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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dolly Wink/ Candy Doll Haul

Hello dear bloggies!

How's everyone?! I hope everyone is doing well, as well as your family and friends :)

I just want to quickly share my haul from Dolly Wink and Candy Doll with you all-- I've been so busy that I haven't really got a chance to test out these products... but here they are!

From Candy Doll:
1. Lipstick in Apricot Biege
2. Highlight powder in Cream Biege
3. Highlight powder in Marshmallow Purple (the website I purchased from said these are blushes =_____= totally screwed me up. I wouldn't have gotten these if I knew they're just highlighters)
4. Lip Concealer
5. Mineral Powder

From Dolly Wink (I'd been lusting after these FOREVER! I purchased them as soon as they were available online lol)
1. Volume Mascara
2. Long Mascara
3. Eye Shadow #2 (Monotone Mode)
4. Eye Shadow #1 (Sweet Dolly)
5. Cream Eye Shadow in Rainbow Crystal
6. Nail polishes in #3, #7, #8

It will probably take me a really long time for me to get through all this... hahaha. I think I'm officially done with buying makeup for a long time (although I always say that.... 囧)

That's all I have for you guys! Hope you all are doing great :)

<3 Frances


  1. nice haul! :] the nail polishes look so cute!

    I've been wondering..what does 囧 mean? lol I watched a whole show where they used this word but I'm still confused :X

  2. The Sweet Dolly eye shadows look pretty!

    Do you know if the Dolly Wink's liquid eyeliner pen lasts a while? I'm looking into their liquid eyeliner. Also, do you have any recommendations for gel liners? I've never used gel liners before, but I heard they were easier to work with than liquid, which is what I normally use.

  3. OMG how much did you spend on all these?
    i seriously want them all =( but they're really not cheap at all
    would really love to see you doing tutorial for the Eye Shadow #2 =) looks quite difficult to pull off
    and also the lipstick and highlighter =D

  4. Nice haul! I'm used to seeing Candy Doll online but I've never seen the ones in the second picture before...Are there from DOlly WInk?
    Anyway, how's your skin? Getting better I hope. =)

  5. Your haul is so nice ^___^"!
    I really want to try some of those Candy Doll items ;o because the packaging looks so nice!! And omggggg the Dolly Wink nail polishes are gorgeousssssss !! <3

  6. Seems a bit complicated to order on Dolly Wink website x__x lol. Hope your gonna be fully satisfied with these products

  7. Can't wait for the dollywink mascara reviews... Been wanting to try them out !!

  8. Jealous haul!!
    WHere do you purchase yours online?! Do share!!!

  9. Nice! Please do reviews and some looks with these : D I'd like to try some Dolly Wink items as well.. but I'm not so sure how it'd look on me >_<"

  10. nice haul! I really want to try some stuff from Dolly wink and Candy doll! Lucky you >.<


  11. @ Novia: lol er I did spend quite a bit... let's say it's worth 3 days paycheck O_O I actually got them from a Taiwanese website so it's not as outrageously priced as those American websites! And yes yes I will get to those =) tks for commenting dear <3

  12. Ooohh! I'm excited for reviews! I hope they are just as good as their other products! =]


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