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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Kett Fixx Creme Foundation Review

Hi guys!

Long time again LOL. What can I say... I totally jinxed myself and I've been stupid busy. Still busy at the moment, but I am SO SICK of studying studying studying alll the time I just can't anymore. I figured I should come up here and do an update before my blog rots. Haha.

So let's get right into it. You guys already know I got curious about the Kett Fixx Creme foundation because of Bubzbeauty.

I swear this will be the last time you see me referencing this video. Promise! XD

I think I was extra extra intrigued about this foundation because of the phrase "chosen wedding foundation"... when you hear those words O_O+++++ it's like the strongest advertising words you can use, hahaha!

So since Bubz mentioned Wayne from Gossmakeupartist, I checked his video too to see his thoughts.

And while I was looking up reviews for the foundation, I came across this video which I thought was pretty helpful too:

She mentioned she got cystic acne from this foundation O_o That did scare me a bit not gonna lie. So the first time I tried this foundation I only used a little along my jawline just to make sure I didn't get any reaction from it. I also thought I would be a between color--between N1 and N3 like her, but surprisingly N3 matches me okay. But I have to say N3 is a little darker for my face. It matches me in the sense that it makes my face match my body-- my body got quite tanned over the summer, but my face paled back to its original color pretty fast due to the skincare products I've been using. So anyway, if you're NC20, it might be just a tad dark for you. Not to the point you can't pull it off though. But I think N3 is between NC20-25, but not quite NC25. So I guess if my body wasn't as tan, this foundation would've been a bit dark for me.

Anyway! Just thought I'd put up some other ppl's videos in case you guys are curious about other ppl's opinion.

I bought a small Z-palette for this foundation
Which... isn't all that worth it because I am planning to put this foundation on my blog sale. But I guess I can still use it for travel *shrugs* As a side line review, I feel like the small Z palette really doesn't fit much in there at all. It's really too small to fit more than 1 blusher. So it's pretty much only good for eye shadows.


When I first received it it didn't have these little bumps/bubbles. It only happened after I started dipping my wet beautyblender in it. Didn't affect the quality of the foundation though.

This is probably the most true to color shot. My color is N3.

And this. It does look quite dark in the pan.

Very creamy.




Doesn't look all that flattering on the back of my hand, but it does perform better on my face.



I do use a beautyblender to apply it. Now Sam (the girl from the third video I posted) mentioned this foundation kind of ruined her beautyblender because she really had to dig the beautyblender in it to get the products. I don't find it to be true, the product came out pretty easily onto my beautyblender. Maybe she just got a drier batch???

Now onto application photos. I have to mention that because of the color of this foundation, it offsets the whole color balance on my camera, so all my photos look quite orange except the first photo, which only shows my bare face. So just keep in mind the color of the photos lean more orange than real life.

Bare face

Now here comes the orange pictures XD

Half face application (left side)

Half face

The other half that doesn't have the foundation

I'll admit when I first applied the foundation I was very impressed and can immediately see why Bubz and Wayne raved about it. It does look natural and gorgeous. I have to say it does photograph extremely well-- I do think it looks even better in these pics than in real life, haha!

Full face.




Okay the rest of the photos were taken on a different day, but it was after like about 4 hours of wear?

So this is after about 4 hours of wear
At first glance it doesn't look too bad, but if you look more closely under my eyes... (and excuse the mascara fall-out on my cheek lol)

There was TERRIBLE caking underneath my eyes. The MOST TERRIBLE I've ever experienced actually. Even my SK-II essence-in foundation, which is also a cream foundation, doesn't settle in to my fine lines.

Besides the terrible undereye-caking, the other major thing I noticed is that on my nose where it's oily, the foundation kind of turned transparent. It's weird because the foundation definitely didn't wear off, it's still there you can see it, but it has become transparent and I can see my blackheads through the foundation. Not even my blackheads peeking through, it's like you can see the blackheads through the foundation. I really don't know how else to describe it. You don't see my blackheads really well in this photo because the light is kind of reflected off my oily nose XD but it's quite obvious in person. (You didn't see blackheads in my first bare face photo because that photo was taken a few days after these photos--when I had cleared out my blackheads).

So those are the two major problems I have with this foundation: The undereye creasing, and the see-through blackheads upon getting oily.

Again, just to illustrate how badly it settled into my fine lines. You can scroll up and look at the initial application pictures, my fine lines were there, but not even close to as bad as these pictures. Also, the two days I wore this foundation out, two days people commented on how tired I looked. So I can definitely tell you guys it is NOT my personal paranoia or imagination, that this foundation really does accentuate my undereye fine lines LIKE CRAZY and make me look aged. You might also notice it looks a bit cakey around my nose, but that's because I used a little too much that day LOL. Usually it's fine. I have tried to blend/wipe my undereye area to make sure there aren't excess foundation, but sadly the creasing problem still persists.

By the way I didn't powder in this pictures, but personally I do think this foundation needs powdering if you want it to last longer.

So yeah those are my thoughts on this foundation. I'm glad I tried it out, but too bad it really just didn't work for me. Really wanted to love it =( If you have similar problems underneath your eyes, I suggest you avoid this foundation.

By the way guys I'm thinking about going organic with my foundations. I have to make a commitment here and now that I will not buy anymore foundations until I have used up all my current ones. And after that I'm gonna go organic =D

Hope some of you found this review helpful! Now I shall go back to the never ending hell of studying. Hopefully I can blog more as October comes to an end. October is the worst month as far as academic calender goes -_- Hope you guys are doing well!

<3 Frances


  1. really wanted to try this foundation because of Bubzbeauty too but all foundation in cream form make me the same problem under the eyes... =(

    1. >.< perhaps you should skip out on it... it's the most horrible creasing I've ever experienced. But you never know... human skin is a strange thing... sometimes it works sometimes it just doesn't -_-a lol

  2. I'm just gonna leave this here...



    1. I believe you just committed "face" and run LOL

  3. After Bubzbeauty's video i really wanted to try out this product too! Too bad it didn't work too well on you :( everything looks amazing in the photos except underneath the eyes which is dissapointing for a product that you had high hopes for >_<


    1. lol it's quite alright, on the bright side at least I don't have to keep thinking and wondering about it ^_~ hehehe

  4. yikes! glad i found your review rather than dishing out $15-30 on this foundation. was highly considering buying it but I cant find the ingredients list anywhere for me to check if there's sulfates (im allergic to that ingredient) and overall i was concerned about getting oily with this creme foundation. sigh, i guess the search for the perfect foundation for my combo oily skin continues :(

    1. sorry I don't have the ingredients either XD don't think that info is included in the packaging @_@ (now I come to think about it, that's really weird). Good luck!! ^_^ aren't we all always looking for the perfect foundation? hehe


    1. thanks for looking up/sharing the info ^_^


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