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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I have long lashes? No no no...!!! How I curl my lashes =P

Hello hello HELLO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bahahhaa I'm back!!! ... kind of XD  And my first post back will feature a first,  noob edited video XD took me forever to film+ edit. Don't think I'm ever gonna do video tutorials again -__-

Anyway! If you remember... forever ago?! XD that I posted a video with me and Boba, and a lot of you commented on how I have "mad long" eyelashes... that is so NOT true!!!! So I'm making this video to clarify two things: first, I do NOT have long lashes. Second, you DON'T need Dolly Wink Long Mascara to achieve that kind of effect!

Mascara's quality will help you achieve the effect more easily, but in reality, with the right technique, any mascara will do the trick ^__^ (unless they're ultimately shitty XD) I'm using a Maybelline mascara in this vid. I've always used this technique with all my mascaras, and they all work pretty well!

It seems like I'm really pulling on my lids a lot in the vid but it's really because of the awkward camera angle I'm working with... (clamping my lashes while trying to see if my face is still in the vid T_T) but yeah I still somewhat pull my lids when pulling the eyelash curler upwards. Anyway, this is a super basic video. Maybe that's exactly how you guys curl your lashes. But just wanted to clarify XD

Hope I will be posting and commenting more from now on ^__^ have a good weekend guys!

<3 Frances


  1. What a big difference curling and mascara does! I just wish I had naturally long lashes like my brother =.= I wonder what happened to my genes..lol

    Glad you're back! Can't wait to see more posts ^__^

  2. Hi frances!

    I have to go through secret proxy to get to see your blog, hahah see how much i Miss you! haha but this is exactly what i NEED! *wink* =p

    take care and good luck with life =) i will see you soon!

  3. Wow! Your before and after is a huge difference! However, I won’t say that your lashes are short. They still look quite fine w/o mascara too! I used to curl my lashes like you too --90degree-- but then I used a mascara that kept clumping at the angle and it made the curl fall badly. So now I crimp my lashes the so called right method. Once at root, once in the middle and once at the tip.

  4. I use the 3 point method but I think I have slightly longer lashes than you. That method is definitely good for shorter lashed gals and I think the black mascara colour really thickens the lashes and makes them more visible too. I find the tips of my lashes are thinner and thus not a visible so after putting mascara on it's like hey, totally forgot my eyelashes were this length before they got tinted darker ^^!

  5. I need to try that wiggly move...thanks!

  6. I'm slightly back to blogging!! hehe!! No worries Frances, I have not forgotten you!

    And yay to both of us using the same mascara! I really love this mascara, and its my fav. But I'm trying the one with the vibrator on it! And it gives the exact same results as what you shown here and YES! I totally agree that technic is more important!! Was curious, you don't heat your eye lash curler? Cuz it helps keep the curl longer!


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