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Friday, April 23, 2010

Getting a new haircut/hair color :D

Heyy guys!!

First off I want to thank you all for the supportive and lovely comments =D It's a relief to see that you guys think my entries are not lame but helpful XD So thanks :) <3
Soo I'm finally getting a haircut!!! I'm soo excited! Made my appointment today :P Getting it on Saturday.
I've received many comments about my hair... more than anything else actually XD but it's been too long guys >< my hair has been bugging me for weeks :P The last time I had a haircut was like 6 months ago?!
I cut my own bangs, so it doesn't look that out of style. But if you look closely, there's not even a smooth transition between my bangs and the hair around it! XD

I think my hair hasn't been this long for a while.
This is my shortest layer now! See why I'm so desperate for a haircut?! XD I want to maybe take 2 inches off cuz I want to keep my length, but I really want loads and loads of layers =) long layers/no layers= flat hair to me.

And I really need to dye my hair too...

The last time I dyed my hair was like more than two months ago... my roots are all growing out
Wow this is the first time I actually see the top of my head O__o? Didn't know it looks like this! LOL wow I feel bald.

The thing that bothers me the most... is this...
Last time I dyed my hair I sort of ran out of hairdye =_= (well I underestimated the length... thus more volume).
So when I flip through my hair it's all black hair underneath.
AHHH!! So annoying!

I usually dye my own hair but this time I'm actually gonna get it done in salon, because my hair is very dark and the color never came out the way I wanted it.

This is the hair color I'm going for =) I'm sick of red brown cuz I've had it for years!
I'm going for ash brown with grey/green undertones.
I love this color ^-^

Colors like these =)

But I also kind of want to go very light cuz I've never had light hair before...
Something like this...
But it's gonna suck when my roots grow out! Well it's gonna suck whenever my roots grow out anyway XD
Still debating but Imma ask my stylist's opinion =)

I hope it turns out well >_<
Talk to you guys later :)

<3 Frances


  1. but your hair looks good now!

  2. Good luck! I love your hair, but I think one of the colors you picked out would look pretty, too. :D

  3. @ Ken: lol I guess nobody likes their own hair XD

    @ Victoria: thank you sweetie :)

  4. @ Ken: lol I guess nobody likes their own hair XD

    @ Victoria: thank you sweetie :)

  5. Ah, your hair looks so pretty ;u; I really liked the way it came out!


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