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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avacodo Review

Hello beautiful people!

I have posted two days in a row XD Aren't you so proud of me wahahaha!

As usual, I hope everyone is doing great! ^__^ It's Thursday and we're closer to the weekend!!! Hang in there!
A quick update on my life... I'm now working 35 hours a week+ taking an evening class at a community college (6 hours a week) (it's for my pharmacy school prereq).... so... FML!!! lol jk jk I actually like being busy XD my life was stagnate for a very long time last year (to the point I almost got depressed haha) so I just really appreciate that I finally got a sense that I'm moving forward. Anyhow!
(By the way as I typed this... I accidentally spilled a whole cup of water all over my desk... now that's truly FML)

Today I have a review for you! I heard about this eye cream from MissChievous when she talked about her favorite products from 2010

Here it is!



It's a pretty thick consistency.

What attracted me about this eye cream is that when I tried it out at Nordstrom, the sales associate told me to rub it between my fingers and feel the change in texture. It begins as a very thick, slightly viscous consistency, and after a moment (activated by heat I suppose), it turns into this thick watery consistency if that makes any sense at all... thick water? lol

Let's take a look at how it works :)

Just cleansed and towel-dried my face. You can see the fine lines under my eyes.

Dot the eye cream around my eyes. I only use this much at night time! In day time I just use one dot lol. Besides it expires in 6 months so I have to use it up by early July haha.

Gently spread it out, you can see the consistency is very thick.

After a moment, the consistency changes, and is now more watery.

Gently massage and work it into my skin
my fine lines disappear momentarily after immediately applying the eye cream lol!

I like this eye cream; the skin around my eyes almost feel relieved after applying this eye cream, it feels comfortable and relaxing if it makes any sense lol?

After using it for about 3 weeks, NO it doesn't reduce my fine lines they're still there. NO it doesn't reduce my dark circles. I don't ever have puffy eyelids so I can't say much on that...

Will I repurchase? - Nope! Although I like it, it doesn't do much for me. I'll be too busy trying out all the eye creams out there to go back to it :P

Hope you guys enjoy this post ^_^

Now I'm off to class!

Take care everyone :)

<3 Frances


  1. ooh ty for this post! i want some eye care too! so ill be waiting for all your eye treatment reviews =D

    btw your taking pharmacy! r you going to try for pharmacist? im a licensed technician but i dont like the job. n i wanted to so something that will make me happy forever! =)

  2. Good review <3

    Hmmm. I like the look and the thought of the cream but if it's not really doing anything, then there's not point in repurachasing T-T yeh? x

  3. Everytime I see this eye cream I just want to eat it because it looks like smashed up avocados! hahaha! I got a sample of this when I ordered something from Kiehls and I didn't really like the eye cream. I think it was mostly because I didn't know how to use it. lol!


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