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Friday, March 22, 2013


Lol you know when you see a title like this, it's gonna be another one of those random + long ass post XD

The weather was gorgeous today so I actually got some photos done ^_^ I'm just gonna skip ahead with all my rambling intro and just share with you guys some of the new things I got, and some things I've been liking :)

Since my new year's resolution (where I had sworn off Forever 21) I haven't bought a single piece of clothing LMAO. Gosh this is so pathetic (branching out epic FAIL...) Seriously though I really don't know where I can buy nice and affordable clothes =/ or maybe I should just save it so I can splurge the next time I go back to Taiwan. But anyway spot these scarves from Aldo and was in love ^_^

First is this scarf with those little birds ^_^
Was just looking back at my other more recent posts and realized the last time I posted a selfie I had short and straight bangs -_- dang.

You can find it here.

Little birdies~~~ take a wing~~~ *sings* (what? LOL) I really like this kind of muted, almost dirty pink? ^_^

I feel like this is almost more of a hipster style of scarf... and hipster isn't really something I've ever ventured into (can't pull it off LOL)


The other scarf I got was this seemingly ordinary brown-ish... almost muddy-colored scarf...


But when you lay it out... it actually has vultures and skull prints!!!
Isn't it so cool?!?!?! I love it!!! Especially love when the weather is gloomy =P


These scarves are so fluffy >_< the thickness I think is perfect for transitioning into Spring.

Also took advantage of spring break and went to an outlet...

Got a man's shirt from Tommy Hilfiger XDXDXD


Friends: Are you serious about this??? It's a guy's shirt!
Me: Who cares >_< I don't care if it's men's or women's wear as long as it looks good!
Friends: It's SO big!
Me: It's my style >_<
Friend: Oh yeah it totally is... hmmm it actually kind of looks like pajamas
Me: Are you saying pajamas is my style  ( ̄ε(# ̄) o==( ̄▽ ̄)>

Lol seriously though... ppl do associate me with pajamas ;; _ ;;  cuz I'm always in over-sized anything... hahaha.

It's a men's medium. It's HUGE lol. Don't mind my hair sticking out... it's been very static-y  hahaha


This "pajama" actually costs $32  =___= so expensive for outlet (it's 50% off). My friends kept trying to talk me out of it... but I don't know there's something about it I just really like >_< plus it's so soft and comfyyyy AND thick AND WARM.

Completely love how it has a number on the back ^_^  Hopefully ppl wouldn't look at me weird at school XD

Also went to The Cosmetic Company and got a Bobbi Brown soothing cleansing oil. Actually quite proud of myself for stepping out of that place with only one item... I wanted to get Bobbi Brown loose powder and some discontinued Bobbi Brown blushes and MAC eye shadows but in the end decided I shouldn't >_< (actually my friends stopped me LOL they're keepers ahahahaha)

LOL did anyone else find it funny that it has Korean on it? The sales ppl told me it's probably been shipped to Korea but just didn't end up selling that's why it ended up in the outlet.

While I was at the Cosmetic Company outlet I saw a TON of limited edition MAC products... they have the go-to-the-beach (????) collection, the sailor's collection, and even the Disney collection!!! I thought those were history.

On a complete random and beauty-irrelevant note... while I was at the outlet I got me some ceramic frying pans XD Which I'm completely overly excited about LOLOL. My good old frying pan needs to retire... since the non-stick coating has been coming off T_T may it rest in peace.
Never tried ceramic pans before, hopefully they're good!

Also got a Mandoline slicer ^_^ been wanting one ever since I saw Julia from MissChievous rocking her mandoline slicer. Cutting veggies can be such a pain sometimes. Really excited for this ^_^
PS: Every time I see "Sharper Image"  I automatically think about Sex and the City... Samantha and her "vibrator" XDDD

Have been trying out new mascaras too.

Za Impact Lash Mascara (volume) and mascara base 

Mascara + pimer

Not bad :) and it doesn't smudge XD I wouldn't mind repurchasing, but I think I still prefer Majolica Majorca since Za sometimes can get a little clumpy (also I like MJ for the comb applicator).


