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Monday, April 12, 2010

15% Off at Sephora!!!

Hello all my fellow makeup-loves :D

Great news!!! From 4/12-4/19 there's gonna be a 15% sale at Sephora!!!
Enter "madness" for the promotion code while checking out if you shop online, or print and present the coupon at the store ;)


Happy Shopping :D

<3 Frances


  1. Hi Honey
    I was like if it is good if I put a review or something like that on my blog that you made ... then you have some publicity
    and then I have a great article on my blog .. ofcourse I will put a link to your blog..
    If you dont want it..you just say it!
    Sorry but my english is not so great and I hope that you understand it now ..

  2. Thanks for the coupon! It's so sweet of you to share. I was going to try some foundation and this really helps me out. ^-^

  3. @ Victoria: of course! who doesn't love discounts XD ^__^


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