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Monday, August 11, 2014

BASE MAKEUP OVERLOAD-- Holika Holika, Innisfree, Hera

I've been drinking hauling, I've been drinking  hauling
*insert Beyonce's song*

Lol hi guys!

Super quick and short post here O_O I have a bunch of stuff to read but I can't help it, have to come up here cuz I'm too excited >.<

Basically last month during my off block, my self control went out of the window, and I bought a bunch of base makeup =_=... as if I don't have enough already. I now have enough base makeup for every day of the week... LOL (actually... more than that X_x). Been trying to rotate all products ahahha. Okay gonna shut up now and just get on with my haul!

First, got the Holika Holkia Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream O_O!!
I bought it from Amazon.com here.  I got shade #2.

I've been eying this BB cream FOREVER ever since I saw Jen talk about it here:

But as I tried to research reviews on this BB cream, there were so many mixed reviews :( it was either hit or miss, so I kind of just put it in the back of my mind for a while. But then I finished my SKIN79 BB cream and really wanted a new one :P I started looking at this BB cream again lol. Not gonna lie the "cooling effect" of this BB cream really attracted me-- I wanted a BB cream I can use in the summer! What really prompted me to buy this BB cream, however, was after reading Filia's review. Check her out guys if you haven't already! I LOVE her blog. Every time she announces that a new blog post is up I get super excited and rush over to her blog XD Her blog features a TON of Korean cosmetics. But what I love the most about her blog is her super honest opinion. I'm so sick of blogs/youtubers that rave just about everything and anything. Plus she has oily skin :P So I figured I can trust her opinion! (I have combination-- same difference really lol).

I've had this BB cream for about a week now. Long story short, for $14-- I'm pretty damn impressed with this BB cream. Of course I'll try to do a review... just don't know when ToT

And I also got a little haul from iBuyBeauti.com!

They gave me so many samples O_o seriously, I think it just keeps getting more and more every time I order from them. What I actually purchased were the Hera and Innisfree cushion foundations. Really excited to try that Banila.Co makeup remover!

I've been really pleased with iBuyBeauti's customer service... I actually thought about purchasing from Koreadepart... but a lot of their stuff is always out of stock/never restocked =_= And even though I know the shipping is really included when iBuyBeauti says it's free shipping (but if you really look at the prices... the prices are like only $2 more than retail price most of the time... for someone who has done blog sales... that's like nothing for international shipping... usually international shipping is at least $6!) when I really add everything together, shopping at ibuybeauti really isn't more expensive than Koreadepart.

Anyway, I really really wanted to try the Hera cushion foundation cuz I heard good things about it being good for oilier skin. At that time it was out of stock, so I left them a message asking them if they could send me an e-mail when they restock. Honestly I kind of wasn't expecting them to actually e-mail me, but to my surprise, about a week or two later, I got an e-mail notification saying it's been restocked O_o  Hahaha I will admit when I left them the message I was still debating if I should get it (too many base makeup... what can I say). But since they had the courtesy to send me the notification, I figured I would return the courtesy by placing my order XD and why not throw in the Innisfree cushion foundation too LMAO.  Oh gosh.

And just want to say thank you to iBuyBeauti for throwing in this extra cushion puff for me T_____T lol. That was super thoughtful and sweet of them (those little gestures that showed they care >_<). Because those puffs are actually pretty hard to clean (I have long given up getting all the foundation out of the puffs lol) and I've been thinking about buying some... from god knows where lol. Anyway, thank you iBuyBeauti for taking such good care of your customers : ')  This is starting to sound like a sponsored post -_- but I promise you guys it's not. Heck my blog is not popular enough for ppl to want to sponsor me okay? XD

Dang this post is turning out to be longer than I expected. I need to get going with my studies now.

Before I leave, just a thought here... I'm thinking about starting an Instagram account that's just for this blog? I did one years ago but it turned into more of a personal account XD  I kind of like the idea of being able to share thoughts on products really quickly on Instagram (because it takes me forever to blog these days... >.<). I don't know. It'd be such a hassle to switch between accounts though -_-a  but I think it'd be fun to do. What do you guys think? Yes? No? Don't care? Haha.

Until next time, hope you guys are enjoying the last of summer days. Time is really flying by O_o


  1. Please can you put swatches of the Holika Holika bb cream, I also want to buy it, but I'm confused with the swatches that are online plus yours is the new version.
    and if you have time create an IG for the blog, I'm there a lot lately and is very easy to hang a picture of something you like from that platform. =)

    1. I'm on it =D

      hehe I might get my instagram set up this weekend ^_^


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