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Friday, October 25, 2013

#MyLisaLook-- Marilyn Monroe Iconic Makeup + Quick OOTD

Hello hello!

Hope you guys are keeping warm out there... it's been so cold here >_< (in denial). Autumn was way too short ='(

So I'm not sure how many you guys out there knew about the #MyLisaLook contest, but I did participate just for fun =P

Here's the tutorial I based my look on:

Almost none of my friends know that I really adore Marilyn Monroe LOL. I watched an old movie of hers with my mom last summer and ever since I've been quite interested in her other films (watched a couple of others with my dad this summer hehehe. It's a thing I do with my dad, we both enjoy watching old movies XD). I don't know, there's something about her I find charming-- sexy yes, but there's also a vulnerability? I just found her to be very charismatic... can't help but like her =P (although I'll admit I have no idea what kind of person she is like in real life-- I just like her in her films).

So anyway, when I saw this contest, I thought, why not do a Marilyn look? This is one of my fav videos from Lisa. The stories she shared are so fun and interesting! Obviously I'm Asian and I don't have blonde hair and look nothing like her, but that's what makes makeup fun XD you just work with what you have and try to adapt the look to your own features.

Marilyn is known for her sexy makeup... with slight droopy lashes that almost gave her that sleepy look. As I'm typing this post, I found that to be quite interesting and funny almost, because for the past few years the droopy eye was so popular in Japan (not sure if it still is). The difference is that the Japanese were aiming for the puppy eye/innocent effect, while Marilyn's is quite sexy and effortless. Anyway! Just thought I'd share my rendition with you guys since I haven't done a look in a while =)

I didn't go for the full-on glossy big lips because I found that super full lips overwhelm my small eyes XD so just regular matte lipstick. The lipstick I used here is Maybelline SuperStay 14 hour lipstick in 065 Ravishing Rouge, which is also a recommendation I got from one of Lisa's videos. It's my fav red lipstick because I think it flatters me the most =)


I don't know why... with this makeup I just want to mess up my hair and cover one of my eyes, hahahaha.

The sun went down so I had to migrate to the bathroom for selfies ROFL.

I think my eyes look the droopiest in this photo XD

Not sure what happened here my photo is so green.

Do you guys follow Lisa Eldridge? If so, did you participate? What are your favorite looks from her? I really love her Rosie Huntington-Whiteley look as well, I might attempt that soon =)

And just as a quick OOTD... since I never really do this XD but since I was wearing my new Aerosoles, thought I might feature them here XD
They make my feet look so small LOL. Was wearing a cardigan over a while tank top, scarf, and just black jeggings.

Don't mind the messy background. I hang my towels on the back of my bedroom door lol.



That's all I have today, gotta hustle again T_T Have a wonderful weekend guys!

<3 Frances

Monday, October 21, 2013

Warning: Massive haul. Please enter with caution

What's up blogger!

I'm currently chilling with a cup of chamomile tea, with my yogurt/oatmeal mask on, and just finished catching up with some Youtube videos. How are things going on out there for you guys?The last several weeks had been hectic for me (I know I say this a lot LOL), and I finally have a mini break. So today, I did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Totally wonderful XD Didn't even set an alarm to wake up muahaha. Have some errands to run but nope! Not today they will have to wait hehehe.

So might as well do some blogging while I'm waiting for my mask to dry.

-------------- Above was typed over the weekend. Apparently this blog post can wait too XD----------

Warning: this is a massive haul. Even I cringed looking at how much I've bought. Damn coupon codes!!

First purchase I made from Sephora. I blame it on the Beauty Insider gift!!!!!!

When I saw this gift, I jumped!


I smelled the Honey perfume at the airport a few months back (wow, it's hard to believe I was in Taiwan just 2 months ago. It seems like forever ago) and have wanted to purchase the full size ever since (Marc Jacobs... stop making new perfumes cuz I might just end up collecting them all >_<) I still want the full size but I really want this pouch! lol. I've been getting a lot of use out of my Daisy makeup bag (actually very durable and easy to wash) and I want another bag to put in my school bag. This one is tiny which is great!

Love this scent so much ❤❤❤ But I'm gonna wait for Sephora's friends and family sale. Ugh I bought so many perfumes already this year... and they're all Marc Jacobs >.<

Also got my birthday perk :P



I was really excited about this gift, because I've wanted to try the They're Real mascara for like FOREVER. But I never wanted to dish out 20+ dollars on a mascara especially when Majolica works wonderfully for me. We'll see. I haven't tried it yet since I'm still trying to use up my current mascara. I have also wanted to try the Watt's Up highlighter for a while too since I've heard so many good things about it.

