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Monday, September 22, 2014

The Face Shop Screen Cell Cushion Foundation Review

Hey peeps! 

Gosh I took the photos for this post a month ago, and I'm only now getting around to write about it -_-

It turns out I had a super productive weekend! Not only I finished everything I needed for work, for school (taking a certification course), I finished 3 blog posts, worked out, and played XD If only every weekend can be this productive LOL.

So here's a cushion foundation that I bought on a whim XD Did not look into reviews whatsoever... bad idea guys, don't ever go ordering stuff online without doing your research XD
The Face Shop Cushion Screen Cell.

I got the shade in 02 Beige Natural. I believe only two shades are available. I feel like 02 is a pretty fair match for NC20... however because of how bright the finish is, it does come off looking pale.




May I just say... B-U-L-K-Y. Seriously, even bulkier than IOPE/Laneige. Really not a fan of the packaging.




The puff by far is the lowest quality I've tried. IOPE/Laneige puffs are awesome, which is to be expected anyway because they're both department store/high end products. For drugstore though, Innisfree puff quality is really damn good. The puff for The Face Shop really is nothing like the puff from IOPE/Laneige/Innisfree... it's not as bouncy, also it feels more like a thin fabric rather than puff/sponge. It's kind of hard to describe. It does the job fine but still... not impressed.



So the whole selling point of this cushion is the screen cell technology. Supposedly this layer of "screen cell" barrier refines the foundation and makes it ultra fine.



I will tell you guys now, the packaging for this product REALLY needs work. Not only it's bulky, but the closure just is NOT tight. I didn't use this product for a week because I was trying out other stuff, and when I went back to use it, I found that this product dried out quite a bit. Another major major flaw.


Bare face


Half face application.

I don't know if you guys can tell... but the finish doesn't look as smooth on my skin. This is because the product has already dried out somewhat by the time I took the pics for this review. When I got it initially though, it did apply beautifully. The coverage is pretty light, but enough to even out skin tone and cover blackheads. However I feel like if my blackheads get any worse, it probably wouldn't be able to cover the texture.

Super super glowy/shiny!Which actually was exactly the finish I was looking for when I bought this cushion foundation!

Lol another comparison pic. Hideous hideous blackheads.

Full face effect
If you're looking for a super glowy cushion foundation... you can definitely look into this one. However I can tell you guys now the Laneige BB cushion is just as glowy and much better quality. Price-wise Laneige really isn't that expensive, considering it comes with two cushions, whereas The Face Shop one only comes with one (got mine for $24 at ibuybeauti.com. I just saw they're doing their shipping charges differently now-- it's now location dependent.. I guess also weight dependent? Used to be a flat shipping rate is included in product price).  Haha you guys can totally tell I'm not recommending this product XD Just go for Laneige. Unless if you have dry or normal skin, then that's a different story... you can probably go for whatever you want.



SUPER glow.







4 hours later

It's kind of hard to see in the pic... but this thing actually sinks into my pores as I get oily. The weird thing is, it doesn't look excessively oily on me... the amount of glow is kind of the same as initial application-- I don't look gross or like an oily mess, and the foundation didn't exactly break down, but it just sinks into my pores... you can just see those white little dots where my pores are. 

Here's a better pic. See how the foundation sinks into the pores? Ick. I can tell you in person it looks 10x worse. By the way it happens every single time I wear it. I made sure I gave it enough chances before I do a proper review.

From a distance... not too bad. But from close-up it's mortifying.

Other things about this cushion...

Before this cushion foundation started to dry out on me, it blends like a dream... it's so thin and light. But I feel like the excellent blendability is common to all cushion foundations, so I can't really say that this one is particularly outstanding.

When I first apply it on my face, I felt like it's kind of just sitting there and I remember thinking to myself, "great, it's just gonna crease and slip off like the IOPE one". But after a few minutes it actually starts to set and sink into your skin. So make sure you give this product a few minutes to set! After it sets, it really does adhere to the skin quite nicely. It doesn't crease or slip or move around. (With IOPE, even after it sets, if I rest my hand on my cheek while I do my eye makeup, the foundation WILL move and crease. With The Face Shop, it did not happen) Obviously I wouldn't suggest taking a finger and swipe it across your face-- most foundations can move if you do that to your face when you get oily/as the time wears on -_-

I think the best thing I can say about this cushion foundation is that it DOES NOT make me extra oily... considering it's a shiny finish foundation, I thought that's worth pointing out. I'm not sure if it's because this Screen Cell cushion foundation lacks skincare benefits lol I think I probably get extra oily from IOPE due to added skincare treatment haha.

