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Thursday, December 9, 2010

SKIN79 BB Cream miniature set =D

Hello my bloggies!! =D

Heehee I'm SO excited today cuz I finally received my SKIN79 BB cream miniature set!!

If you remember, I shared this video with you all a while back:

To see the product in action, fast foward to 2:05
It was basically demonstrating using two BB creams with different functions on different areas; the gold label which is moisturizing, is to be used on cheeks, and the pink label which emphasizes oil control, is to be used on T-zone.

So I was like OMG it makes the model's skin SUPER amazing!!! But I never tried it cuz it contains aloe and I'm "supposed" to be allergic to aloe. But recently I tried my friend's Skin Food Mushroom BB cream which also contains aloe, and my skin didn't react to it at all! Isn't that weird? Maybe my skin has changed lol. By the way, I love that Skin Food Mushroom BB cream, but I didn't buy it cuz I want to try out SKIN79 before I decide =P

So I got super excited and went to eBay, and I found this =)
It contains:
1. Super+ BB Cream Pink Label
2. Super+ BB Cream Gold Label
3. The Prestige BB Cream
4. Luminous Pearl BB Cream

The back... for all you out there who understands Korean =D
Also comes with a sample
I have no idea what this is or how to use it! My guess it's some sort of exfoliater?! lol

The BB creams

This set is $11.37 with free shipping. Each tube is 5g. Shipping takes about 2 weeks.

I'm super happy that I found this! Cuz it has all the SKIN79 BB cream that I wanted to try =DDDD So I get to try them all out before I decide which one I like the best. I feel like this set can even last me a while since I don't use a lot when I use BB cream. And the price is so good =D

I bought it on eBay from rubyruby76 (I have purchased from this seller before and this seller is awesome!), visit her store at here. To look at this miniature set, click here.

So anyway, just really excited and wanted to share with you all ^__^ will do a review on them once I get a solid feel of them.

Take care everybody =D

<3 Frances


  1. i love mini's .. great way to try products w/out dishing full price!

  2. Awesome! I'm excited to read your review! I don't wear foundation or tinted moisturizer, but I was thinking about getting into BB creams. I heard they look natural and it feels light on. But then again, if I don't need why wear right? hahah

  3. The miniature set looks so much more better designed and easier to use than the bulky tube. I can't wait to see your review and if poss, before after photo of it! I don't wanna buy it yet coz the bottle looks like it's difficult to use and I'm still using one from SASA by Dr Young... some Korean doc and the sales assistant at SASA said this brand is really good. As in it's the real type of BB cream with healing functions rather than all the tinted moisturizers on the market which slap the name "BB" on everything. So far ok. But this video is amazing! I've seen it when it first came out and was wondering is it coz there's already a good canvas to start with.

  4. ooOOooo i hope you make your review on this! i cant wait to see your feedback!!!

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  5. Thanks for the review!! I really wanted to try out the skin79 mini BB cream set for AGES. but it cost so much in NZ~ T_T"

    Im guessing the free shipping is only available in the US?


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