask my stylist's opinion =)

I hope it turns out well >_<
Talk to you guys later :)

<3 Frances

Thursday, April 22, 2010

DC boots :D

Hey there =D

So I'm very excited to share this with you guys...  I got some DC boots last week :D
You might ask why I got these boots... well they're on sale so I'm stocking up for winter >_<

I saw these boots on the mag and was lucky enough to find the exact same pair :D heehee so happy!

bling bling!

I bought mine from Amazon.com, and I did not pay $94 for it lol. I'm a 6.5 so I got a medium =)

Sorry about the pic quality... my mirror is covered in dust XD And in case you're wondering it's the tripod thing that's attached to my cam cuz I was trying to set the cam up to take a full length shot.

Weird pose I know... but I am SO tall that my camera could not fit me into the view... ha, ha, ha... -__-"

Other DC styles that I like :)

Her whole outfit matches the color scheme of these sneakers! :D love it. And her leggings are SICK!
I love these too >_< couldn't find them though... so I went for the white ones otherwise I might have gone for these. I love the way her baggy sweats fit with the boots :D
ps. The model is so hot! >////<

Song of the day... "學著" by 蜜雪薇琪 (Michelle & Vickie)
學著by蜜雪薇琪 (Michelle & Vickie)

It's an old song from their first album... but been listening to it a lot lately?

Vickie actually went to the same school as I did :D National Experimental High School in Taiwan :D YAYY represent!!
Talk you guys soon <3
<3 Frances

Sunkissed Blush ;)

Hello hello!

So today's post is about blush ;)
Inspired by Lena Fujji <3
This blush application makes her look like she's been under the sun for a while, it gives you that healthy, sun-kissed, slightly flushed look :)

I found this look throughout the mag :)


Here's the map :)
Basically you just apply the blush normally, but sweep it across your nose bridge :)

I tried it, and personally I found it adorable *^__^*
For this application, make sure you don't over do it!!!!! Or else you're gonna look fevered LOL!
Lena must be wearing tons of blush for the color to show up in the photography... but you don't want to do that in real life :P
Buff the blush out well, also, apply a bronze/golden blush over your cheeks helps tone the redness down, also illuminating your cheeks so it looks more sun-kissed, rather than just flushed.

Here are the blushes I used to accomplish the look:

NARS Multiple Orgasm and Stila Convertible in Marigold.
By the way do you guys know that only women can have multiple orgasms but guys can't? XD Read this in my psychology book and just thought it's interesting.... hahahahahahahahahahaha.

My camera didn't pick up on the colors really well cuz I buffed it out... Can you guys see it??

And because this is the song playing on my i-Tunes while writing this... :) gonna share it.

"Another You" by Cascada

That's it! Happy sun-kissed blush ;D

<3 Frances

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cold spring day... ><...

Hello hello!

Okay technically it's the look from yesterday... ahhh freaking Colorado has been so chilly these past two days =( I was all ready to pull out my summer dresses =T

Nothing special really cuz it's a school day lol... guys I'm usually in my sweats so for me to "dress up" like this is pretty rare XD
okay okay I know this post is lame... don't even know why I'm posting it... but I love my jacket >_<

Was wearing a long-sleeved, fitting black shirt under it. I like how the black sleeves come off the short jacket =P
.... touching my hair cuz I wanted to show the sleeves XD

Did not realize my hair was in my face when I took the pic... too lazy to re-do though ><

Since it's cold outside, I was wearing a scarf as well...

yeah a black scarf... going for the gloomy look for the gloomy day? XD

Was gonna wear a white head band with this but... I forgot... -___-

Stay warm guys! =)

<3 Frances

Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner Review

Hey guys =)

Here's the review for Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner as promised ^__^

Price : $16.
I got it in Sabochan (black). But they have other cool colors too =)

Here's what the applicator looks like...
Exactly like a marker XD I felt like I was drawing on my lids with a marker, like literally...
Applicator is very firm, so very easy to control =) The only I'd say though that it's a little too thick for precise lining. For example it's a bit hard to draw thin thin lines/cat eyes.

Here's a swatch on my hand
Guys when I tried this at Sephora I was so excited! Cuz it shows up so well and is sooo pigmented...
When I actually try it on my naked eye the next day I was disappointed though... the color doesn't show up as well, and it took a few strokes to get the intensity I wanted.. And it made my eyes water!!!! And it totally lies when it says it's waterproof... it is NOT.  As my eyes started watering it totally started running down...  yikes. On top of that when I use wet Q-tips to fix the lining, it does come off.... but it'll leave a mark behind. So yeah, it is NOT waterproof, unlike what it says.

With a primer though, the application is much easier and the color is a lot richer =) But my eyes still water after a while -___-a


As you can see it's pretty intense =)
I'm not usually for the intense look though...  lol!

*** For the bottom liner, I use a wet Q-tip to fade out and blend the line so it looks more natural :) A good trick to know if you use liquid eyeliner.


Will I go back to buy it? Nope! I'm gonna try to return it actually, cuz if it says it's waterproof, then it SHOULD be. I need to get over the packaging XD Might as well get the Loreal intense or Revlon Colorstay for the same effect.

