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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have long lashes? No no no...!!! How I curl my lashes =P

Hello hello HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bahahhaa I'm back!!! ... kind of XD  And my first post back will feature a first,  noob edited video XD took me forever to film+ edit. Don't think I'm ever gonna do video tutorials again -__-

Anyway! If you remember... forever ago?! XD that I posted a video with me and Boba, and a lot of you commented on how I have "mad long" eyelashes... that is so NOT true!!!! So I'm making this video to clarify two things: first, I do NOT have long lashes. Second, you DON'T need Dolly Wink Long Mascara to achieve that kind of effect!

Mascara's quality will help you achieve the effect more easily, but in reality, with the right technique, any mascara will do the trick ^__^ (unless they're ultimately shitty XD) I'm using a Maybelline mascara in this vid. I've always used this technique with all my mascaras, and they all work pretty well!

It seems like I'm really pulling on my lids a lot in the vid but it's really because of the awkward camera angle I'm working with... (clamping my lashes while trying to see if my face is still in the vid T_T) but yeah I still somewhat pull my lids when pulling the eyelash curler upwards. Anyway, this is a super basic video. Maybe that's exactly how you guys curl your lashes. But just wanted to clarify XD

Hope I will be posting and commenting more from now on ^__^ have a good weekend guys!

<3 Frances

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dear all,

Long time no post... again. Wow I'm starting to notice my own pattern here. I'd either post almost every day, or went on a mini hiatus until I decided to get back into swing of things XD

Unfortunately I don't have anything for you guys today ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ *shameless smile* Just gonna be a ramble post. So as consistent as I am, I'm going into a mini blog hiatus again XD just a mini one. Mainly because I've been really stressed/restless/not getting much sleep/don't feel like blogging orz Sorry for haven't been responding/commenting/keeping up with you guys as much as I used to. I cannot wait until February is over when I can finally breathe again (I hope? lol) and I WILL get to the requested posts >_< oh by the way I chopped off my long hair ahahahahhahaha XD I will explain later why XD now I look very young O_O it's not short short don't freak out  ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ lol.

Until my life is back to normal again, I hope everyone stays really happy and healthy and warm (or for those on the other side of the world, stay cool jyeahhhh =DD), and get enough sleep so you wouldn't get a big ol' pimple on your cheek or wherever your pimple usually prefers on your face like I do XD

Take care everyone =D

Love love love love loveeeee.... <3 Frances

Friday, February 4, 2011

JpMon.com Shopping Tutorial

 **** Updated****
A fellow blogger who lives in the Philippines informed me that her package from JpMon.com got taxed at the customs, even when the package is clearly labelled "personal gifts." I wasn't aware of this situation because I never got taxed when I received those packages from Taiwan (plus I think you shouldn't be taxed for receiving gifts anyway... how weird). Anyway, just want to warn you guys about this situation, so if you're thinking about purchasing from JpMon.com and wondering about the taxes, I suggest clarifying with your local post office to avoid this situation. And once again I want to thank my reader for informing me about this situation >"<

Hello hello!

Here's the page by page shopping tutorial for you out there who's interested in purchasing from JpMon.com!
By the way I don't work for them lol... I wish I do! I'd like some discounts XD
I hope some of you found this helpful, it took me a while to make this XD 

JpMon is Taiwanese website that sells Japanese products. This website is in Chinese. You will need to register to become a member. The website accepts credit card or PayPal. Ships by Parcel or EMS. Ships to Philippines, USA, Canada, Italy, Korea, Switzerland, Australia, Austria, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Netherlands, South Africa, Indonesia, England, Spain, Hawaii, Macao, Singapore, Germany, Sweden, Thailand, India, France, Finland, Ireland, Belgium.

Like I mentioned, I am NOT affiliated with JpMon.com. I merely created this tutorial so my readers have access to Japanese products if they are interested.

Please click on images to enlarge for details

Okay first thing first, we all want to know how much the website charges for each product.
JpMon.com is a Taiwanese website, therefore the currency is in New Taiwan Dollars (新台幣) TWD.
To find out how to convert currency, simply Google it XD

For example, I just type in ____ TWD=? USD then Google will do the conversion for you!

$1 USD is approximately $31 TWD.



So in order to shop on JpMon.com, you have to register to become a member.

Step 1: Join Membership

This is an image of the homepage. Did you see the red circle and red fonts in the middle? These are my translation. Look for them cuz all the tutorial will follow the same format.