So my final verdict?
It just does not work for me. It's beautiful though (before it starts to dry out!!) and I would probably recommend it to people with dry/normal skin looking for a cushion foundation that has shiny finish. However due to the poor packaging design and the issue of this product drying out quickly, I honestly would just recommend you to look into the Laniege BB cushion. Review for that one in the works!

Since I can't wear this cushion for more than 2-3 hours... it's pretty much useless to me. I'll save this product for photographs XD

Since Suzy is the spokesperson for this product, I actually did a look inspired by her :D

By the way, took these pics from Suzybaesuzy on Instagram. Check it out if you love Suzy! I just like looking at pretty girls hahaha.
When I saw this pic I was like... So Suzy does wear quite a considerable amount of eye makeup! I always feel like her makeup looks so effortlessly nude... like she only wears lashes/lash extensions and just a little bit of eyeliner... turns out she has quite a bit of eye shadow on for that natural definition and depth :)

Another photo that inspired me... see how the lower eyeliner extends out horizontally? Kind of reminds me how you would draw an anime eye to be honest XD but it does give her eye look wider ^.^
By the way, do you guys know that Suzy is only 20 years old? O____________________O I was SHOCKED to find out she's so young! I always thought she was already in her early 20s when I watched Dream High years ago.... holy crap.

Anyway, I combined the two looks, and this is what I came up with XD
Yes I played with exposure again XD trick to natural looking makeup... just amp up the exposure (OY!) HAHAHA. Don't know if you guys can tell, lined my lower lash line from the inner corner and extended out horizontally ever so slightly. And used cream eye shadow to create definition. I think the eyeliner does give my eyes a nice wide-eyed effect. I kind of dig this look, hehe.

And since this is a review on The Face Shop products, I also want to throw in my reviews for the rest of the The Face Shop products that I bought a while ago

1. Green Tea Toner & Lotion Kit
Got this as a free kit. In short-- it broke me out. Not as in allergic breakouts... but I started to get these fat little cells (what do you call those things??) Luckily I only got 2 before I stopped using it. One went away on its own, the other still remains stubbornly on my cheek -_- I'm not too fussed about though so it's whatever. Anyway, not for me!

2. Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream


I usually just coat my lashes in it and go watch a YouTube video or something so the cleansing cream can have some time to work. Note: it doesn't sting my eyes like Ren cleansing balm does, but if it gets into your eyes it will still make you cry XD

In short, I don't mind it. It does take longer for it to remove makeup though... which kind of sucks on days I'm just really tired and just want to take off my makeup quickly. But I will have to force myself to slow down and give my face a good massage XD I will use it up but I don't think I will be repurchasing this after I'm done. I'm looking forward to going back to cleansing oils again.

3. Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
Can we take a moment to appreciate this how huge this tub is? O_o This is the largest cleansing foam I've ever seen O_O

So big.

It's even bigger than ma face... sorry for the lack of makeup/haggard face... didn't want to wear makeup that day so whatever ╮( ̄▽ ̄)╭

I don't know, there's nothing negative to say about it, but I only like it but not love it? There's just something about it that kind of holds me back but I can't quite put my finger on it. I think it's a nice face wash and I'm glad I tried it, but will not be repurchasing.

Top: cleansing foam. Bottom: Cleansing cream
When you work the cleansing cream into your face, the texture kind of changes from a cream to oil

So the cleansing cream does contain oil. That's why it takes off waterproof eyeliner/mascara as well, but it takes longer since you need to wait for it to "transform". It just feels like you're massaging a less heavy oil on your face lol.

In conclusion, The Face Shop products are just okay. They're not bad, but nothing really stood out to me. Probably won't be purchasing from there for a really long time.

Have you guys tried The Face Shop? What are your general thoughts on them and what's your favorite product?

Hope some of you found this post helpful!


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