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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Canmake Cream Cheek Blush Review

Hey hey hey!

I'm back =D

As promised from my last favorites post, here's my review for the Canmake cream blushes :)

There really isn't much to say. I adore them ^_^ The only thing I would say like I mentioned my favorites post, they do contain glitters. BUT, the glitters don't really show up at all once applied to the face; rather, it translates to a gorgeous glow :) Other than that, it blends amazingly well, and dries matte (but the finish is glowy!) I guess by "dries matte" I mean it's not sticky at all. They're long-lasting as well-- but then in general I don't have problems with blushes fading on me, so I can't say for sure their lasting power for others.

I have them in three shades, 01, 02 and 05. Like I mentioned before, 01 is my favorite ^_^ 





Blended out

They're so pretty *-*

You can see the glitters quite well on those swatches. But don't worry they don't look glittery at all when applied to the face (at least not on me...)


Blush 01... Sorry I'm recycling pictures again XD

Blended. Me like sooooo much~

Sorry I was too lazy to put on a full face of makeup for those blush swatches... just ignore the rest of my face and look at the blushes please *covers eyes*

Blush 02
Blush 02 is a darker pink

I think 02 will be really lovely on someone with darker skin tone. On me it's alright... it's pretty but I don't love it.

I don't know why the but the blush comes off looking more orange in those pictures ._. please use the arm swatch as your reference lol.

I tried >.< it doesn't want to look pink in the pictures...

Blush 05

You guys should see me in person XD in order for the face swatch to show up I applied sooo much XD I look like a clown in person lol


You can't see any glitters, right ^_^ it looks matte but it gives a glow. I love how these blushes make my skin look really soft.

That's all for my review. Gonna look into more shades when I go back to Taiwan =D If there are more colors that I like I might pick some more up, otherwise I'm happy with what I currently have too (:  might sell 02 though cuz I don't find myself reaching for it.

Hope you guys have a wonderful week ^_^

<3 Frances


  1. The coral one looks amazing! : D

  2. All the shades look so pretty ;) i havent tried any cream blushes as i find them difficult to blend and might feel sticky? But all the shades look so gorgeous! I might try one of them soon ;)

    1. the Canmake ones aren't sticky at all!!! The Stila ones are lol. Canmake blends like a dreammmmmmm >.<


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