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Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 2015 Empties/Mini Reviews

Hello hello!

Long time no blog again.... O_o|||  Hope all is well with you all!

So a lot has changed in the last month, with graduation and moving and all that. But maybe I will give that a write another time, cuz I sense this is gonna be a long post lol. Anyway! I'm obviously settled enough to be able to sit down and write a blog post ;)  By the way... I don't have my blogging camera with me... and it's kind of broken anyway -_-  so I'm not sure what to do if I want to do any kind of swatches/reviews, cuz the camera I'm using now automatically corrects tones and makes colors more vivid @_@  and I'm not really in the place to invest in a new camera. So we'll see. I love doing quick reviews on Instagram but I don't think foundation reviews are ever complete without application photos >_<

Now let's talk about the products I finished over the last few months!

1. Aveda Stress-Fix Body Lotion
I had it for a long time, but I rarely used it because I was always trying to save it for when I'm feeling extra stressed or tired LOL. I really like the lavender scent of this body lotion... it's not the fake, icky type of lavender scent that is so common among many lavender scented products. I found the scent to really be relaxing and soothing :) anyway I decided I needed to stop just hoarding my nice/expensive products and saving them for special occasions and just use them while they're still fresh LOL. Will I repurchase? Yes! But only when I'm feeling spendy... this I consider a luxury/pampering product lol. In terms of how well it moisturizes... it's decent. It gets more points in the scent department; the "moisturization" is just so-so.

2. Ryo Hair Mask
Err... forgot the name of this product. Sowee! XD  I think it contains ginseng and is supposed to smell like ginseng... but for some reason, it totally reminds me of this Chinese dessert... the red bean soup thingy

↑ This. LOL!! I swear every time I used it I wanted a bowl of red bean soup hahaha. It was a hair mask but I just used it as a conditioner. It was alright. Nothing special. I didn't purchase this it was a free gift.

3. The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam
To be fair, I think it's an okay cleanser but somehow I just got so sick of the scent @_@ For some reason the scent really started to bother me. So about half way through I just started using it as a body wash so I can use it up quickly LOL. Waste not! Won't repurchase. By the way, I threw out the Rice Water Bright Cleansing Cream (please refer here) cuz it was SUCH A PAIN IN THE ASS to use. Takes wayy too long to work makeup off my face (namely... my super waterproof mascaras) I officially write off cleansing balms/creams... just gonna stick with cleansing oils from now on. Oh and I also tossed out the Screen Cell Cushion.

4. Wen Lavender Re Moist Intensive Hair Treatment
It was good. Can't think of anything else to add cuz I feel like I already talked about Wen too much in the past LOL. Won't repurchase.

5. DHC supplement for slimming
Bought this when I was in Japan. I can't really read Japanese but I understand this is for slimming (how though I'm not sure). I got it because I was curious as to if it actually works or not. Ummm I noticed no difference XD Didn't notice any appetite changes or anything. Nor did I notice any diarrheal effects. Hahahaha.

6. Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion
This is my replacement for my favorite summer moisturizer-- Shiseido Pure Matifying Moisturizer. It's really light and great for summer! Also an awesome medium for mixing heavier creams/lotions. Will repurchase. Although since my recent move I'm now at a much drier climate... not sure if this will be enough. Currently still using Cetaphil and it works great.

7. Innisfree the Green Tea Seed Serum
I mentioned before this thing broke me out all over my face. Was gonna give it away to friends but none of them were interested lol was gonna try to sell it but it isn't the most practical cuz the shipping fees alone are ridiculous. So I used it on my body LOL. Interestingly when I used it on my body, because it's a gel formulation, I feel like after the initial moisturized feeling, my skin would actually feel dried out O_O didn't notice that when I used it on my face, but then again I didn't use it on my face for that many times and I use a lot more follow-up products on my face. For those who don't know... it's extremely fragranced... I wouldn't describe it as a herbally scent (which is usually typical of Innisfree products)... smells like a cleanser to me. 

8. Aveda Rosemary Mint Hand and Body Wash
My favorite body wash O_O! This was a sample gift. If you don't like mint you obviously want to stay away from this XD But it has a nice cooling effect and I just love the smell. Also it doesn't leave that residue-feeling some body washes do. Will I purchase? Ehhh too expensive. Hahaha. I'll stick with drugstore body washes and soaps.

9. Michael Todd Jojoba Charcoal Facial Scrub
To be fair I remember liking it and it is a nice and effective facial scrub. But I just prefer my St. Ives scrubs with salicylic acid treatment. So I ended up using this to scrub my underarms LOL. Ehhh TMI?  It gets kind of messy though... I have to make sure to rinse my bathroom walls/tub cuz the black stuff gets everywhere.

10. Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum
Already talked about this before. Holy grail status. Smooths away flaky skin and helps skin repair faster. Already repurchased. I don't use it every day-- only use it when I need it in case my skin gets too used to it. 

11. Evian Mineral Water Spray
Also an old product. I prefer canisters over spritz bottles cuz I found they dispense the mist more evenly. I haven't really been using mists that much as of late... may or may not repurchase.

12. Dr. Hauschka Eye Contouring Day Balm
Why this is called a day balm still mystifies me to this date. How on earth do you use this during day time??? It really is a balm... I don't know how anyone can apply makeup over this thing without it creasing/slipping off. I used it at night. It didn't do anything for me. Glad to get rid of it. Will not repurchase.

