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Sunday, January 2, 2011

How I make my hair grow faster [UPDATE!!!!!]

OMG I realized that my last post about hair growth could be confusing!!!

Here's the confusing part: 
Alternate hot and cold water on your head in the shower. This stimulates your scalp and your hair will grow out faster =D

CLARIFICATION: When I said hot water, it's just the usual hot/warm water temperature you shower at! PLEASE DO NOT USE WATER THAT IS TOO HOT FOR YOUR SCALP, THAT WILL DRY OUT YOUR HAIR! the key is alternating between "cold" and "warm" temperatures. The temperature difference is what gonna stimulate hair growth. 

Sorry for the confusion >_________________________< hope nobody has tried to run super hot water on their heads yet >___< Sorry sorry I'm so sorry!!! ahh!!!

Be back soon! =D

<3 Frances


  1. LOL!!!!!!
    anybody who put hot water on their head would have got some nice boiled head!
    you're so cute, at least you took the time to clearify! THank you!

  2. Hhehe my friends have told me massaging your scalp also stimulates hair growth too--dunno if it actually works but she says it does for her ^^

  3. Happy New Year Frances ^^
    ~Colorado is getting colder eh? I love your bb cream review down there and also this is a great trick ^^. How long is your hair?Once my hair is long it just getting split end and then I have to chop it off again T_T. Sad!
    ~XOXO Charlotte

  4. Haha...gosh, I hope no one actually hurt themselves. Good idea to clarify though! ;)


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