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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Skin Food Mushroom BB Cream Review

Hello there!!

Dun dun dun dunnnn!!!! Review time again XD Hope you guys are not sick of reviews yet? And I know most of you are really curious about the Dolly Wink/Candy Doll products... I will try and get around to them... soon... I hope... >_<

So today! I have! Skin Food! Mushroom! BB Cream!

I don't know about you guys, but I love mushrooms... mmhhmmm....

Off the topic? XD Here it is!

I got mine from eBay for around $14 (free shipping)
There was no box... just comes wrapped like this

Supposed to be triple functioning: whitening, anti-aging + sunblock

shade #1. There are two shades only (#1 and #2 for that matter XD)

looks like this~!

Onto swatches:


My thoughts:

- SPF 20 PA+

- I like this better than SKIN79 cuz it doesn't make me look ghastly pale! Closer to my skin tone

- Brightens up complexion 

- Staying power is pretty good (I think that's one thing that applies to all BB creams in general... they don't slip and adhere to skin really well)

- Gives very natural, finish. Between matte and dewy if that makes any sense... 

- Doesn't cake when my skin gets oily. Just looks shiny (another great thing about BB creams =) )

- Consistency is on the slightly thicker side, but doesn't feel thick on skin at all. When I say thicker I just mean it's not watery like some BB creams will start running down on my hand if I squeeze some onto my hand. This one just stays put/ doesn't flow around.

- Smells really fresh which I love =D (not like mushroom I'm pretty sure haha)

- Good coverage (light-medium)

- I'm not a fan of the packaging though cuz a friend has had this for a while (that's actually how I came to know this product XD) and the cap sometimes doesn't screw straight on hers... -__-

- Can't say much about the triple function lol...

I like it! As a matter of fact, this for now is my daily "foundation" until I found my perfect foundation :P

As usual... product demo time!

Did you notice I knocked over something in every single one of my video?! LMAO!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this ^_~

Have a great weekend!!! :D :D :D
PS: I can't believe I'm still awake and it's 1:50am hahaha XD haven't seen that number in a while

<3 Frances


  1. hey for some reason it says error occurs on your youtube video... hmm..but im really concidering getting one of these bb creams. my friend said it is good for your skin.. n its like a foundation? i always thought it was something for acne?

    btw i love mushrooms too! but i dont want to talk about food now cuz im soo full!!! **diezz**

  2. I find the smell "funny" but not entirely unpleasant...
    It's a nice and cheap BB, it's just that I kinda dislike what I look like by the time I get home...drab and shiny :/

  3. I won this from a giveaway some time ago and haven't gotten to using it yet because of all the other bb creams I have :X At least now I'm more looking forward to using it since it's a flesh tone and not overly pink or overly gray..=.=

  4. Nice review :) I love how you make product demonstration reviews, they're so interesting to watch hehe! Seems like a great BB cream

  5. hi there ^_^ thanks for your comment on my blog :) some high coverage bb creams have become my foundations too XD

    p.s. am your new follower now xoxo

  6. hi there ^_^ thanks for your comment on my blog :) some high coverage bb creams have become my foundations too XD

    p.s. am your new follower now xoxo


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