Remember a while ago I mentioned how I didn't care for the Revlon balm stains? I have changed my mind XD I'm beginning to appreciate the beauty of lip stains XD now I'm used to lip stains, I realized they last so much longer (duh) AND most importantly, they don't get on your teeth XD

Now I have collected 5 of the Revlon's balm stains ^_^
From left to right: Romantic, Crush, Rendezvous, Lovesick, Honey. 

Anyway now I totally love these lip stains XD And I've been loving "Lovesick" for my recent everyday go-to look ^_^


I like to just apply it to the center of my lips and fade it out. Completely digging the gradient lip ^_^
I only like Lovesick on the center of my lips... don't like it all over my lips XD

Just simple, level, overly dragged out, dramatic eyeliner XD with a pop of color on my lips. 
I realize I haven't done a cat-eye in forever @_@ I prefer a straight eyeliner now :P 


Now onto other things I've been enjoying... Curel body lotion =D
Finally a body lotion that actually works =D I recommend! And it's cheap too XD All I'm looking for in a body lotion is that I wouldn't have to feel like I need to reapply within like 5 minutes... that's not too much to ask for right? But somehow none of the body lotions I used in the past (expensive or cheap) even fulfill that one expectation. Very happy that I tried this. 

Another drugstore item I've been really liking-- "Clear" shampoo
Most of you guys might have heard about this brand from Hollyannaeree (I really can't remember where she mentioned it??? I think it's from her Instagram). I am SO glad that she recommended it, cuz I've been really liking it! If you read my last post you'll know that ever since I started using Aveda I hadn't been able to use drugstore shampoos due to residue. Of course I haven't used this long enough to be able to tell, but 3 days into using this shampoo I noticed the ends of my hair have become less dry, more soft, and my hair in general just feel so much softer. Pretty amazing!!! And I'm only using the shampoo too ^_^ Unfortunately still trying to use up my other Aveda shampoo (been alternating between Clear and Aveda) and this other Asian brand conditioner, but I cannot wait to try using both the shampoo and the conditioner ^___^

Some other new items I got: 
Revlon lustrous lipsticks in Kiss Me Coral and Pink In The Afternoon.
Picked them up after seeing Bubbi mention it in her favorites video ^_^


Here are some swatches and comparisons. Hahahahaah it honestly just looks like I'm buying the same colors over and over again XD

Another comparison swatches:

The other day while I was passing Macy's on my way out... I spot in the display the Marc Jacobs' Daisy makeup bag O_____________O I thought the makeup bag is SO FREAKING CUTE!!!!

The promotion is that you buy the large size perfume, you get a makeup bag and a roller perfume for free (but the sales associate sneaked a mini Daisy perfume in for me ^_^)  

Honestly I still kind of can't believe that I bought a large size perfume because of the makeup bag O_O 
I don't even think I will be able to bring myself to use it.. I don't want it to get dirty >_<
No pockets or anything on the inside, just a very simple basic bag. 

So now I have two Marc Jacobs perfume O_O two perfumes in less than 6 months... now perfumes are officially on my ban list as well.
Truth be told I prefer Dot :P I think Dot is more me. Daisy smells amazing too but I think Daisy smells better in the bottle than on me XD sad hahaha. I'm determined to use Daisy for the entire spring and summer!!! This is the largest bottle of perfume I've ever owned O_O (and the most I've ever spent on a perfume X_X) Apparently there's a new Daisy Sunshine too?! Really curious what that one smells like. 

Daisy is described as:

Strawberry, Violet Leaves, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Gardenia, Violet Petals, Jasmine Petals, Musk, Vanilla, White Woods.

Bright. Alluring. Eternal.

I personally would describe it as refreshing, sweet... and for some reason reminds me a bit of lychee?!?!!??

Hmmmm... smells so good from the bottle! 

Look at the mini!!! when my friends and I unboxed it we all screamed >_< it's just too too toooo adorable!!!!

And congratulations you've reached the end of the post XD last thing to share... I opened up a bunch of new blushes LMAO. I've had these for a while (they were for my online shop, but since I never did sell them =P hehehehehhe)

Blushes from Canmake, CandyDoll, and Melliesh.

