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Sunday, October 12, 2014

My New Favorite Blow Dryer :D


Long time no blog :D How's everyone doing?? Did you all get your flu shot yet? (Sorry... habit of profession.... I can't help it XD)

Sorry I've been MIA for so long, I just really wanted to take some time off blogging so I did ^_^ mostly I needed to rest my wrist haha. Too much typing as I mentioned in my last blog. It's hard to believe it's already almost mid-October... in a month I will be going home to Taiwan O_o  Really excited because I haven't gone home in winter time in like... 10 years O_o

Anyway, guess what, today I am talking about hair! A subject I haven't touched on in forever xD what can I say... as girlfriend gets older... I get more and more low maintenance... blow drying pretty much was the only thing I did with my hair, and I don't even really do that anymore XD But I did discover a nice product so I wanted to share with you all ^_^


I'm one of these ppl who can't master blow drying my hair with a round brush to save my life XD
So when I saw this I was pretty excited! 

It's the John Frieda Salon Shape... something. It doesn't have a full name lol. I've had this for a few of months now ^_^







Just run it through your hair and the air comes out of the barrel and dries your hair.



I will admit most days I still don't blow dry my hair... I usually shower late and I just let my hair air dry or go to bed with  my hair wet -_-a terrible I know. But another thing I like about this though is that if my hair is terrible in the morning, I can quickly dampen my hair and just use this to quickly blow it out ^_^ some days it works great, other days my hair is still hard to tame and blow dryer won't be enough (do I whip out my straightener? Nope I just put my hair up LOL lazy).

What I like:
The bristles are loosely packed so my hair doesn't get stuck while I try to turn the brush (which is why I can never master round brushes cuz my hair always gets stuck). But I suppose this can also be a drawback of this device because you can't get a super firm grip with it, especially if you actually want to use a round brush to style your hair. I just use it for volume so it works for me. I honestly don't think this gadget has enough bristles for you to be able to get any kind of style out of it though, but I haven't tried so I can't really say.

What I don't like:
The air flow isn't as powerful as I anticipated-- like I said I mainly use it to straighten/add some body in my hair, so I'm not sure if it's hot enough if you actually want to do an extravagant blowout?

Also, I wish the cool air setting is colder-- a lot of the times the cool air just comes out warm rather than cool (Don't forget to use cold air your set your air!!! This is like the most important step. Otherwise you'll lose all your hard work LOL). It still does the job but I wish it was a little more efficient.

Sorry my hair is a bit messy. The point is the volume on the crown of the head XD

By the way, I got mine from Target :)

That's all folks! Hope you guys enjoyed this short and sweet post. I've been ridiculously lazy but hopefully I will start to pick up on blogging again hahaha XD

Stay warm and enjoy the pumpkin season!

<3 Frances

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  1. Good thing you did not only get a very helpful design, Frances. But also it was ionic; I must say one of the best hair dryers you would ever have. It dries the hair faster and reduces frizz and static electricity on the hair. There’s a lot more info you can read about that here http://www.restylepro.com/. ;)


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