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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Ohhh I gotta get me some of that!!! XD

First ever BB mousse!!!!! =DDDD Can't wait to try it!!! *puts on my long list*

**Update: tried. This thing is complete crap =_=


  1. WOOOO! D: go go go! I wanna try it tooo!
    Just placed an order to get my hands on the new NYX HD Foundation tho >_> Maybe next time.. *sigh*

  2. Sounds interesting! But I think I've heard of an Innisfree BB Mousse before :P If you do get it I can't wait to hear about it ^__^

  3. That is pretty cool! I wonder if the coverage is good because it is a mousse/foam. I would think it would be a light foundation. I wonder if it has the same qualities as BB cream like SPF and blemish fighting ingredients and such.

  4. EHHH.. O_O didn't change my link, nope. Maybe Blogger's server went down or something? I've been at www.nancakes.org for a long time now xD <3

    Thanks for your comments btw! I really like Natural as well : D My natural lip color is darker than in the photo >_<" The flash washed out the color quite a lot.

    I absolutely hate my fine line D: ughh they make me look SO old! And I deff. can't wear color in my inner corner without looking like a 5-yearold. LOL xD And for nailpolish.. I'm currently in this SOS-nail-rescue-period lately. My nails are chippin' like mad, so I invested in two Mavala products to save them. It's giving decent results, but I think it'll take longer to see some REAL rescuing results here. lol. I usually just wear the strengthener, basecoat, Essie's Fill the Gap! and then a topcoat. : D

  5. noooooooooooooooooo freaking waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! i bet they only sell that in Asian countries... I bet it wont come out in Australia.... =.=

  6. Ahhh! Me, too! That's so interesting...where can you get it?

  7. A mousse?! I haven't had much luck with Maybelline so far but this looks interesting... =D

  8. i love christina aguilera as well. not so much her new stuff, but rather her old stuff like in the i believe it was the "stripped" album. all songs on that album was perfect!! and i loved the song 'cruz' as well!


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