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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

SKIN79 Gold Label BB Cream Review

Hi guys!

Oh hu hu hu hu.... I can't believe I've actually never dedicated a review to this BB cream... Well I did sort of reviewed it years and years ago (man I feel old... but hey that means I've used this BB cream for years =D). Check here if you're interested. But that review is outdated, and since I actually have finished the entire bottle (SO FREAKING PROUD MUAHAHAHA) this time, please disregard that and just use this one as your most up-to-date reference XD

Here's the SKIN79 Gold Label BB cream.
As you can see... the dispenser is all the way down now. Which means there's no product left XD *happy dance*

- Whitening
- UV protection
- Wrinkle improvement


As you can see, it's not a runny/thin/liquidy type.

It smells strongly like sunscreen.

The left the freshly swatched BB cream, and on the right is what it looks like after it has oxidized. 

The texture for this BB cream is quite unique. Honestly I don't think I've used any other base makeup that's quite like this. The best I can describe is the texture is very sunscreen-like. Missha Perfect Cover BB cream and Skin Food Mushroom BB cream I guess you can say have similar texture, but personally I think SKIN79 is the best out of them. Definitely a very different texture from foundations.


The reason why I say the texture is sunscreen like is because it applies just like sunscreen... like it doesn't feel like you're applying pigment to your face like you do with foundation?? Sorry I can't really describe it ._. but anyway I adore the texture! It gives a really smooth finish.

As you can see, the finish leans more grey. I know a lot of people complain about this BB cream gives a grey cast-- personally it does not bother me at all. In fact, I feel like the the "grey" finish gives a super nice lifting/brightening effect O_O I don't think this BB cream looks super grey on me. Mostly I just look paler. 

So the order of the swatches are a little bit off for this post XD It's because I worked in the morning, then I went to the gym → took pics after the gym → took foundation off → took pics → waited a few hours → took pics again. LOL

So here are the pics of what the BB cream looks after an one-hour gym session. I didn't sweat too crazily... was just on an elliptical. By the way, I wasn't wearing this BB cream alone in these pics! I added a drop of my Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation. It helps me from getting oily for longer, but otherwise it doesn't really affect the wear of the BB cream.
As you can see, it held up really well after an one-hour workout :)  I mean yes I look slightly shiny and oily but the BB cream didn't fade or break down.

I attribute its wear to its awesome texture =D



Okay, these pics are taken after I have showered and removed the BB cream. Sorry about the hair. And I showed a bit of the towel just to prove I wasn't naked whilst taking those pictures XD
Usually my skin looks more even in the afternoon. No idea why. My face is always the reddest after I've washed my face and applied moisturizer in the morning.

No BB Cream

Left side of the face with BB cream, right without. Sorry it's not a very good photo. Also I used my BeautyBlender to apply a very thin layer cuz I didn't feel like I needed a lot. But you guys can see the left side of my face looks brighter and more lifted right?

This side with BB cream

With BB cream

Without BB cream

With BB cream

Overall effect
I don't know if you guys think this BB cream makes me look grey... Maybe a bit, but that's because it hasn't oxidized yet. Once it oxidizes I personally just think it makes me look pale. It usually takes 5 minutes or more for it to oxidize fully, depending on how much you use. If I don't mix this with my GA foundation, then usually I will use a darker powder foundation to contour so my face has a little bit more dimension, and my face color will match better with my body.


Grey? Maybe slightly XD

Another overall effect pic

The pics below after taken 3 hours later
After it has blended in with my face's natural oils. I wasn't doing anything at home so I didn't get excessively oily. Sometimes my nose gets extra/super oily with this BB cream, sometimes it's okay like today. I can never tell what it's gonna be XD




Aside from my nose getting slightly oily (it's because it's only been 3 hours... usually I will get a bit oilier than this... some days worse than the others), the BB cream looks even better on the rest of my face. Less matte and more dewy. In general I wouldn't consider this a dewy BB cream-- but it does give a nice glow, and slightly brightening effect.

Haha, supposedly a sad face that I finished this BB cream.

So I have used up a sample size of this BB cream, and a whole bottle of this BB cream. What are my thoughts on this BB cream?