13. A'PIEU Essential Source Snail Vital Cream
Was super excited to try this but it broke me out as well... think I've mentioned that before?? Anyway so I also used it as a body moisturizer. It's a very thick clear gel formulation... kind of reminds me of sleeping masks but even thicker. Didn't smell like anything. Actually, as a body moisturizer, it wasn't bad :P  Will not repurchase obviously.

14. Innisfree Long Wear Cushion
Had a full review, as well as follow-up here. I technically haven't used it all the way up yet... but pretty close. The reason I have to toss it out is because it started to smell funny. I tried applying it on my face cuz I felt like it was such a waste XD It still performed great but it did break me out hahahahaha so it was time to go. I still love the formula and think it's an awesome cushion and I love the way it makes my skin look... but I think cushions just aren't that hygienic. However I wouldn't say I won't repurchase this though... I might :P

15. YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation
You guys are probably sick of me talking about this foundation, but it was my holy grail winter liquid foundation. It is SO GOOD. I think I've had it for a couple of years?? (Hahaha yeah not advisable... should try to finish it within 6months-1 year after opening) and I loved it for the two years that I was using it. However, I haven't missed it as much as I thought I would be O_O maybe because I could only use it for winter only anyway, but I've been using the Innisfree Smart Foundation in Super Moisture and I'm pretty darn happy with that one as well. The formulations for the two are not comparable because they're pretty different, but in terms of the finish, I think it's kind of comparable-- they both give that super nice and glowy dewy finish. Innisfree perhaps more "moist" looking than YSL. 

Sample fest!! Haha

16. Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum-- Ehh didn't do anything for me
17. Sisley Ecological Compound Emulsion-- I remember really enjoying it but I can't remember why hahahaha XD I think I liked it but not enough to splurge
18. Lunasol Moist Conditioner-- It's nice! I liked it! Very moisturizing toner. Thought about purchasing it but I already have some awesome toners that do much more than moisturizing XD
19. Obagi Vitamin C Serum (10%)-- Got the sample when I was in Japan. It's nice... and it smelled so good O_O But I've used better products for brightening lol. 

20. Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque
Really good moisturizing mask if you guys are looking for something like that :) it's my staple when I'm flying long haul flights. I also apply it to the rest of my face when I apply clay masks to my nose lol. Don't think I will ever purchase the full-size product cuz this little sample/travel size lasted me quite a long time.  I would've repurchased it except I wasn't able to find the travel size the last time I looked on Amazon. 

21. Innisfree Skinny Microcara (brown)-- This is the none waterproof version. Will not repurchase. I prefer the waterproof version... it's easier to remove with my cleansing oils O_O Also I don't like the color of this brown mascara... it's too light... also on the red brown side. I found it just blends my lashes into my eyeliner. Not a good brown color. I think a deeper brown would've worked so much better. Anyway I have a bunch of Majolica Majorca mascaras now so I won't be repurchasing any of the Innisfree microcaras lol. To be fair, I do like the regular black waterproof skinny microcaras. Although they tend to be on the dry and clumpy side midway through the tube.

22. Integrate mascara primer-- it's decent. It definitely grew on me as I was using it, but at the same time I don't really miss it when it's gone. I prefer Majolica Majorca mascara primer. But it does the job-- holds curls and volumizes.  

23. Caudalie Premier Cru La Creme Riche sample
I enjoyed it! It's on the thicker and heavier side so I usually mix it with Cetaphil or SkinMD. It was a free sample and while I enjoyed it, I don't like it enough to splurge on the actual product. The smell reminds me of calamine lol.

24. DHC L-carnitine supplement

So I bought it because I thought it's supposed to help with more efficient metabolism... I misunderstood the picture and Kanji XD  I think it's actually intended for aging/dieting ppl to replace L-carnitine (amino acid). Haha. Uhhhh. I don't need this at all LOLLLL. I didn't have Internet with me when I bought these -_-

25. Clarins One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser sample
I like! It's a really good exfoliator! My face feels super clean and nice and soft after using it. But I still prefer St. Ives hahaha XD What can I say... St. Ives is cheap and cheerful. I don't feel the need to splurge on the full size item =P

26. Aveda Shampure Shampoo
Aveda shampoos are LOVE. Enough said XD If you're new to Aveda and not sure what to try, this is a good one! It's basic and... the cheapest one XD I think this one is awesome for daily use. Have repurchased.

27. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream sample

Already talked about it on my Instagram XD So here it is
New skincare that I was testing out. It was LOVE 👍 tbh, I was never interested in first aid beauty... Simply bcuz their packaging never attracted me 😓😂 this being the "ultra repair cream" and "intense therapy" led me to think that this moisturizer should be super thick and heavy duty. To my surprise, it was so light 😳 but so effective. This is one of these moisturizers that don't do anything special, but I just love the way it applies and how my skin feels after. This sample lasted me a good 2.5 weeks 😳 (I mostly only used it at night though). Sad it was finished. This gets a big 👍 from me and is definitely something I would purchase in the future 👌PS. It contains colloidal oatmeal... No wonder it's so good 😝 I'm so oatmeal-biased hehe 😁#firstaidbeauty #sephora #beautyblogger #bblogger #review #instareview #skincare #moisturizer
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That's  all I have! Hope you guys enjoyed this "quick" one. Have you guys tried any exciting products as of late? I feel like there have been a lot new launches but nothing has piqued my interest.  Did I just jinx myself by saying that? LOL. Anyhow, I really ought to control my spendings anyway >_< I spent enough on the last Sephora haul as it is.

Hope you guys are enjoying the summer weather! WEAR SPF!!!!!! Lol.

<3 Frances


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