There's a very generous amount of product in the Watt's Up sampler!

Watt's Up is essentially High Beam in stick form XD I like it but don't love it. I don't know I feel like it goes on kind of chunky? I don't like trying to blend highlighters over my foundation because sometimes that messes up my foundation. And I don't know I feel like the highlighting particles in this product aren't fine enough, so they kind of emphasize my pores. Nothing horrendous, but I did notice. I'm happy to have this and I will use it, but I won't be purchasing the full size.

Now onto the things I actually did spend money on... O_O
LOL you can probably tell I really like Benefit blushes. I recently rediscovered my Dandelion blush (which I bought years ago but stopped using because I got distracted by other products lol!) and have been using that one a lot. Also been getting a lot of use out of Hervana. Benefit blushes are just so easy to use, they fit my category of fool-proof blushes, which is awesome! I'm really not a fan of super pigmented blushes. Plus they smell so good and puts me in very good mood when I use them XD


Heard so many great things about CORALista. I was very hesitant about this one because coral/peachy blushes tend to make me look flushed/sun-burned. Surprisingly it didn't! So I'll be keeping it lol. If you ignore the shadowy part, this photo is very true to color.


Got this one after hearing TiffanyD rave about it :D I generally really like TiffanyD's recommendations. Besides Bubzbeauty, I think Tiffany and Lisa Eldridge are the other gurus I got most of my recommendations from. Anyway I really love how it looks on her (such a pretty sheen!) so I decided to give it a go. This photo is very true to color by the way. And I will admit at first it did scare me cuz it looks so much darker than I anticipated O_O

Close-up you can see the frost/glitter-like stuff over it. I'm not sure if this is an over-spray, or if it will go away after some uses. I'm hoping the "frost" will go away cuz they kind of emphasize my pores (I think they will, because they apply like uneven chunks over my cheeks, not all over). It's nothing too bad, and I really do like the color and the PRETTY SHEEN/GLOW.


Yet another blush LOL. I should've just held off on the next two products until the F&F sale... but oh well I just really wanted them /__\
Smashbox blush in "Flush". Again, got this recommendation from TiffanyD lol!


At first glance I thought it looks a lot like Benefit Dandelion, but after pulling Dandelion out and putting them side by side, they're actually pretty different lol. Flush is much lighter, and leans a lot cooler (more blue) than Dandelion.

It comes with a little mirror underneath! Pretty nifty.

This is the most true to color photo.

Such prettiness. I know this blush will be getting a lot of love from me ^_~

I first tried out Smashbox products years and years and YEARS ago (when I first moved to America I think) and I remember being NOT impressed at all. But I think it has regained my confidence and I'm a lot more interested in their products now :D

I never thought I would actually splurge on a Clinique Chubby Stick because I love my Revlon lipstains, but after reading this Lisa's Eldridge's post on pink shades for this season, I felt compelled to own this color O_O




Clinique Chubby Stick in #13 Mighty Mimosa.

I've been literally obsessed with this. Just perfect perfect perfect for everyday! Finally a shade I can wear to school, feel awesome about it, and not attract attention! =D With that said you'll know it's a very natural shade lol. But I seriously love this so much. So the difference between Chubby Stick and Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain is that Chubby Stick is really more like a lip balm with color; it's definitely more moisturizing, while Revlon's formula is on the drier side. Also as the name implies, the Revlon ones stain your lips, while the Clinique ones don't. To be honest both of them are great and Revlon is definitely great price for the quality, but if you're looking more for a tinted balm, Chubby Stick is the way to go. If you only care about staying power/staining, Revlon will be more agreeable.

I have tried out quite a few of lip color recommendations from Lisa, and they are all fantastic. Give her recommendations a go if you're looking for lip colors to try out. I have to say it really makes a difference in recommendation when you are a celebrity makeup artist-- she really does know which shades fit/flatter most skin tones. I've had my fair share of bad luck trying out lip color recommendations from a lot of gurus (because they look great on them but just not on me), but so far Lisa's recommendations have NOT disappoint (I bought probably like 5+ lipsticks because of her and they're all great).

