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Friday, December 3, 2010

New Winter Boots!

Hello hello!

How is everybody!! I hope everyone is doing great ^__^
My skin is currently acting out :( not sure what it's reacting to, but my face is so itchy and red >口< and I have some red bumps along my chin =(( oh nooo. Anyway, time to whip out my homemade remedy to pamper my skin and hope it'd go away X__X

Luckily! XD I have several posts pre-typed!! Muahaha!!! So hopefully by the time I run out of posts to share I can pick up my camera again XD

Today I want to share with all of you, my new winter boots =D
Well I wasn't supposed to buy new boots...  remember those DC boots I got on sale over the summer that I hope to wear in the winter?

Well they turned out to be the worst boots ever! \___/
I got them on Amazon, and yes I tried them on while I was at home, but not until I wore them out did I realize... they squeak like a m***** ******!!!! I didn't notice it cuz obviously they don't really make noises when worn on carpets.... but when I walk on a concrete surface, they squeak like I'm drenched in water or something.... it's SO loud that I gave up on these T__T

So yeah I had to get myself some new boots for the snowy winter here.

My old winter boots were from Juicy Couture:

I LOVED them so much!

But after wearing them for two winters they're covered in salt and the soles of my shoes are so worn...
hahaa there were holes in my soles.

So anyway! I ventured to Juicy Couture for boots again XD and I'm pleased to say I did find a perfect fit for me ^_________________^ And I bought it with coupon too XD *happy dance* maybe I will make it a tradition of wearing Juicy boots for winter? lol!

Lol Boba checking out my new boots XD

There's a logo on the back :) I'm kind of sad that this pair is not as "Juicy" as my last pair... but I got so many compliments wearing these out already lol
Detail on the buttons
Boba hiding behind the box lol!

Here's how they look on me :)
The best thing is those boots have thick heels XD Ohhh I look a bit taller! muahahaha!

I'm also lusting after another pair of short boots from Nine West.... ah discipline Frances, discipline! >___<

That's all I have for you all! =D

Getting too tired of non-makeup related stuff yet? =P

<3 Frances


  1. those look like awesome boots!

    what is that home remedy you have for breakouts? can you show us?

  2. ur new purchase is a darling! Haha I love wearing heels cos they make me not that...small (ps im only 154 cm)
    You're adorable! =)

  3. I love all your boots! The squeaky white DC ones, the worn out brown one and the current one. I love looking at your fashion/outfit posts so do more of them if you've got the time, babe!

  4. @ Anonymous: Sure I can :) It's nothing special though XD something I learned from youtube and I added my own stuff, mostly it works by hydrating and soothing my skin so it eases the irritation, nothing miracle XD

  5. cute boots!I love the tall heel as well :)

    if boba approves than the Bunny society approves too *nods*

    *squeezes boba*

    Those are really cute boots. I love this one more than the other one! its more elegant and more versatile! it can be fun and classy as well me thinks!! Excellent choice!


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