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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

VIBs, go check your mail =D

Dear bloggies,

If you are a VIB and haven't checked your mail yet, do it =D

I was so THRILLED when I saw this in my mailbox =DDDD


$20 off $40 purchase gift card >________________<

I freaking. love. you. Sephora <3

Gift card is valid from 12/2-12/13, that gives me enough time to think about what I'm gonna use it for =D I don't know about you guys but I think it's too easy to spend $40 at Sephora XD

I'm not sure if this offer is sent via e-mails as well though.

Did you guys receive it? What are you gonna use it on?? =D

<3 Frances


  1. So lucky! $20 off $40 :O
    I got my beauty insider discount in an email. $15 off $40..not bad. Now I need to decide what I want to get lol. Last year I used it to buy my first perfume :P

  2. How awesome!! I just got mine in the mail today. What are you going to get?? I don't know for me. I need some refills for my shu uemura eyelash curler, but they don't sell refills. =( I was going to get the shiseido refills and see if they fit. Should I just get a shiseido eyelash curler? lol Oh goshhhhh

  3. That so cool you took acting class too! it was funny in my acting class cuz i was a gangster and one of the girls actually punched me...n i was like.. owe..u punched me...noone said anything haha. what type of person did you act out?

    ooh my mom likes finding afterschool stuff for me..like the acting. thats why i was in a band and did police academy. =3 it was good experience tho!

  4. Oh yea..and I did have that nail polish remover on my blog. hahah glad you liked it! I would feel kind of bad if you didn't. =\ You have big eyes too! Your eyes are prob bigger than mine! lol

  5. I got it today and started jumping up and down with joy....lol. Think I'll get me some more moisturizer. ;)

  6. I got it through email today! VIBs get 20$, Beauty Insiders get 15$ :D I'm so happy but I don't know what I want to get yet! I'm totally surfing the Sephora site now trying to decide, lol!

    Haha, I'm sure there are quite a few of us beauty-holics that don't have friends who appreciate our hobbies, LOL! I know I can think of more than a few off the top of my head. But yay that we both ended up blogging and being friends ^^

    I was always interested in fashion since late middle school but I ended up "going the safe route" and took social sciences which is less risky. In the end I graduated with an honours degree in International Development and Globalization.

    However, I've always wanted to at least learn about fashion design and to improve my sewing skills which is how I ended up taking 2 semesters before reconsidering my path in life. I decided I should get a stable full time job first before finishing fashion design because at this stage it's just a hobby and probably isn't going to help me pay any bills :(

  7. Lucky luck you!!

    what are VIB???

    I sad... I want that too... :(

  8. So lucky! $20 off $40 :O
    I got my beauty insider discount in an email. $15 off $40..not bad. Now I need to decide what I want to get lol. Last year I used it to buy my first perfume :P


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