Sephora also threw in this Becca Radiant Satin Finish Foundation sample for me! I actually have tried this foundation before (I once purchased it but I got the wrong shade -_- so I wanted to exchange it. But they only took returns through mail and wouldn't send me another color... so I got too lazy to order a new one-- didn't want to have to try to purchase $50 worth of products to save on shipping). Anyway it's a nice foundation, the texture kind of reminds me of MAC Face & Body, but less dewy and more coverage. They both have that slight rubbery feel?? Not quite sure how to explain it. If you've tried the MAC Face and Body foundation you'll know what I mean. Although the Becca one doesn't thicken up as the MAC F&B does, and Becca definitely feels less tacky than F&B.
I can't get past how pretty the model is >///////<

Here is a close-up. This is pretty true to color. I will do a swatches/impression post maybe?? Eventually? LOL

Samples I got
Not sure why I got a Hourglass mineral primer... I think I'm just gonna give it away on my blog sale. I have a travel size one and I think it's okay. I honestly think it's overrated and overly hyped up. I've tried other cheaper primers that work just fine. I have tried some Lancome Energie De Vie products and I think they're really nice! SUPER moisturizing without the heaviness. I think really good for winter. But I don't think I'll commit to any Lancome products just yet :P too much skincare to go through and I'm contemplating going organic with my skincare products as well.

Right after I placed my order TiffanyD posted this video which made me go "oh my gahhhd!!!!" LOL.
"Limited Edition" really drives us women crazy -_-"

The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. I have been really wanting to try this ever since TiffanyD first talked about it in her older videos (wanted to try it even more when Julia Graf said it's really good too). $58 is really expensive, but when I thought the individual full-sized products are $45 apiece, I thought $58 is a pretty good price for three!  I mean obviously the products are smaller in here, but to me, who needs that much product anyway XD I only have one face lol.

Comes with the mineral veil primer too.

Just as a sizing reference in case you guys are curious.

This photo is pretty true to color (the reason why I'm in such a hurry to do this post! I feel like the picture on Sephora is so off =_= makes the shades look much darker than it really is, and at that time the swatches I managed to Google weren't that good either). It comes with three shades from left to right: Dim Light, Incadescent Light (limited), and Radiant Light.

Also True to color.


When I first applied Dim Light all over my face I was IN LOVE. I was all ready to come up here and rave about it. It really does give my face the soft-focused look-- I felt like it took my foundation to another level (not if you like the natural dewy look though) and it did help my foundation look even more flawless (in a more semi-matte, soft-focused way). I applied Incadescent Light above my brows, between my brows and down my nose bridge, as well as the C shape around my eyes and cheeks. At this point I was like oh MAN it totally beats my beloved IPSA highlight powder, because it was so invisible! The powder was so so finely milled... The Incadescent Light was superbly formulated in my opinion. And lastly, the Radiant Light. While it looks like a tan color, it actually translates to a more rosy cheek color on me (no bronze) with a really pretty soft glow (not something that I will use all over my NC20 face though). I was mightily impressed!

So... that was the initially excitement. I felt so giddy throughout the day cuz I thought I just unearthed a gem. But unfortunately, I did return this product ultimately. Although the initial finish is BEAUTIFUL, I found that this powder makes me look so shiny/greasy at the end of the day. I usually don't mind looking shiny because I get oily anyway, but this powder actually does make my face produce more oil and extra greasy (to the point I feel the need to blot), so that's the deal breaker for me. I gave this product a good 5-day trial because I really really wanted to love it and keep it. I do remember one of the reviewers on Sephora mentioned this powder made her greasy too, so it's not just me. So please keep in mind that this powder has no oil control whatsoever. Also, I'm not sure if it's my imagination, but I think the powder oxidizes???? Not really sure because the lighting at my apartment is pretty yellow, but whenever I looked in the mirror when I got home, I always felt like my face looks darker. Nothing terrible but it was something I noticed (and have not noticed with my Aveda powder). All in all, I was disappointed in this powder's wear. But I would highly recommend for people with dry/normal skin! Combination use with caution, oily skin might want to stay away. By the way I went into the store to look at Diffused Light (because I thought it was more yellow-toned and might suit my skin tone better) and it is so shiny. More like a highlighter in my opinion. Ethereal Light on the other hand is like the "normal" powder, more like Dim Light but lighter and more pink (like a white-pink).

Sorry I don't actually have swatches because I already returned it. These photos were taken when I first purchased it.

Sample for Smashbox Halo HD foundation. Not really in the market for a new foundation but always up for samples to try =P
Also a pretty true to color photo.

