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Saturday, August 16, 2014

Instagram Account ^_^

Hello everyone!

Just a quick announcement... got my Instagram account set up XD  I'm quite excited about it :D It will be fun to just upload random beauty tibits here and there without having to commit myself to writing a novel XD Lol let the hash tag game begin... hahaha. Still need to figure out how to embed my instagram on my blog but I'll figure that out another day #toolazy #practicinghashtag #obviouslypracticingonthewrongspace 

LOL I didn't know what to name my account, so for now it's called BeautyBudgie. Sounds kind of stupid XD But I've always loved budgies and have had several when I was younger ^_^

I changed it to "bbudgie"-- too lazy to type beauty xD 

Here's one of my baby budgies from 2006 =')

Anyway, I don't have much on my account yet, but hopefully I will be updating fairly regularly there. Please feel free to check it out if you're interested (:  Until the next post, have a great weekend everyone! I must go do laundry now T^T

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