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Thursday, December 9, 2010

On rare occasions when I'm lazy with my eyes...

I just tightline my upper waterline and curl my lashes till they're almost standing at 90 degree angle and clump on loads of mascara XD


Lol weird? Yeah I'm not used to it either XD I either wear full-face makeup or I don't wear makeup at all XD so rare that I went "halfway" lol! But I was so incredibly lazy with my eyes that day XD

Closer look...
I usually fake a wider/rounder eye with my eyeliner... ohh noooo small eyes XD oh well

EVEN closer look XD
I was wearing the sample mascara I got from Lancome which is not waterproof =( therefore did not hold curls as well. Waterproof all the way peeps! XD

My next post will be on how I treat my skin when it's "acting out"... still working on it :) some people might find it disappointing though cuz I got it from youtube and it's just a variable of that recipe. Also I have pretty rare skin problems, at least I haven't met anyone else who has my condition!

Anyway I know a lot of you who are still in school are really busy. Just want to wish you guys good luck ^___^ and take care don't get sick! (speaking from a person whose throat feels swollen T_T )

By the way, I added my "beauty info" on the right-hand side, hopefully it'll be informative to some of you :D 

Talk to you guys soon =D

<3 Frances


  1. I love this look! Especially the thick eyeliner.
    And my blog is misslinneababy.blogspot.com :)

  2. Haha you're still cute don't worry about that ^__^

  3. I like this natural lazy look! hahaha That's like the perfect look for me! lol Yea the pillow mist does relax me so I can go to sleep though. I'm not sure which eye cream I like better...I haven't used the philosophy one enough to say. I was going to review it once I've used it long enough to know. hahah

  4. I love this look! Especially the thick eyeliner.
    And my blog is misslinneababy.blogspot.com :)


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