I've been trying out other lip balms trying to find a cheaper alternative... but it turns out, nothing beats Aveda lip balm.
Somehow I remember it used to be $12???????????????????????? I don't know I just remember I didn't want to repurchase this because I thought it was expensive. But anyway it's actually $8.50 currently. Still expensive but I decided I don't care anymore. THESE ARE THE BEST. When I ran out of my last one I had to use a lip brush to dig out the last little bit of the products so there literally was nothign left LOL. Why did I ever stop using this ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh well it's good to switch up products now and then. Anyway, highly recommend. Super long lasting and make my lips super soft.

I picked up this lipstick a while ago. It was an unintentional purchase -_-a Was just browsing Bobbi Brown counter, tried it on and went O_O+




This lipstick is so aptly named... soft coral indeed :D
The formula is okay, not too crazy about it. My lips have to be in perfect condition otherwise it accentuates dryness like crazy.

I almost forgot about this... I tried out the Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream because I have heard so many incredible things about it.
Bought it, tried it for 2 weeks, felt and see no difference, so I returned it (wasted my Nordstrom Awards Note...). Big disappointment. I feel like my undereye fine lines are getting out of control LOL. Hence looking for more intensive eye creams. But I guess it's more genetic than anything since I've always had undereye fine lines so I guess I shouldn't be bashing this product.

I also popped into MAC because I wanted to get a new eye shadow from the Recycling Program (I didn't really use up anything per se... But I depotted all my eye shadows/blushes so I had 6 empty containers =D)
And I walked out with two more eye shadows... Orz.

I exchanged for the eye shadow "Woodwinked," and bought "Soba" and "Passionate".

Top: Woodwinked. Left: Soba. Right: Passionate. This photo is a bit dark, in real life the shades are a bit lighter than these photos.

You might go O_____o when you see the Passionate eye shadow XD I actually got it because I've been wanting to try this eye look forever:

And lately I've been really wanting a pair of Aviator sunglasses.
My inspiration came from heyclaire =D Or Claire Marshall on Youtube. She has quickly become one of my fav to watch =) I love her personality.


Those Ray-Bans look INCREDIBLE on her. Gahhh! But unfortunately when I tried the same pair, I looked hilarious XD

These look better on me. But I decided I don't have $195 to spare so I actually ended up buying a pair from Fossil instead XD Will share in another post?
*update: I decided to return my Fossil sunnies >_< decided they're not me. I think I just wanted them because aviators look so great on Claire. I need to find my own style lol. 

Next... one of my most exciting purchases... CANDLES!!!!!
Yankee candles are so ridiculously EXPENSIVE O_O But after burning Apple Pumpkin at home... I REGRET NOTHING. In fact, I think I need the full size T^T Apple Pumpkin smells incredible and I'm not usually a big fan of pumpkin scents. I don't know why I'm so into fall scents this year O_O

Autumn Leaves is okay. It's more of a refreshing smell. But Apple Pumpkin!!!! Omg omg omg I cannot stop inhaling deeply... *takes a deep breath* It makes my room smell so so so homey. I love it :')

Yankee candles have some really incredible scents... the other ones that I really really like are Beach Walk and Turquoise Sky. But they're so expensive... I shall stick to holiday scents for now teehee.

So my friend wanted to go to Aerosoles for some comfy shoes that she can wear to work. At first I wasn't even looking around in the shop because I just never shop at Aerosoles... I always thought their shoes are so ugly XD and whenever I go in there I don't see anything I like -_-a But guess what, I walked out with two pairs of shoes... LOL


These are so NOT my style. At first I kind of just grabbed them to try on just because... but surprisingly they looked quite cute O_____O Since I have nothing like these, I decided to purchase them. Plus they're so comfy! They have it in leather too which the material is super soft, but unfortunately those don't look as good on me T^T  But I'm quite excited to put together outfits for this! Finally branching out with my style lol.


Guys I have to say... Aerosoles makes really comfortable shoes. That's why I walked out with two pairs -_-a I could not get past just how comfortable they are. I used to think Nine West makes the most comfortable shoes, but not anymore. Aerosoles are SO comfy!!! They might look ugly sitting on the shelves, but honestly they don't look bad at all when you try them on =D
Quite excited to start wearing these out :) :) :)  Yay for new styles! (Old women's style? HAHAHA).

Congratulations you have made it to the end of this post. I had a super relaxing weekend and I hope you guys did too ^_^ From tomorrow on it's business as usual T_T Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Have a great week everyone!

<3 Frances