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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion Review

See my final/updated thoughts here. 
Hi guys!

I hope everyone is doing well! Can you believe it's already September?! Where did summer go O_o The other day I was organizing my closet and realized... I haven't worn any of my cute summer dresses for the entire summer T__T damn work and professional attire lol. Ladies if you're a student, please take advantage of it and dress up/look cute every day XD when I was a student (well I still am but I'm no longer in classroom setting) I mostly show up to classes in hoodies, tank tops and sweat pants lol. Ahh... what a wistful feeling. Shopping these days really isn't as fun as it used to be cuz I have to constantly remind myself to save on cute clothes and invest on work clothes... boo hoo :(

Anyway, sorry about rambling! I'm really excited to bring this review today ^_^  Wanted to try this cushion for the longest time and finally decided to give it a go. The reason why I waited for so long to try out the newer cushions I bought in my last haul is because I noticed my other cushions (IOPE, The Face Shop) are drying out and I wanted to try to use them up before I open up a new one. But in the end I decided since I don't really use them anyway so I just went ahead and opened this (the Laneige one surprisingly retains its moisture pretty well... unlike IOPE and The Face Shop). Been wearing this/testing it out every single day for the last week so here goes ^_^

Innisfree Long Wear Cushion, SPF0+ PA+++. I got mine from ibuybeauti.com. I wish they would sell refills =(  I know TwoFace Mall sells refills but I've never shopped there before. Anyone has shopping experiences there?

I heard Innisfree shades run lighter than other brands, like Innisfree 21 is lighter than Laniege 21, so I got mine in 23. So glad I did cuz I'm sure 21 would've been too too light on me. I believe this cushion comes in 3 shades: 13 Light Beige, 21 Natural Beige, and 23 True Beige. Also kind of wish it would come in one shade darker as well because 23 also runs a little bit light on me-- it's a bit too light for NC25 girls. Good match for NC20 I feel like.




Soy ink?? I wonder what that is lol.



Looks so organic, hehe.


I like the packaging! It's slimmer compared to Laneige and IOPE (well Laneige and IOPE pretty much have identical packaging)


It does have a strong herbal-y scent, but I don't find it off-putting or overpowering. But I personally think I have super high threshold for herbal/organic scents xD In fact, I do enjoy these type of herbal scents, lol. The smell dissipates really quickly anyway... and frankly I don't even notice the scent anymore after the first day.

I should mention I'm impressed with the quality of the puff... it's essentially the same as the IOPE/Laneige one.

Bare face
Me and my wonderful strawberry nose


With Innisfree cushion:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I love the finish!!!

I heard things about ppl complaining this cushion being too dry... the finish being too powdery... and that it can easily cake up because it's so matte... but I don't find any of that true at all! Just look at how natural it looks! I think it's more of a semi-matte... it definitely gives a super nice glow. Not the "wet" type of glow-- maybe that's why ppl say it's matte. Personally I think the finish is gorgeous and perfect. The coverage is pretty good too-- I consider it medium coverage.

*See my updated thoughts here





Haha you can tell I was excited xD I was preparing myself for something that might look excessively dry/powdery, but was very pleasantly surprised >w<






========= 3hours later=========
I have to say I was pretty impressed! I can definitely say this cushion has oil control, because usually I can see more shine than this with this length of wear. Usually I start noticing shine within an hour or two... so this is pretty impressive.


It definitely keeps oiliness at bay.

============= Total of 6 hours later==============

Lol now I have my usual amount of shine/oiliness. But you can see the cushion held up pretty well-- no fading, no patchiness.


============== Another day, I put the cushion on at 8am and took these pics around 4pm=========
Not bad eh? It doesn't look that smooth on my nose but that's because my blackheads were getting out of control... can't blame the cushion.




My overall thoughts?

