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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Chanel VITALUMIÈRE AQUA Foundation Review

Hello guys!

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Okay now let's start with the onslaught of foundation reviews! XD Let us begin with... Chanel!!!! :D

Since I don't own the product, here's an image of the product.
Volume: 1 oz.
Price: $45
Word of caution:
This foundation does oxidize quite noticeably! I remember turning around to change clothes and went back in front of the mirror and being confused... my face looks like a different color? That's because it is! XD
So I advise be careful and go lighter when you choose your shade. Of course, my advice would always be take a sample home with you!

I got my samples in B20 and B30. B20 on the left, B30 on the right.


I might have to try other shades but for now B20 seems close enough. B30 initially is okay but it definitely dries up too orange -__-

My thoughts on this foundation:
- SPF 15
- Coverage is medium. I love how natural the finish is!
- I love the texture and consistency! It really is water-light, weightless and comfortable!
- Easy to blend
- I don't like how it oxidizes. It might look drab on some people by the end of the day, but it's okay on me. But still.
- I like it doesn't cake.
- I think the scent is funny XD it's supposed to be a rosey scent I think? but it smells a bit more chemical for me.
- The staying power is decent (after setting with powder). If you have oily skin like me (on my nose!) then it might slip if you touch your face lol.
- Finish is matte but not completely matte.
- I like how this foundation doesn't make my face look flat. Some foundations do and I will have to do the shading/highlighting to look more natural. 
- Overall I think this foundation is worth looking into! :) Just be careful with the shades.

As usual... product demo :P you guys will be sick of seeing me apply my foundation by the end of this month XD or it probably wouldn't even take that long lol

I think this video is blocked in Germany due to copyright issues -__-

PS: I was running a mild fever at the time of filming XD although physically I felt like crap, I was still in a good mood XD my body and my mind don't work in sync I guess lol.
PPS: I'd also like to stress, although I DO have good skin, it doesn't look anywhere as good in real life lol! As I've mentioned many many times, youtube REALLY washes out the videos.

final verdict: I didn't purchase it because this foundation slips too much on my oily nose at the end of the day.

Hope some of you found this helpful ^_~

<3 Frances


  1. You have lots of different types of foundation! :D Which is really great btw, so you can do more reviews for us! ^^

    I also find that Chanel foundations tend to oxidize or maybe it's not really suited for asian skin? :s But like you said, be careful with the shades.

  2. I only own 2 foundations right now but only really like 1 of them and it has very sheer-light coverage. I wanted to try this when I heard so many people like it but Chanel is Chanel..very high-end and expensive. So I think I'm going to wait for bit for more reviews :P But judging by how most people love it's natural finish I think I'd like it too! It looks really nice on you! :D Did you get the sample packet from the counter as well? Do you think you're going to purchase it?

    FEEL BETTER & Get well soon! I can't even imagine doing anything if I was sick >__<

  3. I hate it when foundation/concealer oxidizes!

    The search must continue for the perfect foundation! :)


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