Step 2: How to Shop

The easiest way to find the Japanese products is to scroll down to look for the Japanese brands on the lower left hand side of the website.

Say we're buying Dolly Wink products XD

After you click "add to cart," a window will pop up


More drop-down menus will appear after you choose location


The website advises to avoid purchasing aerosol products


Step 3: How to Pay


Step 4: Shipping and Tracking

So after you placed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail that looks somewhat like this

And after they shipped out your order, you will receive a tracking order e-mail like this

Here's the tracking website (i-Post), it will look something like this
And that is all! So far I've had pleasant shopping experience with JpMon.com. The only problem with the website is the products go in and out of stock so I have to act fast -___- For me, shipping from Taiwan to Colorado usually takes about one week and a half to 2 weeks, depending on how long it takes at custom inspection. By the way, I like JpMon because their items are NOT outrageously priced like most American websites that sell Asian cosmetics. But you all should compare prices before you shop at anywhere ^__^ That's always the safest thing to do!

Happy shopping =D And let me know if there's any confusion!

<3 Frances

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Boba Video+ You can see Dolly Wink Long Mascara in action :D

Hello hello there =D

I have a video to share today! Lol this was filmed this past weekend when it was warm. I miss the sun.

Anyway I decided to post this video on my beauty blog too since you can see the effect of Dolly Wink Long Mascara quite clearly in this video =D Don't mind my large face XD it's the angle it's the angle *trying to kid myself XD*

A lot of times I think Boba behaves quite like a dog... cuz he really likes to lick... this is my first time having a bunny as a pet, is this normal to all bunnies? ^__^

Anyway hope you enjoy the vid :)

<3 Frances

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dolly Wink Cream Eye Shadow (Rainbow Crystal) Review

Hello bloggies!

I feel like it's been a while since I posted XD I am currently freezing my ass off cuz it's -16F here in Colorado and my central heat sucks and my space heater isn't warming up enough... (´д`)  *dies* I have to put both my guinea pig and my bunny in my bedroom when I sleep so they don't freeze in my living room O_O and I am really looking forward to the morning when it will be -6F or higher hopefully  ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭  I. fucking. envy. you ppl. on the other side of the world. who are. enjoying. summer. -_________- (sorry for the f word, I'm so cold!!!!)

 Anyway, Moving on to my review! Today is another Dolly Wink product, the cream eye shadow!

As you all know, there are two cream eye shadows available. One is white and the other is gold. 
 I got mine in #2 because I already have a gold cream eye shadow base.

Cream Eye Shadow in #2 Rainbow Crystal
I got mine from JpMon.com. I don't think this one is available at the moment, but the gold one is.



I think I'd buy the products just to collect Tsubasa's promo pics... XD Seriously though this is the first time I'm keeping the packaging! hahaha

Here's the cream eye shadow!



It is... very... unexpectedly... glittery 囧

My first reaction upon swatching this was... er... what is this?

To be honest, I feel like I'm kind of cheated by the advertisement =_=
If you look at the product promo pic on the Dolly Wink official website
It just looks like a nice wash of shimmery white eye shadow.

BUT in reality... it looks like this:
little chunks of glitter... it's not shimmers...




As you can see, there are purple and green flexes in it.

So my thoughts on this product...

- Very glittery (now I understand why it's called Rainbow crystal XD)

- The texture is kind of hard to explain... very silky/slippery but at the same time with little chunks of glitter? Not that the glitter stands out in texture particularly but you can feel it.
- From the Dolly Wink official website I definitely could NOT tell it is a glittery cream eye shadow... if I had know I probably wouldn't have purchased it... I was expecting more of a shimmery cream eye shadow :T

- Glitters fall off very easily when you apply eye shadow over it, especially if you use a sponge applicator. What's worse the glitter sticks to the sponge applicator... well that's what happened to me when I tried to use the sponge applicator that comes with the Dolly Wink eye shadow palette...

- I think best results comes with patting your eye shadow on top of this cream eye shadow with your fingers. If you use a brush, the glitters come off easily. If you use a sponge applicator, the glitter come off easily AND stick to your applicator.

Really not the best cream eye shadow in my opinion especially if you're using it as a base... cuz it kind of takes a while to "set."
And the glitter is just not my style. I'm actually considering selling it cuz I don't find myself reaching for this at all O_O...

I hope some of you found this helpful!

Okay I'm gonna go make a cup of hot chocolate to warm up my fingers T_T

Night everyone!

<3 Frances