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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Ebates and Recent Haul-- Drugstore, Chanel, Tony Moly BB cream and CC cream, and other random stuff

Hi guys!

So, where to start? =D

I guess I want to start out by telling you guys about Ebates.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

I first learned about Ebates from Hollyannarae (see this video). But for some reason I just didn't want to sign up for it. A few weeks ago she mentioned it again and I decided to sign up. And ohhh man did I regret not signing up earlier consider I shop so frequently online =____________________________________= I could've saved so much in the past years T_T Anyway I took advantage of its birthday week and got some really good cash back bonuses. The stores available from Ebates even include Nordstrom, Sephora, Amazon, Groupon, Beauty.com, Drugstore.com, and a bunch of other websites. So anyway, I strongly recommend you guys sign up!! And you even get cash back bonuses when you refer friends ^_^

Oh and also, when you sign up, you also get a $10 gift card of your choice :D

I chose a Target one LOL (I think the available gift cards include Target, Macy's, Office Depot... and I can't remember the rest)

Moving on!

So even though I love my SKIN79 BB cream and I think I will always have/use it, I noticed I've been getting extra oily on my nose whenever I use it. Which is completely weird because that never happened before. So I decided to look into other BB creams. I decided to go for TonyMoly because I had good experience with their face mask while I was in Korea so I thought I'm less scared/worried about their ingredients? XD I also wanted to try out the Sulwhasoo BB cream. Hm no reason. Just because XD

... And instead of buying full sized products, I decided to buy some samples from eBay -_- ehhh because I'm not ready to commit to another BB cream yet XD and I don't want yet another base product sitting in my drawers -_-

And I actually picked up samples for TonyMoly CC creams, out of curiosity :D Not really because of the whole "color correct" thing I don't really buy into that. But if it's a good base makeup then it's a good base makeup I don't really care what it's called =P

Here are some swatches of the TonyMoly Pure Aura CC cream
It comes out white (I don't know if all CC creams are like that?)

And it changes color after blending! (reminds me of Josie Maran Matchmaker foundation lol).

It does look pretty good but the coverage is super sheer... kind of like a primer. Or a tinted moisturizer but less greasy. I will do a full review so you guys can see face application.

For the TonyMoly Expert Triple BB Cream




Which is also quite nice =D However I noticed my nose gets extra oily with this BB cream. Will still have to test it out more.

Lastly, the Sulwhasoo Snowise Whitening BB base (which is super expensive =___=)
The Sulwhasoo BB cream has a slightly more runny texture. I also made an unfortunate choice of buying #2 natural beige, which is too dark for me -_- #2 natural beige should be for people who are at least MAC NC30.
I was VERY impressed with Sulwhasoo's coverage, which is excellent. Also my nose didn't get extra oily from using this BB cream =D but it was only one-time use so I don't know if I was just having a good skin day or what. But I can't be using this shade again because it basically turned my face orange =(


Can you guys tell how dark and orange it is?

I don't know if #1 would fit me much better (a little weary if it is still going to be orange)

Since I'm on the subject of base makeup, I thought this is a good time to mention that I purchased another foundation O_O

While I still love my YSL Touche Eclat foundation, I'm finding it to feel a little bit heavy for the hot weather @_@ (which is surprising cuz I thought that foundation is pretty light) so I'm putting that away for now and saving it for the winter. And although I usually use BB cream for the summer, my issue with getting extra oily while I use SKIN79 is kind of putting me off it for now -_- so anyway, after weighing all my lame excuses, I decided to buy a water-base foundation (you might ask what happened to the Givenchy foundation?! Well I don't want to buy that without Sephora sale -_- yes I have weird logic ahahah).

I have reviewed this foundation before, but I will be doing a new one ^_^ by the way I bought this through Ebates when it had 14% cash back for Nordstrom so it's like I got like $6 off this foundation XD

I also picked up some drugstore products over the last few months:
Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer, Rimmel Scandaleyes, Rimmel Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder, and Maybelline Dream bouncy blush.

Let's first talk about the Rimmel Stay Matte powder shall we?
So I got interested in this powder because Tanya Burr is ALWAYS using this powder and ALWAYS raving about it. Although I already have really good powders that I really love, I convinced myself it was under $4 and couldn't hurt to try. I wish I didn't -_- Because I do not like it at all (by the way Walmart does not take back makeup once it's opened, did you guys know that?)

I have to be careful to dust off AND dust off to make sure I have the tiniest amount of powder, otherwise I would look very powdery and made-up. Even then the powder isn't the longest-lasting (as in staying matte), and it does get slightly patchy as I get oily. Also, I've tried touching up with this powder when I get oily. Don't even try! It just clumps like crazy (although most powders clump if you touch up with them anyway).

In conclusion, might be good for dry skin if you use very very very tiny amount. And you might like this if you like the very made-up look. By the way this powder is very strongly fragranted-- it has a very strong floral scent. I am not entirely sure but I kind of feel like this powder breaks me out as well? I can't be sure because my skin has been acting out a lot and I can't seem to isolate the cause (I blame it on the weather). But it seems to get worse when I use this powder.

