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Friday, August 22, 2014

Hyuna 빨개요 (RED) Inspired Makeup

Hello there!

So... I've been debating whether or not if I should post this entry, cuz the more I look at it, the less I like my work -_- And most ppl are probably more interested in reading reviews rather than looking at makeup looks XD Then I thought... oh well I already took the time to recreate it. I had fun while I was doing it anyway X)

I didn't even know about this song until Bubz posted her recreation of this look on her channel.When I first heard the song I was like it sounded so stupid -_- but as soon as I closed the window, the song was stuck in my head LOL. Trust Hyuna to always come up with super catchy songs. I had the same experience with "Bubble Pop" hahaha. Like "wtf?" at first, then "mmmmhmmm actually, I really like it ❤_❤" *puts on repeat and shamelessly blast it around the house* LOL. I wonder if this music video is censored at all in Korea... it's kind of border-lining... you know.

Here are some screen shots of Hyuna's makeup. She also wore nude lips with the same eye look in some scenes, which is really pretty as well.
To be honest, when I first saw this look I was immediately reminded of Rania's Dr. Feel Good makeup look. Like a watered-down version of the eyes. Anyone else agree? hehe.





It really doesn't look like her makeup was too heavy but I bet it's because the lighting is super super bright... her makeup is probably mega washed out.


I don't know if it's only the lighting, but her makeup does look a bit more heavy here. Like bottom heavy. Maybe it's just the lighting *shrugs*

Here's the makeup I used!
Base makeup: Laneige BB Cushion. I feel bad cuz I kind of bad-mouthed it the last time I talked about it, saying that it's exactly like IOPE and I was disappointed O_O I gave it a few more tries and ended up having different experiences O_O I'm still trying to make up my mind about it lol.

Used an individual yellow gold eye shadow... Half baked from the NAKED palette is too copper toned.

Then I used "Suspect" and smother that all other the gold eye shadow to tone down the gold cuz as you can see, Hyuna's eye shadow isn't excessively gold.

Then I used a mix of this random grey eye shadow, Copperplate by MAC, and Milani Liquid Eye to add the darkness to the makeup. By the way I would never use the Milani Liquid Eye pencil eyeliner if I was wearing this look out. I only used it cuz it's easy to smudge and I wasn't planning for the makeup to stay.

For lipstick, I have Lancome L'absolu Rouge in "Spice Pink", which I've got for quite a while now.

Don't know why the music video is called "Red"??? Her lip color looks more like a fuchsia red to me. Anyway I thought this lipstick was perfect :) if I want to make it a little more red than this then I just simply layer my Tanya Burr lipgloss "Heart skipped a Beat" over it.  

Girlfriend has not used falsies in YEARS. And oh man did I struggle XD These are from D.U.P. I believe I've featured them years ago.


Now I look at my work I feel like I did a really bad job recreating it XD oh well
This was when I only used the gold eye shadow... before I washed it down with the silvery taupe.


The eye makeup
HAHAHAHAHA Told you I struggled! I did really try to get the lashes as close to the lash line as possible... did NOT happen LOL. oh wells.

And excuse my pathetic lower lashes. Actually I was quite proud that I was able to get a few to even stick out at all XD

Eh the more I look at it, it really looks kind of messy. Meh -_-


Gotta post a lie-down pic just like what Hyuna did in the MV! Har har.

I have to admit... when I took these pics... it did cross my mind "aren't you a bit too old to be posing like this??!"

AHAHAHAHA gotta do it now or it's never XD  



So I was playing with my other camera, cuz my current blogging camera is actually a little malfunctioning -_- but I'm gonna put off buying a new camera for as long as I can. I was trying to see if I can transition into using this camera for blog photos. Turns out the exposure was too high but I kind of like the effect XD

Yep, it was so bright that you almost can't see ma nose. LOL. Mmmm didn't bother to contour cuz I don't know how to do it without it looking super unnatural on me.


Anyone remember the Rania Dr. Feel Good makeup look, which I tried recreating before here years and years ago??
What's up with all the lie-down poses XD I swear it's a coincidence! But the makeup is quite similar right? See what I mean about Hyuna's look being the watered-down version? lol. Aka minus all the black/sharp eyeliner, but use deep eye shadows instead for a more diffused yet defined look.

Alrighty! Sorry you guys had to put up with my selfies. Actually, on second thought, I'm not sorry XD Hahaha why should I lololllll. Okay I'm getting delirious. Need to sleep.

Hope you guys have a wonderful wonderful weekend! I'm so excited to just chill and relax X_x

Thinking about reviewing The Face Shop cushion next... or swatches for Rimmel lip lacquer. Anyone has a preference? Or other suggestions?

Good night everyone and thanks for reading ♡

<3 Frances

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