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Monday, June 3, 2013

May 2013 Empties and Mini Reviews

1. Shu Uemura Skin Purifier cleansing oil
I stocked up on this before Shu was pulled out of the US. This was my last bottle =/ I really enjoyed it but I think I will just go back to cheaper alternatives like MAC =P

2. Essential Nuance Airy conditioner
At first I was in love because it was SO conditioning. But after a few weeks I discovered that this was pretty much the worst residue-causing conditioner ever. In the end I only used this on the ends of my hair so it kind of worked out (plus I discovered an anti-residue shampoo which also helped). I'm glad I tried it and I know I won't be repurchasing.

3. Hada Labo toner and moisturizer
I think a lot of people will probably want to strangle me for saying this: I think these are overrated products. All I ever feel from these products is how sticky they are. I feel like these products don't absorb well so they kind of just sit on top of my skin. In theory hyaluronic acid is supposed to be extremely moisturizing, but I don't find these particular products all that moisturizing at all (I suspect the molecules are too big... who knows). The only reason why I even finished these is because I was using them on my body not my face -_-at best I'd say these are nice but not worth the hype.

4. Aveda Foot Relief
I really enjoyed it while it lasted. But I don't think I want to spend so much money on body lotions anymore =P By the way it smells like mint... hmm I'm not sure why I thought this is an important detail to disclose XD

5. Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Cleanser
This is one of the few skincare items that is on my holy grail list. My face has been reacting to some unknown cause (maybe changing of the weather??) so I've been using this a lot to calm my skin down. Already using another one and have another backup XD

6. OleHenriksen Sheer Transformation and Truth Serum (Collagen booster with vitamin C complex)
The sheer transformation is alright, it's a creamy texture but surprisingly not too rich. It's nothing too outstanding but a nice one (although I did hate how it was in a jar; I wish it came in a bottle with a pump).

The truth serum is a little bit sticky. Sometimes I just used it alone without additional moisturizer because I found it alone is enough. Although it does brighten up my face, I really question if it actually contains vitamin C complex in there, because if it really were vitamin C, then the bottle should be brown to keep out light and prevent the vitamin C from oxidizing. Even though I didn't trust what was in the bottle, it didn't break me out, so I just used it up anyway XD

7. Za Foaming Cleanser
Sorry for the dirty bottle XD
I really enjoyed this cleanser! It smells amazing and gives really dense and amazing lather. It made my face squeaky clean without drying it out too much =P the only thing I didn't like about this cleanser is that it contains these large blue beads (as shown in the pic above) that DO NOT disintegrate. Like seriously. I had to massage and massage and massage before the beads break down. However this was really minor and it didn't change the fact it was a great drugstore cleanser. I'd recommend if you could purchase this for cheap =)  As to if I will repurchase? Probably not, but that's only because the drugstore cleanser I'm using after this is even more amazing XD so I will be repurchasing that one LOL.

PS: Since it makes my face squeaky clean, it probably isn't the most gentle (certainly isn't especially with the blue beads). So don't purchase if you are aiming for gentle and tender cleansing =P

8. Kiehl's Lip Balm
A friend recommended this to me. I went home, tried it, and was like this feels exactly like vaseline? Then I turned it over and looked at the ingredient... and gosh I wanted to faint -__-
See this my friends, this is just petrolatum =____________= aka vaseline. I can't believe I spent $9 some dollars on this crap. Friends, please do not waste your money on this! Even the packaging is crap... the applicator is the worst of the worst; I have to get the product onto my finger first before I apply it. Because directly using the applicator on my lips hurt -.-

Those are the products I used up over the last few months. Hope you guys enjoyed =)


  1. Ah, too bad Hada Labo didn't work for you :C I would still like to try it out tho!

    1. lol you should! everybody's different ;) I'm glad I tried it out so now I don't have to keep thinking about the hype LOL

  2. Oh really interesting empties sweetie!
    Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
    I hope your follow me abck!


  3. I'm glad I read about the conditioner. I've been thinking about buying it, but not I won't.

    1. I'm glad you found the information helpful <3

  4. everyone loves this lip balm and jacks black lipbalm....
    and are petrolatum.
    I want to try the Essential Nuance Airy conditioner, I really liked the hair mask and I only use conditioner on the ends...

    1. hahah I tried Jack Black and I also think it's alright. But it doesn't really feel like petrolatum to me?! I'll have to check the ingredients. At least for the same price Jack Black's packaging is much nicer -.-"
      lol you should try it! just because I didn't appreciate it doesn't mean you won't :P in my opinion, this conditioner is even more conditioning than the hair mask. But the hair mask doesn't cause reside even when I use it all over my head...


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