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Friday, October 17, 2014

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation vs. Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation Review

Hi Peeps!

I'm finally doing this comparison review! For those who were waiting to see this, sorry for the long long wait T_T

So I'm making a comparison between the YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation with the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation because both foundations give natural glowy finish, and a couple of you wanted to see what the differences are :)

Here goes! 
Both foundations are 1 fl oz.
Chanel retails at $45, and YSL retails at $57 (when it first came out it was $55...)

By the way, if you get it from Nordstrom.com, you can get the YSL foundation for $51.30! (it's 10% off now, not sure how long the sale will last). Or I would highly encourage you to take the biannual 15-20% off at Sephora.

Thought it's cool to lay the logos side by side, muahaha.

For Chanel, I have the shade 10 Beige, for YSL, I have B40. Although I probably should've gone for B30. I must say I must be a lot darker when I purchased the YSL foundation lol. I remember complaining about the Chanel 10 Beige oxidizes too dark for my NC20 complexion, but now I look at both shades, YSL B40 is A LOT darker than Chanel Beige 10 lol. I'd say if you're NC25, you can probably pull off B40, although it's still a bit dark and on the red side. If you're NC20, you want to go for B30. Chanel Beige 10 is pretty good match for NC25. A bit dark for NC20.

I have done individual reviews on both foundations. If you're interested,
click here to see my review for Chanel foundation, and
click here to see my review for YSL foundation

Top: Chanel, bottom: YSL.

Chanel is more of a gel/liquid consistency, whereas YSL is creamy liquid.

Top: Chanel, bottom: YSL.







After the foundations have dried down.

As you can see, YSL (right) has more of a watery glow

Whereas Chanel doesn't

Le bare face~



Hahaha I marked my face... in case I got confused myself -_- LOL.


So you guys can see the color difference. YSL on left Chanel on right.

After blending out
Applied with wet BeautyBlender. Can you guys see the difference? YSL has more glow than Chanel. Chanel looks pretty matte next to YSL lol. YSL is very dewy and gives that buttery finish. Chanel I would describe as matte glow.



The side with YSL


The side with Chanel


The best I can describe, really, is that the YSL finish is more buttery than Chanel. Both are pretty, so it depends on what you're going for.

YSL-- you can spot the glow on the cheeks

Chanel-- less glow

YSL is darker, but it's not too bad when it's on the face.

I think the glow from YSL is best illustrated in this picture. YSL definitely looks a lot more dewy than Chanel.


So what do I think about the two foundations?

I think both are gorgeous. I personally definitely prefer YSL 100x over Chanel lol!!! Here's why: 
After a little while, Chanel sets into my under-eye fine lines, as well as my expression lines.

Besides the problem of the Chanel foundation settling into my lines, another reason why I don't like the Chanel one anymore is because it really doesn't wear gracefully. When I get oily, it tends to get a bit patchy, and you will be able to see dots of oil sitting on my nose (I didn't include any photos because it was too hard to photograph), and Chanel definitely requires setting with powder-- it does slip/crease quite easily. YSL, on the other hand, wears gracefully throughout the day. When I get oily, everything just blends together, it doesn't break down nor does it patch up. Good stuff. I've been using the YSL foundation since late 2012 and it's still a love affair that's going strong. The best dewy foundation out there on the market in my opinion. Also, I found that this foundation is the least dry patch-emphasizing liquid foundation I've used, especially if you apply it with a sponge (patting motion is the key-- don't blend or swirl when you have dry patches!)

Alright folks! That's all I have! Hope some of you found this helpful. God I look so ahjumma in these photos. Unkempt to the max. Haha.

Have a great weekend everyone ^_^

<3 Frances

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bite Beauty Vivid Luminous Creme Lipsick Duo Review/Swatches

Hi guys!

Happy Wednesday! I'm here with a lip product review today =D I feel like lip products are my favorite things to review next to base makeup. Easy to photograph, and super fun to write =P

Don't know if you guys recall, but a while ago I said I was giving up on BiteBeauty products. Surprise surprise, I actually did find a product that I actually like XD Which is funny because I wasn't planning on buying this at all... but it was in one of those "bins" next to the check-out line and it was $12. Honestly the colors did not appeal to me at all when I just looked at it, but the colors surprisingly are pretty flattering when I tried them on, so it came home with me =D

Bite Beauty Vivid Luminous Creme Lipsick Duo in Violet and Palomino

Errr... sorry the ingredients list came up really blurry. I tried xD (OY) 

Left: Palomino, Right: Violet

I am rotten at describing colors so I'm not even gonna try hahaha.

I didn't realize how small these lipsticks are until I got home... cuz you know the testers at Sephora are already pretty much gone, but I thought it was just because they were testers. Turns out the product itself is tiny, exactly like shown on the packaging lol.

First let's look at the color Violet


I'm actually really, really, really surprised at how much I like this color. When I look at the tester, I thought Palomino is for sure a color I can pull off, but I wasn't so sure about Violet, nor was I really in the market for a purple looking lipstick. But it turns out Violet isn't as purple as I thought xD

Just heads-up, Violet actually looks slightly more purple than this in real life. It looks so none-purple in these pics lol.







I likey!

Next, Palomino
I feel like this color is slightly more generic. As in it's more agreeable to most ppl. Surprisingly between the two, I actually prefer Violet, maybe because it's more unique. But Palomino is a pretty nice color too.










Hand swatch of the two colors
Left: Palomino, Right: Violet



Texture-wise, it is a cream finish as the name implied. But the formula is quite different from the MAC cremesheen lipsticks. I feel like MAC lipsticks feel very lipstick-y, but this one doesn't. Does that make any sense? Haha. It applies more smoothly and feel less heavy on the lips. Formula-wise, it's not drying, but it is also not very hydrating or anything. I'd say it's relatively comfortable to wear. I think it's worth noting that these colors are quite long-wearing, which is a very pleasant surprise to me. It does last through meals, which is quite a feat.

I'm impressed by this particular BiteBeauty product! But I feel like other than this, I'm not really interested in trying out more BiteBeauty products because they're so expensive. Maybe if they have other stuff at this price point I would give it another go.


Which color do you prefer? Have you tried BiteBeauty products? What are your thoughts on them?

Okay, I'm off to work on other posts (got off work super early today yay!!) ... it's been raining all day long today and all I want to do is nap >_< MUST RESIST.

<3 Frances