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Thursday, December 30, 2010

How I make my hair grow faster

Hi hi hi hi hi!

Today I got off work early =DDDDD YAY!! cuz it's FINALLY snowing (bye bye my happy snow-free winter T_T) so my boss told me to take off early so I wouldn't be stuck in traffic. How nice of them! Even better, they gave me a day off tomorrow =DDDDDD cuz of the snow+ they said I've been working many hours lol! So I decided to give myself a treat and take a hot hot bath : ) in the meanwhile my bath tub is filling, I thought why not come up here and do a post =D

So this is just gonna be a quick post on how I make my hair grow fast when I want it to XD
This method is advised to be used in summer or when the weather is warm... and you'll see why XD

It's super easy:
Alternate hot and cold water on your head in the shower. This stimulates your scalp and your hair will grow out faster =D
CLARIFICATION: When I said hot water, it's just the usual hot/warm water temperature you shower at! PLEASE DO NOT USE WATER THAT IS TOO HOT FOR YOUR SCALP, THAT WILL DRY OUT YOUR HAIR! the key is alternating between "cold" and "warm" temperatures. The temperature difference is what gonna stimulate hair growth. 

What I do is that at the end of my shower, I'd put my head under the shower head with hot water and count for 10 seconds. Then I'd change it to cold water and count for 10 seconds. That was all I did. And in two weeks I saw my roots grow out 1 cm O_O This is what I did one time after I got my hair colored so the effect was super obvious (don't know what I was thinking at the time =_= so stupid. I stopped after two weeks cuz my hair was growing out too fast; usually it takes about a month for my roots to be obvious like that)

Of course you can alternate between hot and cold water more times if you want.
And... I don't really advise doing this is the winter cuz cold water is freezing!!! My head would prob go numb if I try that haha

Hope some of you find this helpful =D

<3 Frances


  1. Ohoh, thanks for sharing this ^__^ I'm gonna try! I'd like my hair to grow faster u__u

  2. Oh this was interesting! I thought it would have been more complicated than that but I'm glad it isn't xD My mum once told me that having hot water on your hair and then cold makes your hair fall out xD But that might be a myth so I think I'd believe you more about making hair grow, since it's happened to you :D

    RE: Maybe one day I'll sing in a vlog just for you ;) Haha. I also like to sing English songs and some Taiwanese/Mandarin even though I haven't had the chance to yet. What about you?

    And yep I converted my videos so I can edit on Windows Movie Maker and the quality wasn't reduced :) I use my iPod Touch to film my vlogs and when I publish the vid from WMM, the quality reduced only because I made the file under 100mb so I can upload through Blogger instead of YouTube. Good luck =]

    Sorry for the super long reply/comment, I hope you don't mind :D Happy new year! xx It's been great getting to know you through blogging <3

  3. Wow! I've never ever heard of this tip before! I think I would try it out since now my hair is mainly black. I used to always color my hair and have never ever lived with a full head of black hair due to the fact that I looked really ugly with my black hair during school days. But now that i've got almost a full head of black hair, I don't think I look as bad. LOL... and not to mention, it gives the illusion of healthy shiny hair!

  4. aahh..my hair has probably had the most ridiculous growth rate! I haven't cut it in a year and half and the length is still a little bit over my shoulder! Talk about frustrating. =_=
    This sounds easy enough to do..^__^ Thanks Frances! I think I'll try it out one of these days ^^

  5. This is such a unique method of making your hair grow! I've never heard of this method and definately going to do this!

    I've always heard of massaging your head longer or like don't wash your hair too often(eeeewww) or stuff like that but this is first time!

    THis is so easy so I think I wanna try this!! thanks for sharing!!

  6. wow, I really need to try this then! *>>*

  7. Nice! I need to try this since I got my hair cut really short for the first time ever... but it was a bad haircut sigh*

  8. wow, I really need to try this then! *>>*


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