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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Dear all,

Long time no post... again. Wow I'm starting to notice my own pattern here. I'd either post almost every day, or went on a mini hiatus until I decided to get back into swing of things XD

Unfortunately I don't have anything for you guys today ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ *shameless smile* Just gonna be a ramble post. So as consistent as I am, I'm going into a mini blog hiatus again XD just a mini one. Mainly because I've been really stressed/restless/not getting much sleep/don't feel like blogging orz Sorry for haven't been responding/commenting/keeping up with you guys as much as I used to. I cannot wait until February is over when I can finally breathe again (I hope? lol) and I WILL get to the requested posts >_< oh by the way I chopped off my long hair ahahahahhahaha XD I will explain later why XD now I look very young O_O it's not short short don't freak out  ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭ lol.

Until my life is back to normal again, I hope everyone stays really happy and healthy and warm (or for those on the other side of the world, stay cool jyeahhhh =DD), and get enough sleep so you wouldn't get a big ol' pimple on your cheek or wherever your pimple usually prefers on your face like I do XD

Take care everyone =D

Love love love love loveeeee.... <3 Frances


  1. Aw, can't wait for you to come back! Hope everything gets better and less stressed! I need to become less of a night-owl too :P Hmm..maybe tha's why my acne never completely clears up xD

    Happy New Year :D

  2. Thanks for letting me know the shipping cost!! :) I'm def going to order from them! :)

  3. come back soon. ill try not to get pimples.. i cant wait to see your new look

  4. Good luck with things! Come back soon! I want to see your hair! I bet it looks great. =] Ugh speaking of pimples I have a huge one on my chin. Blah. lol

  5. its cold where i am! :( but don't worry... life can always be stressful :) just remember to take care of yourself... can't wait til your next post!

    aimee x

  6. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? you chopped your hair? Oh no you didn't!! (lol, black fail)
    omg! you must soooo post a pic! Can't wait till you can breath again so that you can blog. Yes, that's the only reason why I want you to breath again. haha jks! Do take it easy girl, but even just these mini blogs, i'm so happy to read it!!

    i'm gonna send you an email so check it later~!

  7. Aww I can totally relate! Well not at the moment but I know what it's like to feel quite stressed and all :( I hope you come back to blogging very soon, or else I'll miss you too much >0< Take care <3

  8. Please breathe again so I can see you in action but yes I perfectly understand that feeling. Wow was looking at your previous tutorial. Looks really complicated with all the foreign jap words. Thanx for taking the time to do the printscreen. I bet it must be really time consuming.

    I wanna see photo of your hair? Not short short? So is it shoulder length?

    It's 12.30am here and I'm gonna turn in early! I can feel my eyelids growing heavy. I usually sleep at 3--4am but I'm so sleepy now. I haven't fully recharged from the busyness of CNY so I shall be a good gal and sleep early.

    Hope to see you around!

  9. Aw, you'll be missed! Take care....<3

  10. I gave you a long overdue award!

  11. Ooh..no wonder I haven't heard from you for a while..
    come back soon ^^ and take care!

  12. Aw, you'll be missed! Take care....<3


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