You probably can already tell-- I was super impressed with this cushion! I think it's almost as good as a regular liquid foundation! From my experiences with various cushion foundations so far, I notice they all look phenomenal at first, and tragic by the end of the day. I think longevity of wear is definitely the biggest downfall I've encountered with most cushion foundations-- especially with my combination skin (normal/oily). This Innisfree Long Wear Cushion is one exception. It's my favorite by far ^_^ Not only the finish is just gorgeous, but it is also long-wearing. I still have to try my Hera one but I think I'm gonna try to use this up first because I don't want it to dry out >.< really been enjoying this cushion ^_^ I recommend!
This is my first Innisfree product and I'm super impressed... definitely looking to try more from this brand =D
I do have my reviews for the Laneige BB cushion and The Face Shop lined up... Hopefully they'll all be up slowly over this month lol. But you all kind of already have a general idea of how I feel about them haha.

Have you tried the Innisfree Long Wear Cushion? What do you think about it? What's your favorite cushion foundation? I feel like a moron for spending so much on the IOPE cushion when the Innisfree one is so much cheaper and 100x better!

Alrighty guys, I'm off to work on my other posts. Been accumulating too many drafts >.<

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday :)

<3 Frances


  1. I love the finish on the base!! =). I have wanted to try more Innisfree facial makeup for a while now, I've only tried a sample of BB cream and the color 21 was too pink. The first thing I'm going to order full size is this cushion...

    1. it's soooo prettyyyyy <3 <3 which Innisfree BB cream did you try?? this was my first Innisfree product as well, hehehe. got so lucky xD I like this more than the Holika Holika Aqua Petit jelly BB cream btw ^_^

  2. Wow, thank you for the in-depth review! o__o I likey. I can definitely tell that it's long wearing, and wow - I have the IOPE, and I really liked that. I can only imagine how much I'll like this one! Definitely picking one up next time I go on a psycho haul. :) Glad to find your blog, Frances! I'm June~

    Junniku blog [Click!]

    1. Hi June ^_^ thanks for appreciating it :D haha the IOPE one is gorgeous... love the finish. But that cushion just makes me so oily... sob sob. If you have combo/oily skin definitely give Innisfree a try!! =DDD

  3. I tried a sample at this in an Innisfree store but it's a shame the shades were way too light on me :( I really wanted to get it as well but I think I'll look like a ghost! Instead I got the Laneige BB pore cushion since they have darker shades that suit me more but this looks so lovely on you!

    1. Nooo don't get it if the shades don't match >.< I've done that before and just ended up wasting money bcuz I just can't use it. It's a shame they don't cater toward darker girls... I'm not even that dark and 23 is a bit light on me as well :/ how did the Laneige pore control work out for you?! I really want to try that one as well X)

  4. hi! i'm using iope bb cushion N21, what shade do you think i should get for innisfree? yours look so natural on your skin!

    1. Get 23! I have the IOPE one in 21 as well. The Innisfree shades run lighter! (Innisfree leans a bit more neutral/yellow and IOPE leans just a little bit pinker but otherwise they're the same shade)

  5. Would you recommend the Innisfree or Laneige one for oily skin?

    1. unless you were referring to the Laneige Pore Control one, that one I haven't tried so I can't say. The regular Laneige BB cushion isn't the best for oily skin in my opinion

  6. Same here, every time I'm willing to buy a cushion product I always afraid that it's gonna look too light for my skin. But this color look not that light. Excited to try out ^^ I featured this product on my latest post about korean makeup tutorial for summer. Hope you like to stop by :D


    1. Hi Chalimi! Thanks for visiting :) will definitely check it out!

  7. Is it drying? I have combination skin tzone oily and u zone dry but cheeks are super super dry.. I'm afraid water glow would be too moisture and long wear cushion too dry..😞

    1. I don't have dry skin so I can only speak for myself but I didn't find it drying on my normal cheeks. However I did find if you have dry patches of any kind it WILL emphasize it. Hope that helps O_o


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