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Friday, September 26, 2014

Laneige BB Cushion Review

Hi guys!

I'm currently super sleepy... it's 1:30am (haven't been up this late for a really long time X_x) but as I am still waiting for the yogurt on my face to sink in enough... figured I might as well come up here and type type type type type xD (← This intro was obviously written on a different day haha)

Another super overdue post... Here's my review for the Laneige BB Cushion. Also took these pics like a month ago. But this cushion did take longer for me to review because I had different experiences compared to the first time I used it, so I wanted to make sure I gave it sufficient tries before I can write about it. 

The pics in this post are all a bit dark... cuz it was a gloomy/rainy day.
By the way, if you guys remember from a haul post from wayyy back, you'll recall that I badmouthed this BB cushion and said this was exactly like the IOPE cushion.


Dear Laneige BB cushion, please accept my apologies XD

Eventually, I did decide to keep this cushion (:


Got my shade in Light. I am fairly sure Light= 23. Not 21.










Pretty much exactly identical to IOPE.

Oh look! Twins!


The difference between 21 and 23.


Here's a comparison swatch. IOPE N21 versus Laneige Light (#23)

Even though you can see #23 is just a hair darker for me, it's still a much better match for me at the moment (about NC25) because it's so brightening-- it still tends to make my face look lighter.

Bare face.
My skin was relatively clear at that time. Excuse the zit underneath my lip... that's why my lower lip looks so swollen. I never broke out there before O_o so weird. But I woke up that day with a HUGE zit. And later that night I saw it was close to bursting so I proceeded to squeeze it out. Man the thing had roots, it's like squeezing freaking toothpaste. Took me two tries to get everything out. Umm sorry if it's TMI XD but the satisfaction oh man XD

With BB cushion

It is pretty glowy finish.


I want to mention that I was using my Diorsnow UV Shield underneath that day, so the finish is extra extra glowy. So please keep that in mind. Just imagine this finish but taken down a notch XD It's really not super different, this BB cushion itself gives a really glowy finish on its own anyway.

And um yeah that time of the month= zit on my temple XD I didn't apply the cushion over it cuz my hair covers the thing anyway... not fussed about it.



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~guest product time~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Haha I thought I might as well guest star a review for this product since I was wearing it in this pic. The Revlon Moisture Stain in "Barcelona Nights"

Bare lips

Application. The color looks quite vibrant off the tube, but after it sets on the lips it's more muted. 

The color isn't as vibrant as it looks from the applicator/when it first applied, but I do like this color. It's an easy color to throw on that will add life to your complexion and it goes with pretty much anything.

The staining of this product is just okay though. Didn't find that particularly impressive.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~End of guest star~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

After putting on full face of makeup (no blush). I want to say that... I notice with super shiny/glowy finish foundations... you should really take care to powder down the sides of your face. Or contour it. Because of how brightening it is, it can make your face look bigger/ a little bit swollen. Just imagine if you put highlight all over your face... it's gonna make everything stand out... hence... bigger face XD

Anyone else agrees glowy makeup makes my face wide? Lol don't be shy it's okay X)



Not gonna lie I adore the finish. Looks so HD. Hehe.



10 hours later
I did spend the whole day running around... and it was the very gloomy but humid type of weather so I remember sweating quite a bit that day. Let's take a look at how the foundation held up!

Besides the obvious oiliness on my nose, it actually held up pretty well! The foundation around my mouth got rubbed as I ate and wiped my mouth.

By the way, I have worn this cushion to the gym... it fared pretty well too, I was really surprised LOL (I didn't touch my face that much though... but in general I've learned not to touch my face when I'm wearing makeup lol).


The staining of the Revlon moisture balm isn't too attractive, haha.

I was pretty oily, and I did start to feel the cushion foundation was starting to feel heavy.

I want to let you guys know that until the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion came along, I actually didn't realize how heavy the IOPE and Laneige cushions feel... not that my skin feels like it's being suffocated when I wear them, but I can now feel the difference. Regardless, I still adore it since it has a pretty different finish from the Innisfree one.

And in regards to my first experience with this cushion where I said it made me extra oily like the IOPE one... I really don't know what happened that time. I distinctly remembered it made me extra oily on my nose, and the oil beads just sit on top of my nose, exactly like the way the IOPE one did. But it never happened again O_O so I have no idea. But I do like it enough to keep it :D

That's all for my review! By the way I got mine from Target. I suggest you guys to go online and check the product availability first because from my understanding, it's not available at every store.

Alrighty folks! Hope some of you found this review helpful. Did you try the Laneige BB cushion? I think in general this BB cushion has received pretty good reviews. I definitely like this a lot more than the IOPE one! The price is much cuter too. Grrrr.

Whew... only one more cushion left to try/review :D Still haven't tried out my Hera one but I'm really looking forward to using that one ^_^

I'm off to get some dinner. Hope you guys enjoyed the frequent posting this week hehe. Don't get used to it, because now I ran out of pre-typed drafts so I'll prob go into MIA again XD I felt like I got carpal tunnel from all the excessive typing from blogging and work T_T

Have a lovely weekend and remember to keep warm <3> <3 Frances


  1. I really like how often you posted this week... and I would only buy the Innisfree cushion, for the price and quality.
    and I love the revlon stains, I have not bought any because they seemed very intense =)

    1. aww thanks Eugenia! you always leave the sweetest comments :') hahah yeah you definitely get the bang for your buck for the innisfree cushion, especially if you like semi matte finish X)
      intense as in the color pay off? or the staining?? I feel like both are just okay XD

  2. Hi Frances! I loved this review, your pics are so HD and detailed! Have you tried the Etude House one? I've tried it and found that it did surprisingly well to my oily skin! I also tried the holika holika one (MEGA MEGA FAIL) and it was like, greasebomb. Glad u enjoyed the laneige one! Just followed you on GFC! xoxo, Mango ❤
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    1. Hi Mango!
      Aw thanks :) glad you enjoyed it X) no I haven't! I tried the precious mineral BB cream before and it didn't work for me so I was kind of wary of trying more EH face products... and I also watched a few reviews and they all said it was just okay for oily skin @_@ so I decided to pass on it. Good for you that it worked really well for you though!! ^_^ Have you tried Innisfree? that one is pretty freaking awesome O_O+


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