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Friday, October 25, 2013

#MyLisaLook-- Marilyn Monroe Iconic Makeup + Quick OOTD

Hello hello!

Hope you guys are keeping warm out there... it's been so cold here >_< (in denial). Autumn was way too short ='(

So I'm not sure how many you guys out there knew about the #MyLisaLook contest, but I did participate just for fun =P

Here's the tutorial I based my look on:

Almost none of my friends know that I really adore Marilyn Monroe LOL. I watched an old movie of hers with my mom last summer and ever since I've been quite interested in her other films (watched a couple of others with my dad this summer hehehe. It's a thing I do with my dad, we both enjoy watching old movies XD). I don't know, there's something about her I find charming-- sexy yes, but there's also a vulnerability? I just found her to be very charismatic... can't help but like her =P (although I'll admit I have no idea what kind of person she is like in real life-- I just like her in her films).

So anyway, when I saw this contest, I thought, why not do a Marilyn look? This is one of my fav videos from Lisa. The stories she shared are so fun and interesting! Obviously I'm Asian and I don't have blonde hair and look nothing like her, but that's what makes makeup fun XD you just work with what you have and try to adapt the look to your own features.

Marilyn is known for her sexy makeup... with slight droopy lashes that almost gave her that sleepy look. As I'm typing this post, I found that to be quite interesting and funny almost, because for the past few years the droopy eye was so popular in Japan (not sure if it still is). The difference is that the Japanese were aiming for the puppy eye/innocent effect, while Marilyn's is quite sexy and effortless. Anyway! Just thought I'd share my rendition with you guys since I haven't done a look in a while =)

I didn't go for the full-on glossy big lips because I found that super full lips overwhelm my small eyes XD so just regular matte lipstick. The lipstick I used here is Maybelline SuperStay 14 hour lipstick in 065 Ravishing Rouge, which is also a recommendation I got from one of Lisa's videos. It's my fav red lipstick because I think it flatters me the most =)


I don't know why... with this makeup I just want to mess up my hair and cover one of my eyes, hahahaha.

The sun went down so I had to migrate to the bathroom for selfies ROFL.

I think my eyes look the droopiest in this photo XD

Not sure what happened here my photo is so green.

Do you guys follow Lisa Eldridge? If so, did you participate? What are your favorite looks from her? I really love her Rosie Huntington-Whiteley look as well, I might attempt that soon =)

And just as a quick OOTD... since I never really do this XD but since I was wearing my new Aerosoles, thought I might feature them here XD
They make my feet look so small LOL. Was wearing a cardigan over a while tank top, scarf, and just black jeggings.

Don't mind the messy background. I hang my towels on the back of my bedroom door lol.



That's all I have today, gotta hustle again T_T Have a wonderful weekend guys!

<3 Frances


  1. me likey the 4th picture the best... the more I look at the ones with one eye covered the more I could decipher if you were trying to recreate the grudge look XDDDD also with Hebe singing "Girl with One Eye" in the background... you looked all bundled up so that's good. stay warm babe <3

    1. LOL at first i thought you said "grunge" lol. hair all over my face+血盆大口= perfect for grudge HAHAHA. how come i don't know that song O_O on youtube mission now!

  2. Ooo how sexy^_- ahah
    You look so nice in all of your photos!!
    And I agree, that lip color goes with you so well!!
    I also like your outfit(: I love layering and with
    the winter season coming, it's the best way
    to stay warm and toasty^_^ ahah
    You did a great job on your look by the way!!^_^

    1. Aw thank you Dianna! I love layering too! But the problem is all my clothes tend to have loose-fit... so when I layer I tend to look like I'm buried underneath a pile of clothes... XD

  3. Both red and orange lips look pretty on you :D

  4. loving the look! loving the really natural look but have that sexy chic in it!! pretty and gorgoeus!


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