My favorite thing about this BB cream is definitely its texture! It's really smooth and melds in with the skin extremely well. However that doesn't mean you won't look cakey if you apply too much-- mostly because of the shade. It is a pretty pale shade (and I believe it's one shade only) so if you use too much mostly likely you will look ghostly/mask-like. But when applied sparingly/in moderation, I think this is a beautiful BB cream!

My second favorite thing about this BB cream is its whitening effects. Yes it does whiten! I always notice that my face gets paler whenever I've worn this BB cream over a period of time. But the first time I actually did notice it whitens my skin was when I got a really dark mark from a mosquito bite. I was bitten on the chin, and with my allergic body type-- it was really bad. The mosquito bite literally swelled up to a size of a small grape =_= and after the swelling has gone down, I was left with a really dark, purplish mark. I remember I was applying Lancome's Genifique, hoping it would help my skin heal. Didn't do anything XD Then I started applying this BB cream over the mark (even if I wasn't wearing makeup that day... and no I didn't wear it when I went sleep). After a day or two I noticed the mark lightened up considerably. After 5-6 days I wasn't left with a mark at all. I consider myself super lucky @_@ I applied the BB cream pretty early on during the healing phase, I think it helped. But in any case, I was super grateful for this BB cream! Otherwise I probably would have been left with a scar. So yes, the whitening effect does work! And I still use it sometimes if I ever get breakouts that I feel like is going to leave a mark.

As for the claim that it improves wrinkles... er I can't really comment. I have wrinkles/fine lines underneath my eyes but that's genetic. I'm starting to get some wrinkles around my eyes but I obviously don't apply BB cream there XD

One thing I did notice about this BB cream is that it can make my nose extra oily (my nose is the only oily part on my face... so I guess for ppl who have oily T zone it might make that area extra oily too?) Like my nose would produce extra oil when I wear this BB cream. Which is weird because when I first started wearing this BB cream, it did NOT make me extra oily at all. This I only noticed in the recent years... like last and this year? My skin must have changed. But anyway, so these days I couldn't really wear this BB cream alone-- I had to mix it with my GA foundation, or set it with powder. Just thought I would put this out there.

In conclusion, would I recommend this BB cream? Yes absolutely! If you don't mind the grey cast though. I am NC20 and I think I can get away with it with some contouring. But for ppl with different/darker skin tone... this might be an issue. Would I repurchase? Not anytime in the near future, simply because I want to try other BB creams =P Actually, this BB cream has met its end (met its end? XD) at a perfect time-- because I just bought a new BB cushion a week earlier XD

PUAHAHAHHAA I am SO freaking excited to try this out!! At first I was so guilty and I felt sooo bad for buying this BB cream because I was on a no-buy for base makeup/or just all makeup in general (actually... is this a BB cream?? or just a cushion foundation?? I'm really not sure. I was told by the sales lady that Korean girls even use this as a skin treatment... so I kind of assumed it is a BB cream). But now I have actually used up my BB cream, this purchase is completely justified XD

I actually wasn't planning to buy the IOPE Air Cushion at all... I was planning to buy the Laneige BB cushion when I run out of my BB cream. I went into the store looking for the IOPE lipstick in #44 Forever Pink... was gonna give myself a little treat for completing my first block of rotation. But of course they didn't have it T_T according to the sales lady that lipstick is sold out everywhere T___________T I sad. I was all like oh well at least I can save money, then the sales lady showed me this pic
... And I was like, okay, I want it! *hands out credit card*

Why am I such an easy target T___T Lol anyone else there who's easily influenced by pop culture/idols? Haha. Well also I went to that store gazillion times and never bought anything but they were still so nice and patient to me lol. So anyway, if you guys are curious about the IOPE cushion, you can look forward to that review in the future ^_^ I really hope it's good. 

Have a lovely day everyone!

<3 Frances


  1. I like this bb cream more than the pink one. I use a more yellow powder on top and looks great...

    I would like to hear more about the IOPE cushion... =)

    1. you mean the pink label one?? or the prestige one?? :P
      I'm working on it!! =DDD


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