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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Need your help...!!!!

Hello my dear bloggies!!!

So today's a different post... cuz... I... need your help!! =D

So this is an idea I've been thinking a lot about lately...  I'm thinking about opening up an online store, where I can sell Asian cosmetics/skincare  =)

For those who read my updates about my life you will know I'm going home to Taiwan for two months =D  And I will have access to a ton of Asian makeup/skincare brands =D I will list the brands at the end of this post. So I know a lot of ppl out there are really interested in Asian cosmetics etc, some can't access them because of language barrier, and some just can't afford them. I have looked through quite a number of online stores that sell Asian cosmetics, and the prices on their websites are just... ridiculous for me. Obviously I haven't figured out the logistics, but I intend to sell the cosmetics at a more reasonable price, as well as reasonable shipping. I have talked to my parents about this idea and thankfully and surprisingly, they're very supportive XD

So how are you guys gonna help? Buy from me of course!! LOL JUST KIDDING! By providing your opinion =D

So here's my first question...

Will you buy from me?!

Please be honest don't be afraid of hurting my feelings XD Cuz I know obviously there are other routes like e-Bay and other online stores that you might prefer to purchase from. I need to ask because obviously I need a market if I want this to work XD

And my second question... What brands are you interested in buying? And specifically, what products from what brands would you want to buy?

So if you have a minute, I would greatly appreciate it if you can answer these two questions for me! >_<
Or you can e-mail me at theprettibrowneyes@gmail.com if you prefer =)

For now, I think I might start this "business" by taking orders (rather than buying stocks you know lol). Once I'm in Taiwan, I will be able to accept requests and orders since I will be able to go look around for products and stuff XD And I'm thinking about two ways of shipping, either you're willing to wait for me to return to US to ship domestically so it's cheaper for US residents, or I can ship from Taiwan (which price will vary from how fast you want your items, and how heavy they are, if you want tracking, etc).

Thank you guys SO much for taking time to read this =D I appreciate it more than you can imagine!

Now onto the brands of cosmetics I will be able to access

1. If you're familiar with Watson (屈臣氏) or Cosmed (康是美) (which are my favorite drugstores in Taiwan), I can pretty much buy anything the drugstore carries for you.

2. There are also Sasa stores in Taiwan, so anything available at that store I will be able to access as well.

3. I know high-end brands like Lancome, Shiseido, Chanel have Asian lines of products that are not available in the US (oohh I cannot wait to get my hands on... I have a list XD) so if you're interested in an Asian line from high-end, let me know I think I will be able to find them. 

Now onto brands:

2. Sekkisei 雪肌精 (KOSE)
3. Dolly Wink (Koji)
4. Candy Doll
5. Majolica Majorca (戀愛魔鏡) (ohhh I'm so excited!!! I'm gonna stock up their mascaras lol!!!)
6. Canmake
7. KATE (Kanebo)
8. COFFRET D'OR (Kanebo)
9. Lavshuca (Kanebo)
10. INTEGRATE (Shiseido)
11. Aqualabel (Shiseido)
12. Maquillage (Shiseido)
13. Melliesh (Yui Kanna's brand)
14. Fiberwig
15. Kiss Me
16. My Beauty Diary facial masks
17. Jill Stuart
18. Paul & Joe
19. Anna Sui
20. Chic Choc
21. Skin Food
22. Missha
23. Skin79
24. Laneige
25. The Face Shop
26. Maybelline, Loreal... (they have different products than US I believe! lol)
28. H2O+
29. Shu Uemura (no longer available in US)
30.  Dr. Wu
31. 1028 (Kevin老師)
32. RMK (been dying to try their products too lol)
33. Lunasol
34. IPSA

And of course, I will have access to boxes of false lashes, other facial masks brands, cleansers, serums, moisturizers, exfoliators, eyelid tapes/glue if anyone's interested at all? And I've been wanting to buy one of these facial massage things that's supposed to help get rid of water retention =D

I think that's about the brands I can think of for now?! There are definitely a lot more!

As extra questions... would you also be interested in buying Asian hair products? (like Asience, Mod's Hair)
Asian clothing? Asian accessories? (earrings, necklaces, cell phone charms etc)?