Hope this is helpful to some of you :)

<3 Frances

Mini Sephora Haul

Hey guys =)

So I bought some stuff while there was a 15% off at Sephora last week =) Don't know if you guys like hausls but personally I love reading them/watching those kind of vids just to see what other ppl are buying =D

1. Anastasia Brow Powder Duo

After using up all the sample brow powder I got from Sephora XD I finally decided to invest in one :)
Mine's in "Medium Ash." Although "Brunette" would work too. The problem is for Brunette the darker color is too dark for me and I'll never use it, that's why I go for this shade :)

2. Tokidoki Perfetto Eyeliner

Guys I'm a total sucker when it comes to packaging.... =___= And I was totally LURED to buy this product...
I think this is a new brand from Japan ^__^


Look how cute it is >< I ended up getting the eyeliner eventhough I'm not a fan of liquid eyeliner... but they didn't have anything else that I wanted =( Review coming up ^__^

3. Kim Kardashian au de Parfum Spray

Again I got a sample from Sephora and been wanting to get this for a while XD I took the advantage of the sale to get it =D
Some ppl hate this scent... well perfume is very subjective, and I don't care other ppl like it or not =P But I do not like the packaging of this 1 oz perfume though =__= uglyyy in my opinion. LOL. But I didn't want to get the 1.7 oz cuz I don't usually wear perfume... lol. The only thing I DISLIKE about this perfume though is it does NOT last at all. What a bummer. Like I would put it on and literally after I left my apartment you can barely smell it.... =*(

Did you guys get anything during the sale? :)

<3 Frances

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Day But Today

Hello hello =)

Okay I HAVE to share this with you guys... cuz I've been SO obsessed!!! XD
I LOVE musicals :) And Idina Menzel is one of my favorite favorite Broadway singers... :) Recently she performed on Soundstage and it was just too amazing >_<

No Day But Today

I thought the original version is good... but this... is just.... amazing *__*  perfection actually >_< If you like this, you can purchase it from i-Tunes :) just type in "Idina Menzel" and look for "No Day But Today (Live from Soundstage)."

The original song is called "Another Day" from the musical Rent (which I'm obsessed with XD haha).

The original song was actually performed by Rosario Dawson (as Mimi)
There are actually two songs in this vid... to listen to "Another day" fast forward to 3:46 :)
I thought Adam Pascal (the male singer) has the sexiest voice ever XD *blushes*

I love love LOVE the lyrics from this song!!!

"The heart may freeze or it can burn
The pain will ease if I can learn
There is no future
There is no past
I live this moment as my last
There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss
No other road
No other way
No day but today
There's only yes
Only tonight
We must let go
To know what's right
No other course
No other way
No day but today
I can't control
My destiny
I trust my soul
My only goal is just
To be
There's only now
There's only here
Give in to love
Or live in fear
No other path
No other way
No day but today.."

Isn't it just beautiful? :)
Idina Menzel actually took the role as Maureen in Rent, here's one of her songs :)
"Take Me or Leave Me"

Idina Menzel is also one of the original casts in Wicked. Here's a song from Wicked performed by her :)
"I'm Not That Girl"

Ahhhh I just love her <3 <3 <3 such amazing voice!!! >w< Okay I'm gonna stop... LOL!!
<3 Frances

Spice up your eyeliner looks! PART II

Yo yo yo here comes part deux =D

3. Little eyeliner, lots of lash look (I know I know I'm so lame XD need to be more creative but I'm so lazy hahaha)


So I noticed most of my followers are very young... I think this is the perfect eye look for you guys =)
Sometimes less is more. You really don't need to put on a bunch on eyeliner to make your eyes stand out.
So basically I only tight-lined the upper lash line. Make sure you fill in the gaps between your lashes well since you're not lining your eyes. The reason why I only tight-lined and did not add any upper eyeliner is because I want to make my lashes stand out. If I have lined my upper eyelid, then the dark liner wouldn't allow my eyelashes to show as well-- They wouldn't look as long.
Extend the eyeliner a bit further and draw a slight cat eye. Note how I didn't bring the eyeliner all the way down to the corner of the eye this time. This is because I want the angle of that cat-eye flick so that it blends in with your lashes.  For this look feel free to add lots of mascara to your eyes XD I have two coats of mascara on the upper lashes, and three coats on the bottom (if you know me in person you know that I basically have NO bottom lashes at all haha). And I always prime my lashes before I apply mascara.
*** If your bottom lashes didn't come out the way you wanted it (like weird angles) you can always adjust them by using a tweezer!!!!

4. Partial Cat-Eye?!
This is so pretty :) See how her upper liner only starts toward the last 1/3 of the eye?
I thought this application is pretty smart cuz you can have that thick, dramatic cat eye, but at the same time it leaves your lid clean, making the lid space look wider, as well as emphasizing the natural fold of your eye :)

1. Tight line the upper lash line
2. Extend the upper liner all the way pass the corner of the eye
3. Thicken the 1/3 upper liner and draw a cat eye
4. From the flick of the cat eye, extend toward inner corner to line the bottom lash line. Make sure the line is thicker on the outer corner and thinner/only on waterline on the inner corner
5. Since the outer cat eye is quite thick, I applied some brown eye shadow over my folds to emphasize them, so the folds of my eyes are not overpowered by the eyeliner.

It's important t apply the brown eye shadow over your folds/crease to make them stand out more ^-^

5. Puppy-eye/Tear-drop Eye
Not sure why it's called tear-drop eye but that's what it says on the mag XD

Here's the map from the mag:

I'm including my own map anyway lol...
For this look, make sure the upper liner extends all the way pass the corner of the eye as well. Make sure the lower corner is thicker.
This kind of application looks very similar to the #1 regular eyeliner look on me XD Well for those who have a different eye shape from mine, it'd prob produce a nicer effect :P
Of course you can add lashes that'd make the effect even better... but I'm tired and lazy >.<


Okay guys... that's it for part 2. I think I do have a part 3 coming up as well XD

By the way I made a new header ^__^ I didn't realize I could do that until I saw some other bloggers doing it XD it's very roughly made cuz I SUCK at photoshop T_T... gonna touch up on it later I guess??? You guys like it?? ^-^

Okay I'm off to take a nap... had 9 hours of sleep in the past two days O__O      byeeeeee =)

<3 Frances