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Friday, June 28, 2013

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation Review (updated)

Hi guys!

Two years ago I wrote a review on the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (see it here). And I'm really glad to come back and do an updated review =D Because this time I have much better swatches muahahah!!! XD (last time it was using yellow lighting =_=).


It kind of annoys me that Chanel still uses parabens in their products... like really??? Chanel???


So originally, I purchased the shade Beige 20 because I thought I'd still be the same shade -_-a

Beige 20 and Beige 10 aren't too drastically different, but B20 definitely leans more MAC NC25-30, especially after it oxidizes (these pictures aren't showing when the foundation is fully oxidized). And as you might notice (hard to tell in this pic), it leans more orange than yellow or neutral.






So much darker after it oxidizes -_-"

Here comes naked face!
Gawd I hate this angle of myself XD why do I look SO yellow and sallow in this pic =_= looks like I have jaundice or something (minus yellow eye whites of course ahaha).


Half face application


Full face application:
Applied with fingers. Best application in my opinion is really working it in to your skin. I've tried really buffing the foundation with my trustworthy Sigma flat top kabuki brush, but I noticed the foundation tend to crease more easily when I use a brush.


So this is the initial finish.

This was taken after about 30min-1 hour (no powder)
Can you guys tell the foundation has gotten so much darker?

As a matter of fact, a little darker than my natural complexion. But I am anticipating to get a bit darker over the summer so I guess it's okay. The foundation looks even more skin-like now (which you prob can't tell apart from the previous pics).

So what are my updated thoughts on this foundation?

First of all, I have to regrettably inform you guys that I made a HUGE mistake by purchasing this foundation as my summer foundation. Yes it feels light and that's great, but I neglected the fact that this foundation is water-based... it slips and slide so easily (powder is a MUST). Most of the time if I use the tiniest amount, it fares quite well. But if you try to build up on coverage with this foundation, it most likely will not look good at the end of the day (especially if you're combination or oily skin. I'd say oily skin don't even try!) I think the best way I could put it is that this foundation does NOT wear gracefully under hot climate/with combination skin. Also if you try to build it up, it tends to crease with my expression lines (even with powder), so make sure you use very little! The last time I tried this foundation it was early spring in Colorado (which usually is still snowing at that time of the year) so I had no chance of experiencing this problem =/

Other than that, my general thoughts pretty much haven't changed since the last time I used it. It's a great foundation that's worth checking out-- super super natural. At that time I remember I didn't want to purchase it because I was determined to find a perfect foundation that lasts all day (as in won't get shiny or anything =_=) of course later I realized that was completely unrealistic. Haha. But sadly I pretty much haven't really touched this foundation because it just isn't the best for the summer (now I have two winter liquid foundations.... -_-||) The other major downfall of this foundation is how it oxidizes and the color (leans orange-- I prefer foundations that lean yellow because my face is naturally quite pink/red, whereas my body is yellow). I'm also kind of weary about the shade since now I'll probably use this in the winter and it might be too dark for me. By the way, this foundation will not be ideal for flaky skin because you have to work it in and it will accentuate any dry patches like crazy.

On a random note, since both Chanel Vitalumiere aqua and YSL Touche Eclat both have such gorgeous and natural finishes, I might do a comparison post in the future ^_^ (they are completely different in texture).

That's all I have =) Hope you guys found this updated review helpful!


  1. This is still on my to-try list then. Love the natural finish!!
    I need to be more diligent at finishing my current face products first lol

    1. LOL me too. this battle never ends LMAO

  2. I wanted to try this foundation too but i already own one Chanel one that's really great already. This one seems to be really nice as well!! ah!

    1. hahaha this is the only Chanel foundation that is more afforable XD

  3. I love the review, the price is the only reason i've not tried this foundation...
    one day...

    1. yes one day! =D you should ask the makeup artist to at least try it on you before you purchase it though =)

  4. i always heard so good about this foundation, but since im too cheap to get high end makeup i might never find out if it works for me =w=
    appreciated your review tho, good to know it doesn't go with my super dry skin XD
    and im envious that you can look so fresh and cute without makeup haha

    1. thanks for appreciating it! and nah.... I think the close up pictures actually make me looks better... if I take a picture from a distance all you see is no eyes and mega dark circles. LOL

  5. Thank you for this review. I have the same issue with color match - pink face with very yellow neck and chest. I'm about NC20-25 but very yellow. It's so hard to match both face and neck. I look forward to you comparison review of ysl and chanel. :)

    1. thanks for visiting and commenting! =) I will make sure to write that post hehe =D

  6. Dear我重灌弄丟你的subscription一陣子最近終於又找回來啦!!!
    I'll keep following <3

    1. 親愛的!!! 真是太讓我驚喜了>////< 嘿嘿you didn't miss out much la~ 今年網誌寫得很懶... XD

  7. I'd love to see a comparison post between the Chanel and YSL foundations too! I just bought the same YSL Touche Eclat foundation in B40 like you have and would be really interested to see the difference between them. I've been using Chanel Vitalumiere fluid in shade 20 Clair for about a year and I find the lasting power is not very good unless you powder or set it properly. It also settles into expression lines quite a bit!

    Look foward to more posts!

    1. Hi A.!
      Ahhh I completely forgot to do that one! It's on my to-do list now! My schedule has been kind of busy but hopefully I will get it out within the next week or so. Thanks for commenting ^_^


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