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Monday, September 1, 2014

YSL Fusion Ink Foundation First Impression Review


Hello friends!

I hope you're all doing well. I just finished my MICU (medical intensive care unit) rotation and now I have some time to chill. That rotation was such a disaster O_o couldn't be happier that it's over. My next rotation is supposedly more chill (YESSSS) so you can expect to see me a bit more often here... I hope? xD

Today I just have a quick review for you all, which is the new YSL Fusion Ink foundation
***Image credit goes to Google***

This is just going to be a first impression review, I'm not planning to do a full review; you'll see why as we go along.

As usual, got a sample from Nordstrom
My shade is B20, which is a pretty good match for me.

Please note: I am B40 in Touche Eclat foundation (I never tried B30 so not sure if that's gonna be a better match. But B40 works just fine Actually I think you guys should go for B30-- Been noticing B40 leans on the red side. Updated 9/19/14).
I am B30 in the Youth Liberator Serum Foundation.

I'm not sure if the shades are different between the Touche Eclat and Youth Liberator, but just know what Fusion Ink has a different numbering system compared to the TE and YL foundations.

If you look closely at the sample, you'll see the consistency is not exactly liquid. I don't really know how to describe the consistency of it in words... but the texture is very velvety. In fact, when I rub this foundation into my skin, it feels exactly like the Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer. So imagine a more liquidy version of veil mineral primer... but they really do feel the same to me. It feels very slippery and velvety. I saw some ppl compare the texture to the Giorgio Armani Maestro foundation, and I cannot disagree more. GA Maestro does not feel very velvety at all... it feels more sandy and... just pure silicone. I don't know, I feel like both foundations are probably loaded with silicone but they feel different. Sorry it's so hard to describe!!! xD




Hm... not my favorite type of finish. But not unexpected from a heavily silicone-based makeup.

Bare face
Face was super red that day lol.

With foundation...
Umm... do you see what I see?

What the sh** just happened here?! It looks SO patchy and cakey. I didn't even know my skin has those "dry patches" until I put this foundation on... by the way I applied with fingers.

The other side. UGH

See how it accentuates the patchiness on the side of my nose? And at the top of my nose?

Mega patchiness

Here are some better pictures... the patchiness showed up better under some shadows, haha


Apart from looking terrible on my nose though, I do want to note that it looks awesome on my cheeks. It has a soft blurring effect.

Overall effect:
I suppose this is the effect you can get if you can get a smooth application from this foundation.

I do think the overall effect is quite pretty... very soft looking. Too bad it accentuates patchiness like crazy.

Let me just be clear: even though my skin was really red that day, I consider my skin in great condition-- my skin was pretty smooth, the skin tone has nothing to do with the texture of my skin. I know with that condition/state of my skin, I can reliably get a perfect application with all my other foundations.  I didn't even know those dry patches existed until I put on this foundation.

I had to resist my urge to just take off the foundation just so I can finish this review -_- lol

2 hours later

Oiliness seeping through. So typical of silicone foundations. Had the same problem with the GA Maestro foundation.

Yep, the oiliness just sits on top of my pores. The foundation does not meld in with oils. It's disgusting.


From a distance it doesn't look terrible, but y'all know what it looks like up-close, which is next to no good.

Are you disappointed after reading my impression review? :(  Join the club I was disappointed too... After Touche Eclat I was actually pretty excited for the release of this foundation. I think silicone-based foundations just do not work with combination/oily skin. On the other hand, I think it might be a beautiful foundation for ppl with normal skin-- it's hard to say though because it emphasizes patches that I didn't even know existed. Not planning to try out different application techniques since it just does not deal with oiliness.

I haven't heard much about this foundation yet... but that might simply be because I haven't been keeping track of the beauty industry lol. What do you think about this foundation?

Hope some of you found this review helpful and have a great week ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. Ah that's so disappointing it was patchy. Does it have to go with like a primer or powder made especially for it? I know that some products are formulated that way... Although the way you talked its texture makes me want to grab a sample just to touch it hahaha

    1. I have no idea O_O but I would think a foundation should hold its own you know... any primer should just be a bonus to the longevity of the wear or the finish in my opinion. Especially when this foundation is sooo expensive too. hahah it is pretty luxurious to the touch xD

  2. awww, im so sorry that this foundation is quite a disappointment =( I agree on you with whereas silicone based foundation just doesn't work for combo skin. I've tried hourglass primer and foundation which are silicone based and they just don't work on my skin! >_<"

    1. hahha hourglass veil mineral primer does NOTHING to my skin... not sure about their foundation though. Think I've tried it before but can't remember how I felt about it xD (must be unimpressive if I can't remember? LOL)


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