I'm not sure about hair products/nail products yet (since a lot of hair products come in aerosols) cuz it'd be tricky to go through customs.

Anyways, I think that's it for now... Thanks again so much for reading this =) and please let me know, your opinion is much appreciated =D

<3 Frances


  1. Wow, this is cool! :3 I'd definetely buy from you if you sold/ took orders on Dolly Wink/ Candy Doll/ Melliesh/ Canmake, etc etc. Would you be able to get, for example, Diamond Lashes either? Also, would you sell them a bit cheaper or average price..?
    I'm really interested. :D

  2. i'm not too familiar with too much asian cosmetic brands just because i dont have access to them here in stores... all i depend on are reviews from others.. from the brands you mentioned, i would love to try anna sui !!!!!!! lol.. and h20, the face shop, mbd, and that dolly wink eyeliner..

    yes the cheap asian stores are always in another language.. anddddd.. the only stores that i really look at are cosme-de.com (because they offer free shipping!) and sasa.com (which is cheaper compared to cosme-de.. like 12 dollars for mbd mask vs 17 at cosme-de. but only free shipping if you spend $75)

    soooo to answer your question.. i am interested in asian cosmetics... and i would purchase from you if its reasonably priced

  3. *thumbs up* i think it's a great idea - a lot of work - but a great idea.
    1. i have definitely brought from other bloggers online stores before (not blog sales but actual store) a great example is apopofkawaii - so i would definitely buy from your store.
    2. i'd be interested in buying mainly makeup and the occassional skin care products. brands include lioele, dolly wink canmake =)

    good luck!

  4. I'd totally buy from you if it's decently priced, but I have NO money right now what so ever.. >_<"

  5. Sounds like a great idea! Too bad I can't order online because I have no card =\ Otherwise I'd want to buy a lot of things hehe (Sorry if this didn't help much but your list covers so much already. If I could buy I'd be interested in skincare..makeup..accessories maybe depending on the price.)

  6. You know I'm down for this! However, I'd probably purchase and then have you ship it whenever you are back in the U.S. I've used asian cosmetics before, but I mean I don't really know anything specifically that I want. Some brands I'd consider purchasing are Dolly Wink (Koji), Candy Doll, Majolica Majorca, Canmake, KATE, Melliesh, Fiberwig, Kiss Me, Skin Food, Missha, Laniege, RMK and The Face Shop. WHOA that is a lot! HAHAH Well anyway yea.. I'd totally buy from you! =] I just don't know what are some of the top products to try.

  7. I live in Malaysia and we got Sasa and all but I don't think Sasa over here carry brands like Melliesh, Jill Stuart, Paul & Joe, Chic choc and all those good stuff. oh, and another thing, I usually buy things online by a medium (lol, since I'm not working yet, I don't hv Paypal, credit card & etc) which basically means I pay them in Ringgit Malaysia and they used their credit card or paypal for it.. =P I would be interested in getting stuff from you too ^^

  8. I'm interested in Dolly Wink, falsies, and cell phone charms and cute Asian products! ^_^

  9. i think this is a brilliant idea! i realise though that this may be a lot of work for you :/ but if you're willing to, i think this would prove to be very successful!
    Would you ship to the UK? obviously shipping would be more i understand :)
    if so i would be really interested in things like Laneige skincare, then lioele, canmake, jill stuart, paul and joe, dollywink cosmetics ^^


  10. Ooh... I just have to give my feedback for this. When you talk about opening an online store, is it a separate website with posts and pictures of the ready to be shipped products and buyers would leave comments on which ones they want? Or is it more informal like telling you the stuff we are looking for and you would get them? I’m not too sure how it would go but i would definitely be very interested to get mezaik eyelid fibre tape if it costs anything less than SGD$30 a box.

  11. I think this is a great idea too! I would love to my hands on some brand that we can't buy here in the states. I'm also a false eyelash junkie!

  12. would definitely buy.. im looking for a philippine-based online store but there seemed to be none..

  13. would definitely buy.. im looking for a philippine-based online store but there seemed to be none..


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