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Sunday, December 26, 2010

SKIN79 BB Cream Miniature Set Review

Hello hello!

I'm back XD (whew!)

Today is a wayy overdue post XD The SKIN79 BB cream set review!You all remember I got a miniature set a little while back right?

But before I go into the review, I want to thank everyone who said congratulations to me regarding my new job =D thank you thank you thank youuuuuuu >___< as to what kind of job it is... I'm now a pharmacy technician =D at a pharmacy retail which dispenses drugs to hospices. I am SO happy that I got this job! Seriously... I feel like I can't be more content. I'm applying for pharmacy schools and having job experiences would really help with my chances. Also I'm really relieved that so far I'm really enjoying my job ^___^ I was sort of worried about committing to pharmacy before cuz I didn't have any experience in that area and I was scared that I might hate the job lol, but now I can somewhat see myself becoming a pharmacist :D (wish me luck ahaha)

Okay enough of that XD now moving on to the review =D 

Super+ Pink Label BB Cream
- The texture was slightly thicker compared to the Prestige BB cream, but it doesn't feel thick at all on my face!
- Not sticky!
- Smells like sunblock
- SPF 25 PA++
- Oil control doesn't stand out, which is a disappointment cuz that's mainly why I wanted to try this. I (just my nose) still get oily like any other foundation. The thing I like about it though is although my nose looks shiny, it doesn't look cakey
- it doesn't dry out my cheeks or other "dry areas"
- At first applies grey, but actually oxidizes over time and is pretty close to my skin tone
- Coverage is just a tad more heavier than the Prestige one. Just a tad! 

Super+ Gold Label BB Cream
- I honestly can't tell the difference between this and the Pink one... so...
- SPF 25 PA++ 
- But if I had to choose between the two, I'd probably go for the gold label cuz it supposedly contains more benefits

PS: they're supposed to be triple function-- UV protection, whitening, and wrinkle improvement. Well I really don't use the BB creams consistent enough to tell if it whitens my skin or improves my wrinkles.... 

Prestige BB Cream (Diamond Collection)
- Texture is slightly thinner than the Super+ line. Coverage is also just a tad lighter
- It has more of a flesh tint to it, so it doesn't apply grey like the Super+ do
- Has a lemon-y scent????????
- SPF 25 PA++

Pearl Luminous BB Cream (Diamond Collection)
- Coverage is very sheer and hard to build up
-Gives a shiny finish which I'm not a fan of. Kind of like applying highlighter all over my face.... if you have applied MAC Mineralize Skin Finish all over your face before you will know what I mean. Except more shiny. And it even has little sparkles in it, which really makes me feel like I just walked out of the Twilight novel
- Not sure if there's SPF?
- Probably will use this as a highlighter instead if I ever use it again lol...

Here are the swatches:

Fresh out of the tubes

Just blended out

After about 3-5 min (oxidized)
Look just how ridiculously shiny the Pearl BB cream is!

It's not that obvious but the colors really did change, especially for the Super+ ones, cuz they initially look grey, but looks flesh-toned after they oxidized.

In conclusion:
What I like about these BB creams is that they really brighten up your skin tone and gives you that really healthy glow, and looks super natural (I'm excluding the Pearl BB cream here). The oil control doesn't stand out in any of them, but if my nose gets oily, it just looks shiny but not cakey. They really slip and slide less than foundation (without a powder on, but I'd still set them with powder anyway). What I don't like is since the BB cream REALLY brightens up your skin tone, my face will actually look paler than the rest of my face. So there's good and bad in terms of the brighter skin tone effect...

In the order of my favorite to the least favorite BB cream of this set: Prestige, Gold Label = Pink Label, Pearl
Just because Prestige sort of blends with my skin a tad better than the Super+ ones. But really, the difference isn't that noticeable, I could go for either three.

And I have a product demonstration video for you all! I'm BARE FACED in the vid you're warned!!!! LOL.
 And excuse the tiredness... I was pretty tired and suffering cramps... lol. And don't you like the thumbnail?! XD too lazy to change it... ahahaha

Did you see my freak show face at the end of the video? LOL! I was gonna make a face but it got cut off in the middle... orz..... freak show face fail....

By the way I created a new channel on Youtube and moved all my blog-related videos there... don't know why I tell you guys this since all my videos are/will be unlisted XD so you prob can't see anything from my channel.

But anyway, in the end... I THINK I like the Skin Food Mushroom BB cream better than these XD (used it a while ago can't really remember so I'm not sure haha) Don't get me wrong I DO like these! Anyway I went ahead and bought the Skin Food one and I'm just waiting for it to ship to me. We'll see in the end which I like the best XD

Hopefully you guys enjoy this review =)

<3 Frances


  1. aw you're so cute without makeup on :) makes you look much younger :P thanks for this review! i was thinking of getting this miniature BB cream set but wasn't sure about whether they would make me too pale etc. and thanks for the video demonstration, brain fart lol >< hate it when that happens to me

  2. Congrats on your new job! My boyfriend is in pharmacy school and he's liking it so far. One more year until he's out into the real world, haha. Good luck, hope you'll like it!

  3. great review Frances !!

    congrats on the job again <33

  4. ahh, good to know cuz im planning on buying the pink one tonite! haha.
    hope you're enjoying the job :D

  5. I don't like this video coz your skin already looks flawless and does not do justice to the review of the BB cream. LOLz

    Ok Ok yes I know you mentioned Youtube sorta bleds out all blemishes but still, your skin looks great!

    It's good to enjoy work so you would never feel like you're working. =) Hope everything continues to go smoothly in your life. Happy 1.1.11!

  6. *scratches head* why did I miss so many posts? I think your posts are not showing up on my blogger!! Ahhhh I feel so bad! Luckily I came to visit here!! I was like... why are you MIA for so long!!!!!

    I do own the Pink Diamond edition one and i really love it but... from the swatches I can't tell the difference aside from the pearl one!

    hehe, you look so cute with no make up! *hugs*

  7. aw you're so cute without makeup on :) makes you look much younger :P thanks for this review! i was thinking of getting this miniature BB cream set but wasn't sure about whether they would make me too pale etc. and thanks for the video demonstration, brain fart lol >< hate it when that happens to me


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