Really liking the Canmake blush/highlighter! This is by far the only peachy cheek color I can safely use. I said that because most peachy cheek colors tend to make me look flushed... and not in a good way. Kind of like I've been sun-burned kind of flushed XD I actually realize I don't own that many pink blushes prior to these three... I only had two-- one from Etude House and one from Benefit. Quite shocking right? lol. Been really into pink blushes too =P

Okay that's all folks! Yes you can safely assume you probably won't be seeing any update from me again anytime soon LMAO. I wish everyone a very lovely weekend, and as always, thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my blog ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. haha you're so funny! You look so cute :D I love the scarves!!!!!!! and i love the overiszed sweater. I think it looks very very very hot! ^_^

    1. hehe really? thanks! I hope it's not too obvious it's a men's shirt XD

  2. Love the scarves!
    The revlon lip balm stain looks great on you. I was wondering what you were wearing the whole time I was reading the post haha
    That mini bottle of perfume is beyond cute :O

    1. thanks ^_^ I'm so glad I decided to give it a second chance cuz before I just applied it all over my lips and I was like this is wayyyy too much XD I named the little bottle baby daisy >////< (lol what)

  3. How cool! I'm coming up on a google search :D But it wasn't even that great of a swatch of the lipstick LOL

    I still haven't tried the mascara yet. Trying to open one at a time. Especially since I don't wear eye makeup everyday.

    Maybe you could try bloglovin? Lots of people have been switching over it after the Google Reader shut down notice was announced last (?) week. But blogger is weird like that. Sometimes one blog's posts for like the last couple of months will pop up in my feed together :X

    1. !!! thanks for letting me know! will definitely look into it. I wasn't even aware of that O_O

      hahaha yeahh when I saw your pic I was like I KNOW HERRRRR!!!!!!! RAWRRRRR!!! lolololol XD

  4. I love Daisy! I think it smells really really nice :) ohhhh Kiss Me Coral looks pretty. I have a similar Revlon lipstick in I think Siren. Super pretty!

    1. I will have to look for Siren next time ^_^

  5. the mini perfume is too adorable indeed O_O
    and damn i wish i had friends who stop me too :))

    1. hahahaha my friends are the guardians of my wallet... *smh

  6. I love scarves with animal designs.
    the shirt is very cute and I'm also always dressed in comfortable clothing.
    I have to replace my Mandoline slicer, I want one made of stainless steel.
    Revlon balms still do not come to my country, I'm considering buying from ebay, I really want to try them.
    I like small perfumes or samples, I've never been able to finish a big bottle of perfume.
    I wish you a very lovely weekend too...
    bye bye

    1. aww they don't? I hope you can find them on eBay with reasonable prices!
      I haven't started using my mandoline slicer yet XD maybe when I'm an advanced mandoline slicer user (what lol) I will want a stainless steel one too XD
      I usually just go for small bottles too -_-" can never use them up... but I shall make it happen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *determined
      hahahaha comfy clothes ftw!!!! if I can wear pajamas 24/7 for the rest of my life I'd just be too happy XD

  7. totally awesome all the things <3
    and by the way, your make up looks soo great <3 beautiful :3

    lg, kathi ^3^
    (p.s.: i have a new blog, feel free to visit^^ ~ http://waii-waii-kichi.blogspot.de)

    1. aw thank you! and I will definitely give it a visit ^_^

  8. those are such pretty scarves! and i love the lip colors, very beautiful! :)

    <3, Mimi

  9. Yup, creeping through your old posts again xD I never thought much of the Revlon lip stains before, but now I'm seriously considering picking up Lovesick myself. Such a pretty color >w< And those lipsticks lol, hmm i smell some bubz influence there~~ ;3

    1. hehehe but you're the nicest creeper out there :D I LOVE lovesick!!! still using it a lot <3 <3 <3 highly recommend! the Revlon lipsticks... I like Kiss Me Coral, but not so much Pink in the Afternoon... it looks a bit too nude on me... or maybe I'm just not used to dusty pink, or maybe dusty pink just doesn't flatter me, I don't know O_O it looks AMAZING on Bubz though

    2. Lol thanks i guess. Ah kk it's going on my xmas wishlist now :D ohh that sucks :/ I get what you mean; I don't really like lipsticks that look too nude either. I like pops of color more. Did you return it? Yeah ikr >__< then again, everything looks good on bubz....*grumbles to self*


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