Here are some swatches
1 is heavy swatch. 2 is after blending it out.

Next I have the Maybelline Dream bouncy blush. The color is 15 Rose Petal.

When I first used it I was like what the crap?! But it was because I was using a brush with it and surely it picked up no pigment at all hahaha. You need to use your fingers for this blush.

Basically you pick up clumps of product with your fingers, and smother it on your cheeks XD Reminds me of Stila Convertible Color in Gerbera but more subtle and easier to use (I used to find the Stila Convertible Color a little sticky to use).

Result is this gorgeous, soft, satin (or maybe semi-matte?), baby pinky peach color >w< I ADORE. It looks incredibly natural, and gives a super nice satin glow. Love love love. I can say this is probably the most used blush in May! My poor Benefit Hervana.... completely upstaged -_- Hervana is a beautiful pinky blush but at the moment I am so feeling this Rose Petal blush hahahaha.

I feel like Rose Petal is such a universal color (for NC20 skin anyway =P) it goes with everything.

Since I love this blush so much, I went back to the store to look for more colors. Unfortunately nothing else caught my eye. But I am super happy with this blush ^_^ my biggest blush love affair since the Etude House Lovely Cookie Blush in #2 Strawberry Choux.

I also picked up the Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer after seeing Lisa Eldridge use it in one of her videos (can't remember which).

I used to not use under eye concealer on a regular basis (because I have fine lines underneath my eyes and I hate concealer caking up underneath my eyes), but lately I have been because I've discovered some products that work for me :)

These are the three under eye concealers I kind of rotate about:
1. Revlon ColorStay under eye concealer, Clinique Airbrush concealer, Maybelline Instant Age Rewind treatment concealer
Frequency of use: Clinique > Revlon > Maybelline

I think I reach for Maybelline least because it is slightly thicker than both Clinique and Revlon. However I would say the coverage of all of them are just light. They make my dark circles a bit better, but certainly do not cover them all. Probably also because I only use a tiny bit because I don't want to risk it caking up on me.

I got the Revlon ColorStay in medium. I really like this shade actually, the Maybelline one is just too light for me (I use them under foundation so it's okay. But I wish I have a concealer that I can use over my foundation)

I wish there's a between shade between Clinique and Revlon XD
In case you can't tell, Clinique leans slightly more pink than Maybelline (which is completely yellow toned).



I will try to use up the Maybelline one, but probably won't repurchase once I'm finished. So far I'm liking the Clinique and Revlon ones :)

Lastly, here's a comparison picture of before and after using the Rimmel Sandaleyes in Nude (I heard about it from TiffanyD =D)


But may I say you must be careful to use just a little bit lol otherwise it looks super unnatural hahaha.

Remember a long long time ago I bought the Eyeko mascara/eyeliner set? (which I got from Sephora, but I don't think it's available anymore)
Eyeko Lengthening Skinny Mini brush mascara
Sorry I don't have a picture of me wearing this mascara. But I thought I could share my thoughts anyway. This mascara has no curl hold whatsoever (tried using with a primer and clumped like crazy). There was no flaking, but it smudges my lower eyelid a little after a long day. The lengthening is good-- not amazing but not bad either. I'd say above average. Slightly clumpy upon building. I won't repurchase because of the lack of curl and smudging. Probably only works for people who already have nice lashes.

Next I picked up a paintpot from MAC in Quite Natural.


Lol I purchased it to soften my eyeliner look. Also I'm trying to use it as a shading color on days I don't feel like wearing eyeliner. We'll see how that works out XD

Here I used it to blend out my MAC liquidlast black eyeliner.

The eye look:
Eyes: MAC liquidlast in Point Black + paint pot in Quite Natural. Za mascara. Maybelline Dream bouncy blush in Rose Petal (I guess I didn't use enough for the camera to pick up the colors), and Revlon super lustrous lipstick in 415 Pink in The Afternoon. Chanel Aqua Vitalumiere foundation. No powder.

(This was after adding the Rimmel Scandaleyes in nude. Small difference but a difference nonetheless huh?)

Okay now other random stuff in no particular order (like I had any order in this post to begin with XD)

I finally started using my Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil!
Surprisingly it is really good! Why am I so surprised... I think it's because of how thin the consistency is. I'm so used to the thick consistency of Shu Uemura's cleansing oil that I was a little weary at how efficient this cleansing oil would be. It. is. GOOD. If not better than, at least as good as Shu. However I don't think I'll be willing to spend so much on another Bobbi Brown cleansing oil -_-a ($42) (I got mine at a discounted price). As much as I like it, I think I'll go back to MAC or something. Only thing I don't like about this oil-- I think it's supposed to smell like lavender, but it smells like fish oil supplement to me O__O;;;

By the way the pump pumps out so little product, I have to use like 4 pumps to remove a full face makeup O_O (whereas Shu I use 1 pump and a little squirt, lol!)

I have to say my most recent/exciting discovery is this Neutrogena anti-residue shampoo!!!!! =D
I first learned about this product from MissChievous when she was talking about her empties a while ago. I was really intrigued (I found mine at Walmart). This stuff is great and now I can't imagine my hair care routine without it =D You're supposed to use it only once a week. Which is a shame because my hair is always so fluffy and voluminous after using this that I wish I could use it every day!!!!!! hahahaha. It smells very pharmaceutical, but I don't care I love it :P

Now if you read my May empties post, you will know that as much as I enjoyed my Za cleanser, I like the one that I tried after even better... here it is... don don don donnn!!!!!!

Perfect Whip foam cleanser by Shiseido. Why am I so not surprised that I like this so much XD I LOVE Shiseido cleansers!!! =P
The lather is so silky and dense and I always feel so luxurious when I'm using this XD Also this doesn't dry out my skin as much as the Za one (much much more gentle) I can see myself coming back to this whenever I don't know what I want to try =P

I also picked up a Dermalogica skin hydrating masque after seeing Lisa Eldrige's video on long haul flights
It was just a little sample size I purchased from Amazon. Since I am flying back home in about a month, I figured this would come in handy while I'm flying this year :P

And... in an "effort" of getting ready for my rotation, I decided to invest in a pair of Danskos. I'm sure anyone working in the medical field would be familiar with this brand :)
Lol definitely for comfort, not for style. Last year after getting a taste of what it's like to stand for 40 hours a week, I can't bear the thought of going into my month-long rotation without a pair of comfy shoes. We'll see how they work out :D


Thanks to Ebates, I was also able to get 14% cash back for this pair :D this pair is worth like 1-2 pairs of heels -_-|||

I wear it in European size 35, which is US size 5. I wear my Nikes Free Run 3 in size 6 (am I shrinking? I used to wear 6.5 O_O)


Since we're on the subject of shoes/clothes now, it is only appropriate for me to introduce my recent obsession: boyfriend jeans!!!!

I blame it on Claire for posting this pic on her Instagram XD
Oh my gosh she looks so effing amazing in these!!!!!! She mentioned the model of these boyfriend jeans in this video. It's Zara Z1975 Zara Basic Dept. Denim Special Edition (I didn't find it on Zara's website but I did manage to find it in store)

I also love her Brandy Melville Carolina sweater top but that website charges SO much for shipping (the shipping increases with more purchase, unless you purchase over $100). And I heard about their quality being not on par with the price, and the horrible customer service. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Trying out the jeans in the fitting room. It was a size 2 and it was so big LOL. I was tucking my shirt up in the first pic because I realized baggy jeans probably go better with fitted tops.
lesson 1: Must wear a shorter top, Or a fitted top
lesson 2: Must wear heels. Otherwise the baggy jeans make me look even shorter ahhaahah -___-.....

Also tried on another pair of boyfriend jeans. My friend liked this one better but I like the first one XD

As much as I'd LOVE to own the exact same pair of heels she's wearing in that Instagram pic, they don't have my size anymore on the website =( I usually wear a 5.5 in heels. They didn't even have 6 ='(((

The other day I wore my new babies out hehe XD I was going to wear my other pair of black heels but I decided they were too over the top for just a trip to the mall
I realized I don't have any small shirts -_- so tank top it is. Definitely much better with a fitted top XD
Although I think I'll ever only wear these jeans with a white top. Plus a leather jacket depending on the weather. I'm not very creative when it comes to styling outfits. Any ideas?

In a different fitting room XD


Okay please ignore the jeans xD just imagine the dress without the bottom ahahaha. I've only ever shopped at A&F once before (and that was in high school) but I thought this dress was so cute. I wasn't going to try anything besides the discounted bikinis, but my friend was trying this dress on and didn't like it so I tried it... and I liked it XD Something easy to just throw on and go. I'm thinking this dress would be really cute for the beach? =D By the way this dress is half off in store, but $49 online O_O I suggest you try to find it in store first before buying it online if you're interested. My size is Small.

Okay, I'm finally done with this post that was full of nothing but randomness. Haha. If you read the whole thing, thank you for your patience ^_^ I've been "working" overtime trying to get as many posts done as possible cuz I figured once rotation starts, I probably won't have the energy to blog (well... no sunlight after I get off work either. Meaning no good swatches. BOO).  Also in the process of packing and moving. Which is a huge pain in the you know what. Anyway I'm just rambling now. I hope you guys enjoyed this post! :)


  1. I like the second pair you tried more too xD
    Can't wait to hear your new Chanel review. I want to try it but I have so many bases already...must resist the temptation LOL

    1. maybe you should sell the ones you don't use =P it's coming up I've already done it =D

  2. great haul, the jeans look great on you dont worry hehe, i like the cute little mascara <3

    1. hehe thanks! the cute little mascara is a piece of junk though LOL


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